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In Flight Recap

After my Oscars predictions, I pretty much fell off the from blogging, not because I didn't want to, but because I just didn't. But I'll try and recap what has happened since then...


My Grandlittle and very good friend came to visit as well as perform in his senior showcase in NYC. It was great to see him and know that I'll have another friend coming to the city! We also caught "A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder," which is nominated for 10 awards! Fun fact a former professor is a part of the talented group and it's great to see this show doing well. If you get the chance to see it, you should!

While my GrandLittle was visiting, a friend from Michigan was also in town for a conference and I was able to catch up with her.

I also auditioned for a Broadway show that featured a hip hop dance audition, which was interesting because the musical typically doesn't have hip hop in it. The audition was so much fun and it got me really addicted to the song they used for the piece.

Since I attended nine of the same theatre festival, I have made countless friends and I had the great opportunity to catch up with a one of them. It had been over seven years since we last met up.


On the 1st of April, which is also known as April Fools, I entered the Book of Mormon lottery for NY residents, to win discounted tickets for the following day's performance. To my luck I had won, which I thought was first a prank, but turned out to be a great surprise! I was able to go and bring a friend to the show. It was also my friend's first Broadway musical and they and definitely enjoyed it!

I decided on a whim to go and visit my friend in DC to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was my first time in DC and I had a great time! I even got to catch up with my Senior RA from my first year at my university as well as another friend. 

For Easter I was able to spend some time with family and meet some new relatives in the same process. With work my schedule, I now have the weekend off, so I was able to catch up with family and friends who normally work a 9-5/Mon-Friday job. 

Went to the New York International Auto Show with some co-workers from work. I had mentioned to some that I really wanted to go and it would be my first time going in the City. I have gone to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but wanted to see what NY had to offer. There were definitely some similarities as well as differences. Also was a great opportunity to hang out with co-workers outside of work and make new friends!

That's pretty much what has been happening, it doesn't seem like much but after writing it all down, I can say I've kept myself busy and look forward to this month as well as what the rest of the year brings.

Oh and I also started the process of straightening my teeth, meaning I got braces. I have overcrowding in my teeth as well as an interesting bite. So I finally made the decision to get them fixed. Definitely worth the investment and luckily I'll have them off in two years. Though definitely changes the types of roles I'll go for, but again will be worth it in the long run. I'm thankful to have a job that has a good dental plan and I'm able to make this investment affordable.

I'm currently on my way back to my Alma Mater to wish one of my Little, GrandLittle, fraternity brothers and friends the best as they graduate today and tomorrow! 

(Hopefully I'll be able to add more pictures later)


Day 338

Well I'm 10,000 feet above the ground and I'm on my laptop flying from the east coast to the rocky mountains. 

This was my first trek back to LGA since 2008, which seems like forever ago.

Time to catch up on some blogging since I'm on a flight with literally nothing to do. Actually there are plenty of things for me to do, but I really wanted to blog!

My new place I moved into in Astoria has been great! My roommates are great and I'm away from the city to enjoy it without going too crazy. I love NYC but it's nice to have a little piece of suburbia (i.e. Trees and not just buildings). My friend whom was one of the reasons I moved to Astoria (but also I liked the neighborhood) has decided to move back home and start another chapter of their life. They want to pursue graduate school and found it best to go home. I commend them for realizing it but selfishly wish they were still here. But I know they'll do some great things!

I've had the great opportunity of auditioning for a theatre company and I'm still awaiting to hear back. I was fortunate to make it through two different callbacks and the experience has been the most rewarding. On top of the audition, I had the opportunity to apply for a position at my job as well. 

Like anyone else trying to multitask things as well as pursue multiple things at once, knows how stressful and tiring it can be, but the rewards are worth it. However the position at my job, I wasn't selected to move on but I did get something out of it, so it was a win-win.


Never really mentioned why I'm on a plane. I'm actually going to a theatre conference in Colorado which I've been a part of for six years now helping out. I'm excited to see familiar faces and see the talent from the high school and middle school kids. I also decided to come a day early and visit my alma mater. Looking forward to seeing my college friends and fraternity brothers both old and new.

However I'm not looking forward to this sub zero temperatures. I'm thankful most of my time will be done inside. 


I'll add some photos from the past month up as well. But the wifi on the plane isn't permitting me to do so. 

Until next time!


A Much Needed Update

I honestly can't remember when was the last time I actually blogged. I apologize for the lack of blogging here. I have been blogging about CBS' Big Brother for CBS 62 Detroit. Which has been an incredible experience to say the least! I've learned so much from my time blogging about Big Brother for the local station. It's been a great and I think I've gotten good (and bad) reviews from it! I take it all in stride.

I went to my second wedding. It was about two years ago when I went to my first one as an adult for my friends. So surreal, but very much happy for Ray & Lindsay!
Lindsay, Ray & I
The Fraternity Brothers with Ray
I spent a week back in Colorado for the wedding, relax and have a vacation so to speak. I enjoyed catching up with friends and Fraternity brothers.

Climbed a Mountain and my first 14er
During my last day in Colorado, I decided to go with some of my fraternity brothers to climb a mountain. It was an amazing and challenging climb. Having never climbed a "14er" I was definitely up for the challenge! I had a little bit of altitude sickness it didn't stop me from climbing to the top. Fun Fact, I have a fear of heights, so climbing this mountain was somewhat conquering the fear. We'll see if I climb another 14er in the future, but for now I at least climbed one!


While on the flight to Colorado, I got a phone call from the New Theatre Project in Ypsilanti. I had recently went to a callback for their first show of the season and I was selected to be in the show! I of course accepted and was so thankful to be cast! I'm looking forward to the show. More details in another blog later this month.

Even though I haven't blogged I've been doing a lot. Hopefully soon (or with self motivation) I'll update again maybe the end of this week or next week!


Better late than never

So I know I've definitely neglected to continue blogging, but that's life. As I've said before I will try to blog.

On a somber note, I am sad to say that I won't be volunteering at this year's International Thespian Festival. I have got to that festival for NINE YEARS and this year would have been my 10th! I was a participant for four years and five years as a volunteer. It has been my annual "summer camp" adventure and this year due to a series of events it just wasn't going to happen. Its kind of a bummer that I won't be there this year after seeing the program and all the cool things going to happen, but I'm happy to have seen it grow.

This summer I definitely think is the year of AUDITIONS! I'm auditioning for so many different things whether it be on stage or on tv, I've been preparing and practicing. Each audition is an experience, win lose or draw. Plus it's always a great story.

 It was a rainy day at this year's Race for the Cure!

Random fun fact, I found out a friend of mine joined my fraternity at his college and it was a great way to reconnect and share stories of our chapters.

All in all this summer is turning out to be another great adventure!

Wishing, Dreaming and Blogging

It seems FOREVER, since I blogged and it was a bucket list of things to do for 2012.

Which btw, I've completed one and continuing doing another. Where to start....hmmmm...

Well let's see....
I took a ROAD TRIP (checked off the bucket list) to Kansas City, MO. I went to Kansas City to audition for the University of Missouri Kansas City Graduate Acting Program. The trip took a good 12 hours. However it was NOTHING compared to driving from suburbs of Detroit to Greeley, CO. So I was ok with the 12 hour drive. Though it seems as though I've lost my drive of staying up the entire time and have really enjoyed sleep...A LOT! I was fortunate enough to have a buddy come along and was even more fortunate to have one of my best friends' extended family welcome me into there home for the four day stay in the area.

I have nothing but awesome things to say about the UMKC. It's in a big city and had a lot of fun spots to go to. Weirdly enough, I felt as though Kansas City was just like Cincinnati and vise versa. They had similar vibes. Which was a good thing because I definitely wanted to be in a BIGGER city for my Graduate School than my undergrad. I did enjoy my three years in Greeley and UNCO! It was great to meet some of the students and faculty. I definitely felt that I could fit into the program and the school. It just seemed to click. I felt great with my audition and I left the audition doing the best I could with NO REGRETS! Which, I know I've felt with some auditions having regrets but not this one! Hoping for some good news in the near future about my fate with UMKC.

I also had an audition at Wayne State University, which was MUCH CLOSER. I also did great with that audition and even though I didn't get a callback I still felt great about the whole thing. The whole waiting part about hearing from the schools is the killer.

I owe a lot to my letters of recommendations people. I feel so loved and honored that my professors, colleagues and mentors have confidence in me. I am a bit behind writing my "Thank You's" but they will be done, so they know I do appreciate what they've done for me.

Win or Lose, I've enjoyed this journey of Graduate School possibilities. I can only hope for the best and lots of time waiting.
I've booked a flight back to Colorado for April and I'm super excited to be going back! I can't wait to see some old friends again and visit my undergrad! Plus since my fraternity officially charted this past November, they'll be initiating the Alpha Class! I couldn't miss that, plus the last founding father/alumni is being initiated AND one of my dear friends who've I've known before realizing we'd end up at the same undergrad is in that class.


I think this has been a lengthy blog...I will try and blog regularly again. ::fingers crossed::


10 days until Christmas

So I've definitely neglected on blogging the past few months. However it doesn't mean I didn't want to blog, it's just been very busy and I've procrastinated on blogging as well as many other things.

Let's see if I can sum up two months and get everyone caught up with today.

So I had submitted my headshot and resume to be an extra in a film back in Sept, got cast as an extra for a DISNEY MOVIE with A-LIST ACTORS and an awesome Michigan raised director! How cool! Shot most weekdays in October and then carried on into Nov. Between the filming and working at my retail job, I was lack of sleep but getting paid.

Not such a great month! Other than filming a few days and then heading to Colorado for my fraternity, I got sick! BIG TIME! Even having to stay in the hospital for nearly a week and getting out on Thanksgiving. Then attempting to go back to work had been fun and being on medication was the icing to it. Slowly but surely I got my energy back...very slowly.

Beginning of December:
Flew back to Colorado for the State Thespian Conference. Had the honor of being an adjudicator (judge) for middle & high school theatre students. Was able to see old friend and catch up as well as see some upcoming talent. Hopefully gave students constructive criticism to work on and commented on success they had. The experience was very humbling and learned a lot.

Just had an audition today, felt totally great about my audition, unfortunately didn't get cast. However helped me get back into the audition mode. Holiday shopping has been sporadic. Wanting to also send holiday cards and grad school application need to be accomplished.

Again notice the pattern of procrastination. However in time, things will get done.

Keeping positive and I'll try to get more posts up!

Goal Setting for September....and beyond!

As summer is winding down, school is starting back up and I'm just working....

But really I'm also needing to get cracking hardcore on studying for my GRE which is next month!

Here's a little list of things I'd like to accomplish for next month:

  • Study for my GRE
  • Figure out which schools to submit my scores to before knowing the actual results
  • Join a Gym and work out
  • See a play or musical or both and AUDITION!
These are the things that are a priority! Here are some other goals I'd like to do:

  • Read some books (other than plays)
    • Specifically classical but open to recommendations
    • To get some inspiration for monologues for auditions to Grad Schools
  • Ask professors, advisors, colleagues for letters of recommendations for Grad Schools
  • Take photos
Some goals for the not so distant future:
  • Prepare for my fraternity's chartering
  • Get more volunteer experience or internship opportunities
  • Teach a workshop, be a guest artist, or do something creative or in a leadership role
Always good to have these written down and then once accomplished to strike them and have the validity knowing I've done it!


Photos so far for this week!

Saw this sign as I was traveling around the city near campus.

Food I got from Five Guys. SOOOOO GOOOD!

Where I am working for the last part of this week.

Found my fraternity's charter house for UNL.

Really wished UNC did this...just


Where I will be seeing shows performed...including the premiere of the SCHOOL EDITION of Avenue Q

I'll post more pictures as the week goes on!


If you're not pictured...we should have been in just sayin....but seriously if you're not pictured its not that I don't miss you...I probably just don't have a photo of us together in a

ok here it goes...

May is already half way over

So I've got a lot to write and of course, I'm doing it late at


Graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with my Theatre Arts degree! It has been such an amazing ride these past three years. There have been plenty of ups and downs but through it all I've maintained some good friends and lifelong memories!


Final days in Greeley, CO have been bittersweet! It was good to say my farewells to everyone but I know it wasn't a goodbye. Just an extended see you later. Plus I'm going to be back in Greeley in November for my fraternity's chartering! So I'll be seeing a lot of faces again in a few months.

But I had to pack up my room and let me tell you, I've accumulated a lot of things the three years I've been here. Plus all my clothes I brought with me. I donated A BUNCH of stuff and I know it's all going to good causes and besides I know I had stuff handed down to me so I'm just paying it forward.


I finally got rid of my brick phone! For those of you who don't know, I've had the old school/cheapest cell phone anyone could really have and I've upgraded to an HTC Hero (or a T-mobile MyTouch)! It's been great having a droid phone, however it's definitely making my Ipod Touch seem useless. But thankfully my IPod Touch will now just be for music and Angry Birds (I blame my fraternity brothers).


Since Graduating and packing up, I have had the distinct pleasure of moving back home. But let me tell you I feel like a guest in my own home. However this is just a minor setback to the ultimate goal...Los Angeles. The, A LOT and save up/pay some debt and catch up with some great friends I've got back here! Plus it's been pretty much two years since I've been back in Michigan, and things have definitely changed.

All in all, I'm living, learning and loving life!

I'll blog more soon! And not be in hiatus for so


In other news

Congrats to my Fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, on winning the 2010 - 2011 Intramural Basketball Fraternity League! 37 - 33! Good job, Gentleman! Proud to be a Pi Kappa Phi!

Closing in on Graduation

I'm seriously freaking out...I graduate in 37 days....I only have 20 class days left....and it's all coming by so fast!

The days are starting to feel like everything is skipping a beat! It's surreal. Also it didn't help I was getting sick again but luckily caught it and got myself better. But everything just seems to be going so fast that I'm still trying to soak in everything I can and enjoy these last moments as a college undergrad.

I had to drop from the Dance show I was in because of way too many commitments and this week definitely show'd how busy I was.

Even though I am busy, I am really trying to focus on my future as well as still leave a long lasting impression on the university. Hopefully a good one...hahahaha...

I'm working hard to get everything ready for STAD (School of Theatre Arts and Dance) end of the year awards banquet and finding the new officers for Alpha Psi Omega. Plus we're doing inductions this weekend which will be exciting!

Also working on bringing up proposals to Student Senate and changing some bylaws. As well as looking at all the candidates for next year's senate. I definitely have enjoyed my experience sitting on Senate and being a voice for students of PVA as well as the student body in general.

Greek Week is this week and it's been A LOT of fun! I've been able to spend more time with my brothers and working on having my fraternity be the BEST on campus. LipSync was a lot of fun to choreograph (pseudo-ly) and we won GREEK GAMES!

After May 8th I will be done being a Resident Assistant and Senior RA for the University of Northern Colorado. It's been a great ride. I've loved every resident I've had an interaction with, learned so much and will miss having free room and board...though it's time to move on!

So much reflecting and yet so much excitement for my future! I'm looking forward to what it will bring! Though I do need to kick myself into gear to make stuff happen!


All in my head

So I'm literally still awake with tons on my mind. This is an ok thing, but the problem is that it's almost 3am and I've got a 9am class to attend.

What's been on my mind? The list below is the small fragment of what's been buzzing through my head tonight:

  • My play for Playwriting Class (which is the 9am class)
  • Team WilPro, Relay for Life Team
  • Student Senate Proposals & Grievances
  • Alpha Psi Omega, honorary theatre fraternity
Yeah, my list is long. But that's just a mere fragment of it. I've also got Graduation stress, Post-Graduation stress and trying to stay positive through all of this. I'm surprised my acne hasn't acted up...hahaha

Ok, so for my Playwriting Class, I'm doing a very interesting play. An idea that had been sparked by previous events and the same old cliche themes. But I've enjoyed writing my first draft and I'm trying to get a second draft done before Sunday, so I can submit it to my professor for feedback and then do another revision before Monday, when my play will be done for workshop. Which if anyone is available from 9am - 10am on Monday, March 28 and would like to read my play to my class and participate in discussion it would be much appreciated. I need three males and two female. But I'm not required to ask for anyone to come, I just would like to have others read for my class as oppose to my classmates who if they did have to read my play aloud would also need to focus on it as a whole. So I'd like to get people outside my class to read it so my classmates can focus on listening to the piece.

Went to the Relay for Life meeting tonight. Pretty much was a reminder to get donations to help support the American Cancer Society and to have fun. Well my team currently has $50 raised and the minimum goal is $1,000. For each individual it's $100, so if there are ten people in one team and they all raised $100, they've made their goal. As it stands right now, I only have seven people on my team and again only raised $50. BLAH! So I came up with the ingenious idea of Pie your RA, which then led to Pie your Student Staff. Hopefully we'll raise $500 so then we can also Pie our Hall Director! Which is my incentive to getting people to come and support us. But really the big attraction is being able to pie me. And I choose to do this, so I'm ready for it. However in my poor planning in one week, I will have down two events where I would be pied. The other event was with my Fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, for Pie a Pie, which my fraternity did with the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi (or AOPi for short).
My resident Patrick pied me for the Pie a Pie event. Notice the reaction from one of my fraternity brothers on the left (thanks Chris)

So I've made some decisions as a concerned student in which I've filed a grievance for. The grievance was for Student Senate and for the fact the meeting before Spring Break was cancelled for our Men's Basketball teams Big Sky Finals Championship game. On a personal front, I was excited to see our guys make it and go to the game (which I did), but on a profession front, I was pissed. So I filed a grievance for it and the plan now is to write a proposal in the Constitution and/or Bylaws on proper procedure of meeting cancellations.

The theatre fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega, which I'm the Executive Director (aka President) for has it's two annual events coming up. This next weekend we're putting up our Practicum Show and the end of next month presenting our school, the School of Theatre Arts & Dance, end of the year awards ceremony named after one of our beloved professors, Tom McNally, called "The Tommy's." So in all of this I've been along with the other executives members, produced this play as well as now in the planning phases of the awards banquet. Which I'm going to probably ask for Student Senate for money for the event as well as talk with our Director of our school, which is also the Advisor for Alpha Psi Omega and our Dean of the College of Performing & Visual Arts for some sponsorship. Also Alpha Psi Omega will also be inducting new members next weekend, which again will cost money for dues and for invitations and what not. Which I need to send the invitations sometime tomorrow. AHH!

I feel like an overall stress right now is finances.'s ridiculous, whether it be for a good cause and raising awareness to needing money to put on an end of the year banquet.

So yes, this is the current status of where I am at. I am not yet tired after typing for a good twenty minutes. But at least I got this all written down.

My schedule this past week has been crazy and it's only been the first week back, which also doesn't help that there is less that SIX WEEKS left of my undergraduate career. Freaking out but also getting really excited.

Again my head is filled with too many thoughts write now. And what am I doing...blogging.
Well back to work on stuff or I'll probably try and get some sleep.


Pokemon Master

So as the title says, I'm working on becoming a Pokemon Master yet again but this time on the Pokemon Black/White Series....I wonder if they'll come out with a Pokemon Shades of get it...::sigh::

I am writing yet again at the front desk of one of two residence halls that are still open during Spring Break. But THANKFULLY this is my last shift! I'm done with eight hour shifts for a few weeks. Don't get me wrong it's an easy job, but I'm over it right now.

While at the desk I've logged almost 22 hours on the game. I'm playing the White I also started Black but I got further into the game on White, where I got bored doing the same thing with different Pokemon on the Black version. Plus I really wanted to be the first part of the game. Which in that 22 hours, I've managed to go my Pokemon into the mid to high 40s, received all eight badges from the gym leaders and now training to defeat the first round of the elite four. I've even named some of my Pokemon after some of my fraternity brothers and very random's entertaining.

I have had about five different conversations on my Pokemon gaming this week. I'm not afraid to admit it. However once school is back, Pokemon will be on the back burner once again. Just like HeartGold & SoulSilver, from last year...yes I'm that hardcore!

Spring Break is ending, it's bitter sweet. But all good things must come to an end!


Late Night/Early Morning Post

Whoa, it's March and I haven't blogged since last Saturday. I'm going to really try and blog more. Anyways, this week has felt like it's dragged on for so long. Maybe even too long. But all is well.

Duty weekend for me this week and for the most part has been quiet...too In all seriousness that's fine with me. I'm really not out to bust people and I've moved on from that. Though I do like to enforce rules. Don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of breaking them, but I've learned from it and grown. Plus you've got to put yourself in the perspective of other residents as well as if you were the one really causing the disturbance or problem. Either way I have done both and my philosophy is Tough Love, I'm going to be real but also know that I'm doing it because I care!

There was a "surprise" birthday party held earlier this evening for one of my fraternity brothers. It was fun, granted he really wasn't all that surprised....I blame his girlfriend...actually even my fraternity brother said she wasn't great at keeping it a surprise. It was good to hang out with some of the bros and celebrate a birthday.

RA Status for next year were announced Friday and all I can say is that I'm sure glad I didn't have to be anxiously waiting to find out whether or not I was hired back next year. Secretly, I kinda missed it, but I'm needing to move on. Besides, I don't think I could have handled finding out where I would be placed. Again, moving on....

Saw our school's Spring Musical, "Footloose," will be writing a paper for that for my Theatre in Film class. I also have to finish my play that I've been working on. However, the first idea I had for a play, I had turned it into one of my assignments, which was to come up with and write a 10 minute play; then I went with a pretty cool idea for another play and started writing that, I felt really uninspired to continue writing after getting some constructive criticism.

I've had a lot on my mind with a certain subject and I thought, you know what why not write a play about it. The characters are based upon random characters that have come into my head, the setting set up in the present time, but the theme/message of the play is something that I feel can withstand time and is something anyone can relate to. I am though, afraid of the critiques my professor will make. Is it going to be good enough? Was there enough depth? Did I ramble and didn't have a purpose? Was the structure too long. Some of the many questions that keep coming to mind while I write. But I'm writing and it's turning out to be a really cool play. I'm looking forward to doing workshop in our class after Spring Break!

Speaking of Spring Break, I'll be spending it working. However I will have a few days to relax and have fun! The fun will have to be in Greeley, unless I get kidnapped by friends to go somewhere, which I'm more then willing to do to get out of Greality...hahaha

Well this late night/early morning post has definitely been a pretty lengthy one. But at least you're pretty much caught up with things going on. Until next time.....


Oh and best quote of the night, "Wait, you're Asian!?!?"


For some odd reason by throat feels sore, my lower back and thighs are sore too. It's kinda ridiculous. I'm not try to complain but literally all day I've been sore and have had the most unpleasant face. Granted I also didn't get much sleep either and I just decided to sleep in Wilson as oppose to walking an additional block to my room so slept in the lounge before my desk shift, but I still tried to stay positive.

This day has felt really, really, REALLY LONG! Started at 6am working the desk, then went to do some RA interviews and after that had a couple of meetings. Then lunch break which then continued with one final RA interview for the day. Then I psuedo had some time off, however I realized I still needed to purchase a lift ticket and check out snowboarding equipment. I got to see a friend I haven't seen in a few weeks and chatted while I purchased my lift ticket at the store. Then went to the rec center to pick up the snowboarding equipment. Apparently the rec center was having a snowboarding event this weekend and the choices were slim and I got the short end of the selections. But again staying positive..

Walked all of my equipment I checked out back to my room, which was on Central campus, when I was in West. I know I'm complaining about being sore, but seriously....I feel out of shape. Doing swing movements in Modern II was strenuous I guess because I'm sore from that.

Anyways I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Will be going to Copper Mountain with some of my Fraternity brothers. hopefully I'll have the patience and determination to get snowboarding down. Plus it'll be fun either way! First time snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, hopefully it won't be my last!



It's finally FRIDAY! Plus I don't have any classes tomorrow, due to the Gala (performance/art show) is on Saturday and my professor cancelled my one and only class! SUCCESS!

I don't know why, but this week has been lack of sleep! Which isn't a good thing because I really do enjoy my sleep! I should work on that. But I think it's the fact that the reality of graduating is hitting that's driving my to be anxious and excited and stress all at the same time.

Anyways, I feel like my schedule today is going to be in threes. I've got three desk shifts (six hours at the desk), I've got three RA interviews, three meetings with people, but only ONE IP for my fraternity. But it's going to be worth it in the end of today because Saturday, I'll be snowboarding for the first time! Which I'm really excited for! Going with some of my fraternity bros up to (I think) Cooper Mountain for the day to snowboard.

Can I tell you, not actually gone ever really made me feel lame. I've been in Colorado for three years now and I'm finally going as I graduate. Better late then never right? Looking forward to that.

Well, I'll eventually get some sleep tonight...get to wake up at 5am for a 6am desk shift!

I'll probably blog then or I'll just zone out and listen to the radio...hmmmm we'll see!