It seems FOREVER, since I blogged and it was a bucket list of things to do for 2012.

Which btw, I've completed one and continuing doing another. Where to start....hmmmm...

Well let's see....
I took a ROAD TRIP (checked off the bucket list) to Kansas City, MO. I went to Kansas City to audition for the University of Missouri Kansas City Graduate Acting Program. The trip took a good 12 hours. However it was NOTHING compared to driving from suburbs of Detroit to Greeley, CO. So I was ok with the 12 hour drive. Though it seems as though I've lost my drive of staying up the entire time and have really enjoyed sleep...A LOT! I was fortunate enough to have a buddy come along and was even more fortunate to have one of my best friends' extended family welcome me into there home for the four day stay in the area.

I have nothing but awesome things to say about the UMKC. It's in a big city and had a lot of fun spots to go to. Weirdly enough, I felt as though Kansas City was just like Cincinnati and vise versa. They had similar vibes. Which was a good thing because I definitely wanted to be in a BIGGER city for my Graduate School than my undergrad. I did enjoy my three years in Greeley and UNCO! It was great to meet some of the students and faculty. I definitely felt that I could fit into the program and the school. It just seemed to click. I felt great with my audition and I left the audition doing the best I could with NO REGRETS! Which, I know I've felt with some auditions having regrets but not this one! Hoping for some good news in the near future about my fate with UMKC.

I also had an audition at Wayne State University, which was MUCH CLOSER. I also did great with that audition and even though I didn't get a callback I still felt great about the whole thing. The whole waiting part about hearing from the schools is the killer.

I owe a lot to my letters of recommendations people. I feel so loved and honored that my professors, colleagues and mentors have confidence in me. I am a bit behind writing my "Thank You's" but they will be done, so they know I do appreciate what they've done for me.

Win or Lose, I've enjoyed this journey of Graduate School possibilities. I can only hope for the best and lots of time waiting.
I've booked a flight back to Colorado for April and I'm super excited to be going back! I can't wait to see some old friends again and visit my undergrad! Plus since my fraternity officially charted this past November, they'll be initiating the Alpha Class! I couldn't miss that, plus the last founding father/alumni is being initiated AND one of my dear friends who've I've known before realizing we'd end up at the same undergrad is in that class.


I think this has been a lengthy blog...I will try and blog regularly again. ::fingers crossed::