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Day 20

I've made it to 20 days! Feeling proud that I have posted twenty days! Granted some of my entries have been short.

Anyways the Canton One Acts Festival has ended and I was really sad, but was glad for the experience. I found out my director/playwright was producing a show for his next theatre thing an auditions were being held yesterday evening.

::side note::
I had been emailing ferociously the director and producer for the Farmington Players next show Legally Blonde the Musical about getting an audition. As mentioned yesterday I got an audition. However it was during strike for the One Acts.
::end side note::

So after the show was over, we began strike. Which didn't take to long and was able to get to the audition for Farmington Players!

However this past weekend I was plagued with inflamed nasal cavities, which the have me nasal congestion and many symptoms I thought were the flu. So going to the musical auditions I was going in with a hoarse voice.

To my surprise the director was someone whom I've auditioned with an knew what my voice sounded like when I was since or hoarse. So I was relieved however was apologizing up the wazoo. It was nice however having considerate director, musical director and producer.

After the audition I then rushed to the next audition. Which was for St. Dunstan's theatre guild's Almost Maine. Which I have seen before and was really excited to auditioned!

Overall even with a hectic weekend it was such an awesome one too!

Day 19

So I realize these post have been brief...but due to this stupid nasal sickness issue I am having it's been difficult to eloquently type everything in my day.

However the show yesterday went well! Though I can tell my voice is getting affect by all the nasal drainage and being stuffed up.

But I carried on and the audience enjoyed the show and so I can't complain!

I found out about an audition for Legally Blonde the Musical which is being put on by a local theatre company in my city. However the kicker was it was during my show and so I have been frantically emailing the producer as well as the director to try and get an audition in...*SPOILER* I got an audition and will tell you more tomorrow...

come back tomorrow to learn more!


Day 18

Yup it's definitely looking like I am sick, but its not going to stop me. I've got tea, honey, DayQuil & NyQuil on my side.

The show went well the first night!

Sad to think it ends tomorrow.

But my next opportunity awaits


Day 17

Final Dress rehearsal yesterday and I felt horrible. I was definitely running a fever and having a runny nose. Luckily I had been heavily medicated myself to make sure I would get super sock today.

Thankful I was off yesterday to get myself better. Luckily today feeling better!


A Much Needed Update

I honestly can't remember when was the last time I actually blogged. I apologize for the lack of blogging here. I have been blogging about CBS' Big Brother for CBS 62 Detroit. Which has been an incredible experience to say the least! I've learned so much from my time blogging about Big Brother for the local station. It's been a great and I think I've gotten good (and bad) reviews from it! I take it all in stride.

I went to my second wedding. It was about two years ago when I went to my first one as an adult for my friends. So surreal, but very much happy for Ray & Lindsay!
Lindsay, Ray & I
The Fraternity Brothers with Ray
I spent a week back in Colorado for the wedding, relax and have a vacation so to speak. I enjoyed catching up with friends and Fraternity brothers.

Climbed a Mountain and my first 14er
During my last day in Colorado, I decided to go with some of my fraternity brothers to climb a mountain. It was an amazing and challenging climb. Having never climbed a "14er" I was definitely up for the challenge! I had a little bit of altitude sickness it didn't stop me from climbing to the top. Fun Fact, I have a fear of heights, so climbing this mountain was somewhat conquering the fear. We'll see if I climb another 14er in the future, but for now I at least climbed one!


While on the flight to Colorado, I got a phone call from the New Theatre Project in Ypsilanti. I had recently went to a callback for their first show of the season and I was selected to be in the show! I of course accepted and was so thankful to be cast! I'm looking forward to the show. More details in another blog later this month.

Even though I haven't blogged I've been doing a lot. Hopefully soon (or with self motivation) I'll update again maybe the end of this week or next week!


10 days until Christmas

So I've definitely neglected on blogging the past few months. However it doesn't mean I didn't want to blog, it's just been very busy and I've procrastinated on blogging as well as many other things.

Let's see if I can sum up two months and get everyone caught up with today.

So I had submitted my headshot and resume to be an extra in a film back in Sept, got cast as an extra for a DISNEY MOVIE with A-LIST ACTORS and an awesome Michigan raised director! How cool! Shot most weekdays in October and then carried on into Nov. Between the filming and working at my retail job, I was lack of sleep but getting paid.

Not such a great month! Other than filming a few days and then heading to Colorado for my fraternity, I got sick! BIG TIME! Even having to stay in the hospital for nearly a week and getting out on Thanksgiving. Then attempting to go back to work had been fun and being on medication was the icing to it. Slowly but surely I got my energy back...very slowly.

Beginning of December:
Flew back to Colorado for the State Thespian Conference. Had the honor of being an adjudicator (judge) for middle & high school theatre students. Was able to see old friend and catch up as well as see some upcoming talent. Hopefully gave students constructive criticism to work on and commented on success they had. The experience was very humbling and learned a lot.

Just had an audition today, felt totally great about my audition, unfortunately didn't get cast. However helped me get back into the audition mode. Holiday shopping has been sporadic. Wanting to also send holiday cards and grad school application need to be accomplished.

Again notice the pattern of procrastination. However in time, things will get done.

Keeping positive and I'll try to get more posts up!

Illness Strikes

So I've been stricken ill this past week and it couldn't have come at a worse time. I've got an argumentative paper to write for Theatre in Film and for Playwriting, well let's say it's like a laundry list that needs to be shrunk ASAP. Best part, the two classes their assignments are due tomorrow. Granted I like working under pressure so BRING IT!

Let's hope I get better in time for Spring Break!

Staying Positive!



I really hate being sick! I can't remember the last time when I was sick. I've gotten headaches and some stuffy noses, where all I would have to do is just take a nap and I'd feel better. Nope not this time, it's a full fledged sickness. I can't smell anything, sneezing crazy and been running temperatures on and off. But you know what I keep going.

I'm going to fight this! As much as I enjoy just being in bed, I'd rather be healthy and active. This whole congestion thing is really lame.

But to spin this in a somewhat positive light...yeah can't really see any right now...


Boo sickness!

Whoa time has flown

I had a post ready to be put up, but then I delayed it. So I'll post it sometime later.

So I'm pretty sure I'm sick, but not to the point where I can't function. I've been able to do stuff but I just have stuffy nose and mild sore throat. I think I just needs to sleep and lots of liquids and I'll be good.

This is going to be short, because I don't know what else to write, but more to come!