So I've got a lot to write and of course, I'm doing it late at


Graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with my Theatre Arts degree! It has been such an amazing ride these past three years. There have been plenty of ups and downs but through it all I've maintained some good friends and lifelong memories!


Final days in Greeley, CO have been bittersweet! It was good to say my farewells to everyone but I know it wasn't a goodbye. Just an extended see you later. Plus I'm going to be back in Greeley in November for my fraternity's chartering! So I'll be seeing a lot of faces again in a few months.

But I had to pack up my room and let me tell you, I've accumulated a lot of things the three years I've been here. Plus all my clothes I brought with me. I donated A BUNCH of stuff and I know it's all going to good causes and besides I know I had stuff handed down to me so I'm just paying it forward.


I finally got rid of my brick phone! For those of you who don't know, I've had the old school/cheapest cell phone anyone could really have and I've upgraded to an HTC Hero (or a T-mobile MyTouch)! It's been great having a droid phone, however it's definitely making my Ipod Touch seem useless. But thankfully my IPod Touch will now just be for music and Angry Birds (I blame my fraternity brothers).


Since Graduating and packing up, I have had the distinct pleasure of moving back home. But let me tell you I feel like a guest in my own home. However this is just a minor setback to the ultimate goal...Los Angeles. The, A LOT and save up/pay some debt and catch up with some great friends I've got back here! Plus it's been pretty much two years since I've been back in Michigan, and things have definitely changed.

All in all, I'm living, learning and loving life!

I'll blog more soon! And not be in hiatus for so