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Camp Nano

So a month ago a friend of mine announced they were doing Camp Nano and I was interested in participating myself. A few short minutes later I had created an account and signed up to do it too!

Right now I'm writing a play that I actually started back in college, but left it unfinished, due to being inspired to write a different play at the same time as well as having a bit of a writer's block in trying to think of what could happen next. However when I looked over it I got inspired to finish it and I also got to thinking how did I ever come up with this idea!?! It was amusing to read and reinvigorated my passion to write and continue it.

The plot of this play is kind of like Revolution but with a hint of comedy and doesn't focus on panic or chaos but more so how would a family adapt to no technology. So this isn't a new but it's my take and I look forward to seeing how it ends up. Who knows maybe I'll do a stage reading of it when I'm done to get a good read of it.


Day 280

I've fallen off the personal blog wagon. But I definitely kept up with my Big Brother blog for CBS Detroit. I will admit however that I didn't blog about the "recap" episode because it was just a filler and nothing really needed to be said about it.

Anyways 70  80 (UPDATE: I can't days have gone by and there have been a lot of things that have happened!

Biggest thing...

I've moved to NYC!

Thankfully with my job I was able to transfer and get full time! Which has been a blessing and I've even found my apartment right before going into my first day of work! 

This is the first time I've moved to a big city, lived with roommates and used public transportation to get to work.

I love it! I'm a city type of person and as much as I loved suburbia I love the city life! I've been here for almost a month and during August I had an interview for the position then finally accepting the job! 

Sad to leave the friends and family but this was a much needed change!

I could even check this off my goals list! Moving to NYC was one of them! The other thing I was able to accomplish this summer was skydiving!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me out in NYC!

Big City, Big Dreams!


Holiday Wish List

As always, I'm neglecting to blog.

But I have however been busy working on things, whether that be for work, life or pursing to be a working actor.

Anyways, this blog entry will be about what I would love to get for the holiday season. I originally was  just thinking to tell everyone to just get me a gift card, but let's be honest. People like to get meaningful gifts to others. So here's what I'm thinking I'd like to see for myself. Yes, that may sound conceited but at least for my friend's who may be "struggle bussing" to get me something here are some ideas:

1. Business Cards - Pursing my dream of being a working actor (in both LA & NYC) I'm going to need some business cards. Granted I could easily go to a store and get the create your own, but I would really love to get some professionally made. I've already got the design if someone want to get me this that would be cool!

2. Personal Chef/Nutritionist/Personal Trainer/Food/Fuel for the gym - This might sound crazy but I'm actually starting to go to the gym to work out and as much as America is trying to usually lose weight I'm trying to gain weight in the form on muscle. So something along the lines of getting myself into shape would be nice. Plus I won't turn down food, but usually trying to gain muscle weight you need to be eating right and not just junk.

3. Apple Store Gift Card - I know I said besides a gift card but cell phone company is going to officially start getting the iPhone 5, I would really like this as a gift. Preferably the 32gb black/slate, but I'll take what I can get. Also buying it without contract/unlocked starts at $629 (the 32gb is $100 more) asking for small increments of gift cards would be so bad. The minimum amount you can buy for an Apple Store gift card is I think $15. So it's a cheap gift, but if at least 50 friends got me $15 gift cards I'd be able to get it!

4. Handmade gift - This might sound cheesy but handmade gifts are still pretty awesome. The person making it had to think of what to make and do it. I like bow ties, scarfs, gloves, blankets, hats, trinkets, w/e you can think of making I'll be happy to have. Plus handmade food...well granted that may conflict with #2 but I'd be ok with it.

5. Hanging out with friends - One of the best gifts is the company of friends. I would enjoy spending time with friends, especially during this busy time and to just take a day, hour, moment to just catch up or play some board games or eat.

There is probably more things i can think of but we'll leave it at these. Also check out my Pintrest to possibly get an idea of what to get me too. Granted I've started slowly getting into pintrest but it's a start!


Wishing, Dreaming and Blogging

It seems FOREVER, since I blogged and it was a bucket list of things to do for 2012.

Which btw, I've completed one and continuing doing another. Where to start....hmmmm...

Well let's see....
I took a ROAD TRIP (checked off the bucket list) to Kansas City, MO. I went to Kansas City to audition for the University of Missouri Kansas City Graduate Acting Program. The trip took a good 12 hours. However it was NOTHING compared to driving from suburbs of Detroit to Greeley, CO. So I was ok with the 12 hour drive. Though it seems as though I've lost my drive of staying up the entire time and have really enjoyed sleep...A LOT! I was fortunate enough to have a buddy come along and was even more fortunate to have one of my best friends' extended family welcome me into there home for the four day stay in the area.

I have nothing but awesome things to say about the UMKC. It's in a big city and had a lot of fun spots to go to. Weirdly enough, I felt as though Kansas City was just like Cincinnati and vise versa. They had similar vibes. Which was a good thing because I definitely wanted to be in a BIGGER city for my Graduate School than my undergrad. I did enjoy my three years in Greeley and UNCO! It was great to meet some of the students and faculty. I definitely felt that I could fit into the program and the school. It just seemed to click. I felt great with my audition and I left the audition doing the best I could with NO REGRETS! Which, I know I've felt with some auditions having regrets but not this one! Hoping for some good news in the near future about my fate with UMKC.

I also had an audition at Wayne State University, which was MUCH CLOSER. I also did great with that audition and even though I didn't get a callback I still felt great about the whole thing. The whole waiting part about hearing from the schools is the killer.

I owe a lot to my letters of recommendations people. I feel so loved and honored that my professors, colleagues and mentors have confidence in me. I am a bit behind writing my "Thank You's" but they will be done, so they know I do appreciate what they've done for me.

Win or Lose, I've enjoyed this journey of Graduate School possibilities. I can only hope for the best and lots of time waiting.
I've booked a flight back to Colorado for April and I'm super excited to be going back! I can't wait to see some old friends again and visit my undergrad! Plus since my fraternity officially charted this past November, they'll be initiating the Alpha Class! I couldn't miss that, plus the last founding father/alumni is being initiated AND one of my dear friends who've I've known before realizing we'd end up at the same undergrad is in that class.


I think this has been a lengthy blog...I will try and blog regularly again. ::fingers crossed::


This time ten years ago...

It was a Wednesday night and I was counting down the days of when I'd be going back to school as an Eighth Grader...what I didn't know was as I was going to go to sleep my life would change FOREVER...

By early evening tomorrow will officially mark my brother's TENTH BIRTHDAY....oh how time has flown by!

He's growing up as I am still trying to grow up as well...hahaha
His growing up at least is a lot easier than mine, but at the time I was his age (that makes me sound old) it seemed like the hardest time.

I can definitely see the change of how the world is and where it's been as well as where it seems to be going. However I'm staying positive through the changes and letting them happen naturally as opposed to forced.

My brother is really different from me...I'm very extroverted he's more introverted. But in due time that may change but if not that's ok. I know I just want the best for him, just like my parents want for him and just like they want what's best for me.

Looking back ten years doesn't seem that long ago but a lot has happened. He's starting Upper Elementary school, while ten years ago I was finishing my last school year at middle school.

Oh how times have changed and I can't wait to celebrate my brother's birthday with him as he turns a decade!


Bids, Elections and Programming

April is upon us and I'm still freaking out about Graduation!

Anyways, RHA bids are due at 11:59pm tonight and I'll be working diligently today to finish the bid I'm working on as well as finishing a letter of recommendation.

Elections are coming up for Student Senate and the race has gotten very interesting. Tonight some of the candidates will be going to RHA to speak and tomorrow is the final Open Forum, which I'll be helping out with. I've got some friends running however I'm trying to stay unbiased for these elections since I do sit on Senate as the CSC PVA Representative. But I do encourage all students to check out all the candidates. I wish all the candidates the best of luck. This might sound like a cop out but really it's not. My whole thing is get the students out there and actually learn the facts from those who are running. Yes, support people you know but support them with the understanding that they can represent you as well as the students of our University in the position they are running.

As the year is coming to a close, I working on my final programming effort that I'm doing. Which I'm really excited for, but I really need to get it all finalized. I've asked the groups I'd like to collaborate with and now it's a matter of streamlining all the information. I'm excited for the program and getting residents to participate in it.

Ok well I think I've blogged enough for a bit. Back to focusing on bids.



I enjoy my Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule this last semester! Only one class and it's over by 10am. It's pretty awesome! So I have a lot of free time during the day.

Honestly, this semester is really easy. Here is my schedule:
MWF - Playwriting
TR - Modern Dance II & Theatre in Film
so really I'm pretty much enjoying my last semester to the fullest. My homework consists of writing my one act play for Playwriting, which is slowing coming together. We were reading through them in class today and unfortunately didn't get time. Due to the fact I didn't want to go first and didn't want to go after someone's play that sounded really good. I know I'm not the only one thinking or have done that. But we'll be going through the rest of the plays on Wednesday, so then we'll hear mine aloud.


Let's see, I've got a meeting in an hour and then absolutely nothing until 7pm. I'll probably take a nap or will be working on my program that I'm putting on this week for my residents. Which should be exciting or at least will amuse me. My residents are great! I've written 5 OTMs (of the months, which is a recognition thing for the National Residence Hall Honorary & Residence Hall Association).

That's pretty much it, for now... until tomorrow!