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Time for an update

It's been a month since my last update and a lot has happen since then.

I've started on my annual summer long blogging for +CBS Detroit in recapping episodes of +Big Brother! Though it's still a hope that one day (hopefully next season) that I will be on the show competing, manipulating, sabotaging, creating drama and winning the show! In the interim I'll take to writing about it and connecting with fans! 

Sad news, I've been let go as a resident Actor at The Flea Theatre, however I am now an alumni. My time at the The Flea has been positive and learning opportunity as an actor. I've met some great people and hope to continue to do some great work with many of them. Though I may not be at The Flea, I'm still a proud supporter of the theatre and look forward to what the new artistic director as well as The Bats have in store! As one door closes another door opens. This is just another chapter ending and a new one beginning!

I throughly enjoyed my time this year at the Thespian Festival, held in Lincoln, NE at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, campus. The UNL staff and the Educational Theatre Association were great. Being someone who was a student and now coming back as a guest artist has been great! I hope to continue to come back an inspire more students. Plus I was able to reconnect with other artists and make new connections as well!

Last summer I decided to make a hair change and again this year I decided to do it again! I just wanted a summer look you could say but also I just really wanted to do something different. Change is good and change is bad. But it's all an experience! 

This has been a sufficient update I do say so myself! I'm going to try and update more because I think it just feels right. Also this is another way to be an outlet other than my Big Brother recap blogging! 


Big Brother Season 16

If you haven't already known...
I didn't get cast but I am continuing to write about the reality tv show Big Brother for CBS Detroit 62 as a freelance writer!

Check out my entries for this season by selecting the tab at the top!

Do it!


Tonys 2014 Predictions

Just like when I (miserably) put my predictions for the Oscars, I'm doing it again but this time for the Tonys! 

I have the great opportunity to be in the city, however not fortunate to be in Radio City Music Hall. But I will be with friends and watching it at a viewing party!

We'll see how I fare this time around with these predictions, let's hope better than the Oscars...
These predictions are completely guesses and I had to do some research on some of the shows since I haven't seen all of them. 

Best Play
Act One 
All The Way
Casa Valentina
Mothers and Sons
Outside Mullingar

I predict: All The Way

Best Musical
After Midnight
Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

I predict: A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

Best Revival of a Play
The Cripple of Inishmaan
The Glass Menagerie
A Raisin in the Sun
Twelfth Night

I predict: Twelfth Night

Best Revival of a Musical
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Les Misérables

I predict: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Best Book of a Musical
Aladdin (Chad Beguelin)
Beautiful - The Carole King Musical (Douglas McGrath)
Bullets Over Broadway (Woody Allen)
A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder (Robert L. Freedman)

I predict: A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder (Robert L. Freedman)

Best Original Score
Aladdin (Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Time Rice and Chad Begeulin)
The Bridges of Madison County (Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown)
A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder (Music by Steven Lutvak; Lyrics by Robert L. Freedman & Steven Lutvak)
If/Then (Music by Tom Kidd; Lyrics by Brian Yorkey)

I predict: The Bridges of Madison County (Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown)

Best Actor in a Play
Samuel Barnett, Twelfth Night
Bryan Cranston, All The Way
Chris O'Dowd, Of Mice and Men
Mark Rylance, Richard III
Tony Shalhoub, Act One

I predict: Bryan Cranston, All The Way

Best Actress in a Play
Tyne Daly, Mothers and Sons
LaTanya Richardson Jackson, A Raisin in the Sun
Cherry Jones, The Glass Menagerie
Audra McDonald, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill
Estelle Parsons, The Velocity of Autumn

I predict: Audra McDonald, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill

Best Actor in a Musical
Neil Patrick Harris, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Ramin Karmloo, Les Misérables
Andy Karl, Rocky
Jefferson Mays, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder
Bryce Pinkham, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

I predict: Neil Patrick Harris, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Best Actress in a Musical
Mary Bridget Davies,  A Night with Janis Joplin
Sutton Foster, Violet
Idina Menzel Adele Dazeem, If/Then
Jessie Mueller, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
Kelli O'Hara, The Bridges of Madison County

I predict: Jessie Mueller, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical

Best Featured Actor in a Play
Reed Birney, Casa Valentina
Paul Chahidi, Twelfth Night
Stephen Fry, Twelfth Night
Mark Rylance, Twelfth Night
Brian J. Smith, The Glass Menagerie

I predict: Mark Rylance, Twelfth Night

Best Featured Actress in a Play
Sarah Greene, The Cripple of Inishmaan
Celia Keenan-Bolger, The Glass Menagerie
Sophie Okonedo, A Raisin in the Sun
Anika Noni Rose, A Raisin in the Sun
Mare Winningham, Casa Valentina

I predict: Celia Keenan-Bolger, The Glass Menagerie

Best Featured Actor in a Musical
Danny Burstein, Cabaret
Nick Cordero, Bullets Over Broadway
Joshua Henry, Violet
James Monroe Inglehart, Aladdin
Jarrod Spector, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical

I predict: James Monroe Inglehart, Aladdin

Best Featured Actress in a Musical
Linda Emond, Cabaret
Lena Hall, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Anika Larsen, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
Adriane Lenox, After Midnight
Lauren Worsham, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

I predict: Linda Emond, Cabaret

Best Direction in a Play
Tim Carroll, Twelfth Night
Michael Grandage, The Cripple of Inishmaan
Kenny Leon, A Raisin in the Sun
John Tiffany, The Glass Menagerie

I predict: Tim Carroll, Twelfth Night

Best Direction in a Musical
Warren Carlyle, After Midnight
Michael Mayer, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Leigh Silverman, Violet
Darko Tresnjak, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

I predict: Darko Tresnjak, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

Best Choreography
Warren Carlyle, After Midnight
Steven Hoggett & Kelly Devine, Rocky
Casey Nicholaw, Aladdin
Susan Stroman, Bullets Over Broadway

I predict: Warren Carlyle, After Midnight

Best Orchestrations
Doug Besterman, Bullets Over Broadway
Jason Robert Brown, The Bridges of Madison County
Steve Sidwell, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
Jonathan Tunick, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

I predict: Jonathan Tunick, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

Best Scenic Design in a Play
Beowulf Boritt, Act One
Bob Crowley, The Glass Menagerie
Es Devlin, Machinal
Christopher Oram, The Cripple of Inishmaan

I predict: Beowulf Boritt, Act One

Best Scenic Design in a Musical
Christopher Barreca, Rocky
Julian Crouch, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Alexander Dodge, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder
Santo Loquasto, Bullets Over Broadway

I predict: Christopher Barreca, Rocky

Best Costume Design in a Play
Jane Greenwood, Act One
Michael Krass, Machinal
Rita Ryack, Casa Valentina
Jenny Tiramani, Twelfth Night

I predict: Jenny Tiramani, Twelfth Night

Best Costume Design in a Muscial
Linda Cho, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder
William Ivey Long, Bullets Over Broadway
Arianne Phillips, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Isabel Toledo, After Midnight

I predict: Linda Cho, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

Best Lighting Design in a Play
Paule Constable, The Cripple of Inishmaan
Jane Cox, Machinal
Natasha Katz, The Class Menagerie
Japhy Weideman, Of Mice and Men

I predict: Natasha Katz, The Class Menagerie

Best Lighting Design in a Musical
Kevin Adams, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Christopher Akerlind, Rocky
Howell Binkley, After Midnight
Donald Holder, The Bridges of Madison County

I predict: Kevin Adams, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Best Sound Design in a Play
Alex Maranowski, The Cripple of Inishmaan
Steve Canyon Kennedy, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill
Dan Moses Schreier, Act One
Matt Tierney, Machinal

I predict: Steve Canyon Kennedy, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill

Best Sound Design in a Muscial
Peter Hylenski, After Midnight
Tim O'Heir, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Mick Potter, Les Misérables
Brian Ronan, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical

I predict; Brian Ronan, Beautiful - The Carole King Musical

Day 280

I've fallen off the personal blog wagon. But I definitely kept up with my Big Brother blog for CBS Detroit. I will admit however that I didn't blog about the "recap" episode because it was just a filler and nothing really needed to be said about it.

Anyways 70  80 (UPDATE: I can't days have gone by and there have been a lot of things that have happened!

Biggest thing...

I've moved to NYC!

Thankfully with my job I was able to transfer and get full time! Which has been a blessing and I've even found my apartment right before going into my first day of work! 

This is the first time I've moved to a big city, lived with roommates and used public transportation to get to work.

I love it! I'm a city type of person and as much as I loved suburbia I love the city life! I've been here for almost a month and during August I had an interview for the position then finally accepting the job! 

Sad to leave the friends and family but this was a much needed change!

I could even check this off my goals list! Moving to NYC was one of them! The other thing I was able to accomplish this summer was skydiving!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me out in NYC!

Big City, Big Dreams!


Day 177

Wow, just got done watching So You Think You Can Dance and just WOW!

This season they've set the bar high! These contestants mean business. I'm glad that the producers of this show are working their butts off to make sure the "big wigs" (aka FOX) sees how much dance is an amazing form of entertainment and this show needs to get back to two shows a week.

::stepping down from my soap box::

Now for the actual's where I'm ranking the guys and girls.

1. Amy Yakima - She had the dance of the night with her partner. It was great and she has a great personality to match her awesome dancing.
2. Jasmine Mason - Doing a dance blindfolded is skill and then having complete trust in your partner while blindfolded. Jasmine M, did great this week.
3. Jasmine Harper - Jasmin H is definitely in a power couple and both are "giants."
4. Brittany Cherry - Afro-jazz is hard but Brittany made it look easy.
5. Hayley Erbert - She may be in the middle of the pack on my list but she definitely caught my eye during this weeks piece! Hayley has swag!
6. Jenna Johnson - Safe, honestly couldn't really say it was the strongest but definitely not the weakest.
7. Makenzie Dustman - I literally was like, "Who is this girl," when she was all dolled up. But then remember she's a great dancer! However their are plenty of strong girls and she's fallen short on my list.
8. Malice Miller - I like Malice, but I fear she'll be dancing for her life. Her piece was great, she definitely matured but will it be enough to keep her in the competition. I'm predicting yes, but we'll see.
9. Mariah Spears - I want this girl Krumper to be safe but I fear she too will be in danger.
10. Alexis Juliano - She can tap but she's gotta work on her swag. I like Alexis but that piece was not up to par.

1. Fik-Shun - This guys got personality and the talent to back it up. He'll be safe but I would definitely like to see some struggle from him. Nobody can be great all the time.
2. Curtis Holland - Curtis did a great job with the hip hop piece, I was a little nervous since he was always a happy guy could he get down and dirty. He delivered.
3. Aaron Turner - If this dude is not safe, America I will flip a table and yell at everyone who voted for the other guys. He was 11 on the judges short list this season and with a twist of fate was given an opportunity to prove those judges wrong. Let's keep him in the competition to prove the judges wrong. He may not be the top person on my list but he's my FAVORITE DANCER so far! I like an underdog and his talent is endless! #TeamAaronTurner
4. Alan Bersten - Alan would be higher on my list but sadly I had to agree with the judges, I needed more emotion. He was a great partner, but I needed more. He'll definitely be safe.
5. Tucker Knox - Middle of the road performance but I know Tucker can do better. His personality shines through but I wasn't jumping up for him.
6. Paul Karmiryan - Even though Paul may have won the Armenian SYTYCD he's definitely trying to prove America he can dance. Give this guy a chance, but I know the fact he "won" another countries dance version is hindering him from advancing with some votes.
7. Jade Zuberi - I want Jade to stay in this competition but I fear there are way too many good guys (like the girls) where he's getting lost in the light. He did have a great piece this weak and he's from Michigan, I've got to support a local!
8.  Blueprint - It was good, but was it great for me, no. He'll be safe but I wouldn't be surprised if Blueprint had to dance for his life.
9. Carlos Garland - Carlos will also be dancing for his life. The Jive piece wasn't bouncing enough and personally I couldn't remember who Carlos was. Sorry to fans of him but I there are "bigger" personalities and talent in this guy pool.
10. Nico Greetham - Didn't have swag and could be his swan song. But next week is another day and he could pull an amazing redemption routine to convince this judges.


In other news, glad to hear the announcement of Project Runway returning next month. Also new shows I've started to watch (and catch up on, since I work when these shows air) The Goodwin Games (FOX) and Devious Maids (Lifetime). I'm not ashamed to say that I'm watching a Lifetime show, but there has been "controversy" on the whole stereotyping and what not. I'm watching it as a show and they all so happened to be a certain ethnicity, big deal. Besides it's based off a Telenovela, just like many shows that air in the US. Funny that both new shows I'm watching have two actresses that have been in a show I also enjoyed but now has been off the air for three years, Ugly Betty. Ana Ortiz and Becky Newton are doing well for themselves. Too bad Vanessa Williams and Michael Urie didn't have much success, but they'll find something. Also I want America Ferrera back in my life, she needs to be in a TV series or do an Ugly Betty Movie.

Speaking of another Ugly Betty cast member, Christopher Gorham will be returning on USA's Covert Affairs next month and I'm looking forward to that. Plus I'm following him on twitter (no shame) and the locations he's traveling to, ridiculous and jealous! Also another USA show I'm glad that's back is Royal Pains and coming back next month Suits! Oh I did forget to mention Graceland is a new show I'm trying to watch. One of the show leads happens to be a Broadway vet and is now on the small screen.


That was a lot of TV, life wise, it's a roller coaster but I'm taking it in strides and trying to stay positive and hopeful for the future!

Oh Big Brother starts at 8pm tonight! SO EXCITED!


Day 145

So I felt like blogging, and it's really late.

However I feel when I blog, that it should be a good amount of length as opposed to a quick blurb. If it was a quick blurb, I would just tweet about it.

My birthday had happened and I enjoyed my birthday this year! I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for me.

I definitely made a BIG birthday wish and I'm hoping that I can work really hard to try and make it happen. 


Today I went over to a friends house to hang out with others just to catch up and enjoy the "Summertime," technically it's Spring but apparently once it's June it's Summer....It's still Spring until June 20. Then Summer is June 21, for the Summer Solstice.

Anyways I digress....

Hang out and then we start to play video games...

I enjoy video games however I HATE and I do mean HATE to lose. I'm overly competitive and I'm a very poor sport at times most times. Especially when it's up against another overly competitive person. In the end it reiterated why I stopped playing video games and only play solo games. If I do play a video game again I just need to remember to have fun. That's what I learned when playing board games now...yeah


The Voice, so in my honest opinion that it's time for Holly Tucker to go home, plus she sang first which is usually the one people forget by the end of the program.

Michelle Chamuel is my FAVORITE! Then it's Amber Carrington. 

I am TEAM USHER all the way! However it'll be tough because I feel this season in particular is heavily a country fan base. Which isn't bad but I'm just not a fan of the music. However Michelle's pick wasn't a fan of....(it was a country song, artist I'm not to fond of and it was country) #sorrynotsorry

So yeah that was an interesting twist that they're only eliminating one this week...I think they're milking viewers, since the summer season doesn't start for another couple of weeks...i.e. BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!

Ok I think this blog is long enough for me to feel like it isn't a quick blurb!


Day 131

Hey I'm getting better about blogging, its only been 11 days since my last post! Progress!

I just finished performing a production of Legally Blonde the Musical this past weekend and I've definitely learned a lot from the experience. I've learned that I can still sing, can still dance and I know that I've chosen a career I would like to do as a living. Being an Actor has and always been a dream of mine since I was born.

Speaking of birthday is coming up and I am looking forward to it. One thing I'll definitely doing is Skydiving. I do have a fear of heights but I really want to just jump out of a plane and fall to the ground with a parachute (of course). So I'm trying to plan a day to do it where the weather is SUNNY and I can bring a friend to watch the craziness unfold.

Also I really want to take a road trip again. Whether it be to a coast (East or West) or somewhere in Michigan. I think it'd be fun!

Summer is getting closer and that means one thing....BIG BROTHER!!!! I can't wait for the show to start again and it'll be TWO WEEKS LONGER! So most likely a bigger cast and more twists!

Speaking of Reality TV....

DWTS ends tonight and I'm scheduled to work. But I HOPE that Val & Zendaya take home the mirror ball trophy!

The Voice - I won't be surprised if Team Usher and Team Shakira are left with one team member. But I also wouldn't be surprised if someone from Team Blake gets the boot. Team Adam is way to strong of a team to get booted tonight.

I wish I took photos of myself before I started working out because I can definitely start seeing change in how I look. Definitely getting muscle and starting to get more toned. Which has been my goal, gain muscle mass but be toned.

However my running times are slowly but surely improving which is giving me confidence again in running. I enjoy running and hopefully can get myself into race form by summer's end!


Big Brother Season 14 Episode Nine

Here's a little snippet of what's to come for last night's episode breakdown. This time check out my "Floaters of Big Brother"

Floaters of Big Brother

Wil - He was saved this week and didn't do squat to really make an impact on this week's game. Even though he was in the POV competition, he was the second to get eliminated.
Ian - Either is really floating or playing a really good game. From my perspective, Ian is floating and listening maybe a bit too much to his coach or maybe not enough. Ian hasn't really talked strategy nor has he tried to make any alliances. So we'll see how much further he'll last.
Jenn - Another Boogie houseguest and I have yet to see how Jenn is playing the Big Brother game. The whole laying low strategy only goes so far and being noticed is a lot better than floating because they you'll either be considered a threat or making stupid moves. Either way you'll get people talking about you.


Thoughts? Comments? Reactions? Let me know here or wait tomorrow as this will be posted at CBS Detroit's website!

Until then Here's the link


Big Brother Season 14 Episode Eight

Here's the headers of my breakdown of Episode Eight, I've dubbed "All You Need Is One," which was said by Shane's Coach and former BB houseguest Britney. Here are the headlines I've coined during this episode breakdown.

"Power Drunk," "Shanielle Is In Full Effect," "Coaches Are 'Feelin' the Burn'," "Chilltown 3.0 Is Safe Again," "My Coaches Rankings," and "My Choice for America's Vote - NO"

Come back later today for the link Here's the link! Click here, follow my twitter (@whoismarkdrum) and facebook or go to my search page on! Happy Monday!

I made a movie!

Check out this cool movie I made using iMovie and music was created using Garageband on the iPad! Special thanks to my friend Courtney for letting me film one of her dogs for this movie! Hope you guys like it!

Big Brother Season 14 Episode Five

America, what is happening in the Big Brother House?! I am honestly speechless with what has transpired in this 60 minute episode. There were some great moments, awkward moments, scary moments and even “MC Hammer” Pants! Tonight’s Big Brother even included a surprise visit from one of its Executive Producers. Are you ready to hear my thoughts on tonight’s episode? Which by the way I’ve dubbed “Willie’s Downward Demise.”

Come back later today to get the link to the full article  Click Here for the article. Or go to or keep a look out on my twitter or facebook page.

Big Brother Season 14 Episode One

This season of Big Brother has FINALLY STARTED!

So I'm going to be blogging about this season in hopes to do the following:

  1. Get more followers to view my blog. Hopefully comments and discussion will ensue
  2. Force me to blog more
  3. Get noticed hopefully in a tasteful and good way to those in casting to be considered for next year
  4. For the fact I MET someone on the show this season
Granted with blogging it's all a matter of opinion and know that these are my opinions. I will respect everyone and anyone who wishes to respond. In return please respect my opinions. Nobody likes negativity though it's bound to happen. Let's just agree to disagree!


Let's get started the houseguests.
First impressions are always important to me. So actually seeing everyone speak as oppose to just photos was good.

It's always interesting where they get their "key" segment. However this time it was an "invitation" and not a "key" which was impressive to see a few of them question, where their key was to the "Big Brother house." That alone should have been a clue for "expect the unexpected."

While watching the show a good friend of mine asks why are they are being chosen to enter the house. My friend isn't a fan of the show nor really has any interest in reality tv, but they put up with my obsession and we're still good friends. I responded back to them by saying it's a matter of getting a bed and then scoping out the house. Plus any Super FAN would also make note of who entered at what time. Why you ask? Because they'll use that information at a later time during competitions where your mental stamina is tested. My friend just rolled their eyes and they told me to keep watching while they did something else.

Then the TWIST (of many more to come) was revealed. PAST HOUSEGUEST would be BACK IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE! However they were to compete as COACHES! Which is BRILLIANT! Not only are you bringing back fan favorites, but you're also allowing them to give their insight to the game to the players. However it is still a game and those houseguests can take their coaches opinions with a grain of salt. 

I am glad to see three of the four returning houseguests. I'm a fan of Britney (Season 12), Dan (Season 10) and Janelle (Season Six & Season Seven aka All Stars). It was really great to hear about what has been going on with their lives; getting married, having a kid, etc. What was really interesting was to see how they each would choose their houseguests to coach.

So it's not a surprise when CBS likes to do some cross-overs. But this really wasn't a cross-over as to more family and their wanting to apply for a reality show which happens to be on the same network but a different competition. Big deal that Willie is Russell's relative. He's a different player.

It was disheartening to see Team Dan, lose the HOH (Head Of Household) Competition. How the coaches chose their players were interesting. In my opinion these would be my standings of how the coachers are faring:

  1. Team Britney - Due to the fact her team won the HOH competition
  2. Team Janelle - Though a bit of an odd ball group, they'll be interesting to see their game play and how Janelle will coach them.
  3. Team Dan - Though they are a "man" down as Julie Chen (aka Chenbot - a nickname from her given by viewers)  Dan tried his best to pick the best players he thought would be good for his team. I find it interesting he chose all females for his team. Time will tell how that fares
  4. Team Boogie - I enjoy the houseguests he chose, I'm just not a fan of him and his gameplay is not one I enjoy. He does make a good point of it being a social game, but that will only take you so far. I hope he doesn't bring "Chill Town" into this Big Brother House.
It was one of the more interesting first episodes in a while. I enjoyed this twist A LOT MORE than the past two. At least this time around the returning houseguests are coaches. Which I commend the producers and those in production on the show for doing. It's definitely following with reality tv trend (i.e. X Factor, The Voice, etc). Not that it's a bad thing but hey if it's working on one show it's bound to work for another right? 

All in all I'm looking forward to the rest of my summer watching this show! =]

Took a picture

While awaiting for my friend Courtney to get off work, I took a few pictures!
Downtown Farmington is actually a cool place to take some photos at night, though only was inspired by one spot at the moment.

The Civic Theatre had a very interesting look that I wanted to get a photo of. I only had my cell phone, but it did a decent job. Though now thinking about it, I actually had my small digital camera in my backpack which I had.

Anyways here are the photos!

Always learning

I just had my first day of training for my new job!

I absolutely love it! I'm still learning so much about being an effective team member and building upon leadership skills that not only help me in the job but also in the real world.

I am truly thankful for getting this opportunity and definitely not letting it pass me up. I'm literally being immersed into the company and learning so much! I'm really excited to see where it'll go.

However, with all the excitement I have a few downers but luckily it wasn't too depressing. I'm sad that I'm missing my family reunion (as previously mentioned) and not being able to see relatives whom I haven't seen in years...seriously YEARS now, when they only live a state below me. Also one of my Uncles traveled from Texas this year for the reunion whom I haven't seen in literally a decade...but a job is a job and I really needed my parents were understanding.

Also I missed my friend Jasmine's son's birthday party today too, however sent a text and she was totally cool about. However I did by a gift and hopefully she'll like it for him. I literally asked people for advice...I haven't shopped for a one year old boy since my brother was

Anyways, I definitely feel even though I'm not attending an educational structure in the fall (for many its in a few weeks) I'm still learning. I even today said that "I'm a RA," then retracted that statement because I'm not going to RA Training which starts next weekend for them...though I'm jealous I'm not jealous of having to do the training...hahahaa But I will miss all that experience I had then. Also all the Welcome Week's not a distant memory...hahhaaha

I also applied for another job...
Call me crazy, but I THRIVE on being busy...literally...the fact that I'm not going back to being a RA and being involved on a University campus...I have to compensate for the participation with that into something else...and what better way...multiple Granted my social life will be revolved around the jobs but who cares...I've made friends from the job and I still have my close friends from college and high school.
Anyways, applied for the job, sent my resume, cover letter and two sample writings. Which I never really done a writing sample and so I asked for some advice from a friend, who actually has a similar position to the one I applied (shout out to Will) for some times. His advice was really helpful and constructive. It made me really excited and driven to I did!


My mind is on overdrive

My mind seems to be really active at night and granted I should be asleep, but I can never seem to fall asleep instantly when there are some any thoughts going on in my head. From reading many articles it's good to jot down your thoughts and to come back to them later. So that's what I'm going to do...time to jot down the many thoughts going on my head right now. All while listening to my itunes library as background noise/winding down to get ready to sleep.

Thought #1
I've really been evaluating my friendships that I've developed and trying to figure out which, to continue; to pursue; as well as to try and fix or build a better friendship.

The past few months have definitely shown that I lack communication, but I feel that it's more of a fear that I'll say something wrong or that I'm just really over thinking situations or I'm creating unnecessary conflict/issues. I know that I can easily where my heart on my sleeve but I can also be very guarded. Which sounds really ironic but it's really true thought. I'm very talkative but also very private with thoughts. It takes a lot of trust from me to trust people I can effectively communicate with. There have been people that have broken my trust which has saddened me but I've learned from that mistake and have continued to better myself as a person.

A good friend of mine has said, "they'll forgive, but never forget," this statement has definitely stuck with a negative way. I always seem to think of the negative in the situation. Again, I'm trying to grow as a person, but I hate to disappoint others.

Also I really want to call people and catch up with them....I need to do this or if you're reading this and we're friends (obviously we are) call me and let's catch up! hahahaha

Thought #2
I really am stressing about this whole Grad School thing. I want to make sure I'm preparing myself in the best way possible. Researching schools, which is already a big feat in itself, trying to figure out which Colleges would be best for me and what they can offer me in my growth of higher education.

The GREs are going to freak me out. I'm not the best of test takers and so I've already invested quite an amount of money to make sure I'm studying and focusing to do my best. My main task is keeping focused and actually studying; then retaining the information learned as well as implementing what I've learned into real life situations.

Statement of purpose....blah, I need to really start on writing this....I know I've said that earlier but it's definitely something I NEED to start doing too. Which also brings up getting letters of recommendations from professors/faculty/people I've had good relationships with me who want to see me continue my education and who will recommend me into graduate schools. I think I've got a good handful of people I'd be honored if they'd write a letter of recommendation for me. Hopefully they'll feel honored that I asked them.

Thought #3
I really miss a lot of hobbies right now. I've been really busy focusing on finding a job(s) and relaxing.

But I miss theatre. I miss acting, singing, directing, do something in theatre right now. However I did check out three plays from the library to read...which I haven't done yet. I also want to sign up for a dance class or two or three. But that involves time and money, which right now I don't have the money but time could easily do. However with the job searches, that may effect when I could take the class(es).

I miss running and I really want to work out, I want to get some muscle definition as well as mass on my freaking scrawny body. I'm not saying I'm not happy with my body, but I definitely would like a body that's in shape. I miss competing and doing xc races. I should really e-mail may coach randomly and see if I can attended a practice...even though it's been a few years and I could easily still look like someone who's in high school...hahaah

I really want to do a photoshoot. One for myself to get some new headshots but also take some photos for fun! I just really need to go out and take some photos. It's a possible grad degree I'm looking into so I should really start working on building that portfolio up.

I know I'll eventually get to it each of these missed hobbies, but right now I'm really trying to get a stable job(s) in tact.

Thought #4
Job search, trying to think when enough is a enough searching and be happy with the jobs I currently have.

I recently accepted an offer to start working at the Apple Store, which I'm really excited for the opportunity and look forward to the Orientation which is three days for eight hours. However since I accept the job offer, I'm going to be missing my family reunion. Which I'm sad because I haven't seen many of them in years. A sacrifice that I had to take, but I'm sure my extended family will understand.

But yeah, my job search is still going. I need to make sure I have a job(s) that will help pay off debt (credit card & soon Student Loans). Plus I want to save up for Grad School/moving and for a car. I really need to get my own car to own. It's the next "grown up" purchase I need to do along with getting an apartment.

Thought #5
I want to TRAVEL! Like really bad! I want to go overseas experience different cultures visit different continents and countries. ::sigh::

Those are pretty much what's going on in my mind currently...lots of rambling but this had definitely helped. Therapeutic and just good to keep doing something I said I wanted to do on my "Summer To-Do List."

I'll post a blog entry of some pictures soon. I really like how most of the months I've averaged seven entries. This is entry no. six, so I definitely need to get another one in before the end of the month. Which is totally do-able!


Another late night blog

So I'm feeling thee mood to blog again and its

This past weekend was filled with meeting a bunch of people and working a nine hour shift.

I recently attended a high school reunion and it was at a bar in Royal Oak. Which the city was a very lively on Friday night. I forgot that the city was a very lively place and reminded me of Fort Collins, CO. Anyways went to the reunion and realized it's going to be interesting going to my 10 year, which is in five years...and I feel like it'll be interesting. But going to my friends reunion, led me to a contact with a production keeoing my fingers crossed in setting up a meeting. Also played so skee ball and danced at the bar, which was fun. It was good to be in great company of good friends.

The next day I attended my friend Courtney's brother Chris' daughter Lily's second birthday. It was fun and interesting to see two year old interact. Left a bit early to get to bed early. However before I left found out I wad offered a job. They left a'm message to call them back and I did immediately. I of course accepted the job, however the down side is that I'm missing my family reunion. I hope and I'm my extended family will understand.

Then on Sunday woke up at 5am to get radu to work a none hour shift, which consisted of rearranging the store. Had a lunch break and when I came back to work in the back rearranging the back room. Pretty much manual labor work day. But it was good and the time flew by.

After work took a nap and then headed to another birthday but this time Courtney & Chris' Uncle Jon's birthday. Total 360° from the group yesterday but it was a fun party nonetheless.

Today was an easy day. However still needing to study for my GRE that's at the end of September. Also continuing my Grad School search and really needing to work on my Statement of Purpose...which I haven't really done since doing a Mission Statement when I was a Theatre Ed major which was three years ago, when I first attended UNC. But I'm stating positive and not trying to stress...too much hahaha


Blogging Mood

I'm in the mood to blog...about what...that's a good question....

Let's see I could start off with what happened today....nothing too exciting...I did however went to work today for a closing shift and that was interesting. Then went over to my friend Courtney's house to hang for a bit and drop something off.

Courtney and her family were watching, "Merlin," the NBC show that didn't work for the US but now is going into Season for in the UK on BBC. Interesting show....from the two-ish episodes I had watched.

My day was kinda boring...but that's how it goes for a post-college undergraduate still trying to find a "Grown Up" job. Though I do enjoy the current job I have, but I need something more fulfilling.


Summer has been fun so far! I've truly enjoyed my time back home, even with it's ups and downs; pros and cons, it's home.

Did some random shots of stuff around Courtney's house, thought they were cool and wanted to share them on here...

I throughly enjoy the "toy camera" feature on my digital camera...It does my photoediting I want done for me for photos I want to look a little vintage and getting a different point of view.


I'm a reality junkie...I admit it...thought this isn't a surprise to my friends, they know I like watching them and know maybe too much about them...hahahha I've even auditioned for some. Yeah I'm weird like that.

Current reality shows watching...
Big Brother 13 and So You Think You Can Dance 8

BB13 - This is pretty much the season of the returning houseguest....the past two weeks it's been Alum who've won HOH (Head Of Household) competitions and obviously nominating the new people. It's kinda annoying...I actually applied for this season and I definitely feel like I've got WAY MORE PERSONALITY then some of these characters on the show. But I could always apply next

SYTYCD8 - I like how they stuck back to the original format of the top 20, however Nigel (one of the "resident judges"/executive producer) made some horrible choices for eliminations. Though I'm happy with the top five girls, the boys are all kinds of messed up. Ricky and Mitchell should have peaced out! I would have liked Chris and Nick/Alexander in the top five guys. But these are just my opinions. Nigel, "MUST KNOW" what America wants right...*cough* RATINGS *cough*....just FYI Nigel Ricky and Mitchell will be getting the low votes from America...just watch!


My grandma (mom's side) is here again with us! I picked her up while babysitting my brother form the airport. I liked how I planned driving and getting their just as she walked outside to the International Arrivals pick up area. Great timing! Even though my mom told me I should have left just as I was getting there. Going with my gut won! Plus it was good to see my grandma again!


Rolling in the Deep

If anyone hasn't heard this song from Adele, you need to!

So interesting story....
I convinced begged friend Courtney into auditioning for our city's version of "American Idol," called "Farmington Idol," for our city's annual "Founders Festival." Being very courageous, I decided to do Adele's song of "Rolling in the Deep," as my audition song. People were surprised by my song choice but I sang it acapella and did a good job.
So there were 21 people that auditioned and 11 made it through...Unfortunately Courtney didn't make it...but I did. I was excited but kinda  REALLY bummed that Courtney didn't make the finals.

Anyways, so after the auditions, went home and then got ready to see HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART TWO at midnight with my friend Jasmine! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some dinner before the show. While watching the 3D we were split up due to the amount of people watching it! But it was worth it! Enjoyed the movie!

Back to the story...
Had to find another song to do for the finals or I could stick with the same song, hoping nobody else did it. Fast forward, decided to stick with my audition song got the music and started practicing. In between going to a job interview. 
At the finals, definitely was nervous and it definitely showed in my performance. I had my friend Courtney record it, but to spare people (and my pride) I'm not posting it. I'll be honest the nerves got the best of me and I was PITCHY...BEYOND! I was sad but I remembered I was going in it for fun and not to WIN. As much as I would have like to, I really wanted to do it for fun and I did even though the issue of nerves.

So yeah that pretty much sums of today. I really hope to get hired at this job I interviewed for! I really like the company and it would be good to get more money to pay off debt and save-ish...hahaha Downside my training is during my family reunion...dilema 
However my family will understand, granted I haven't seen any of them in a good five years...