For some odd reason by throat feels sore, my lower back and thighs are sore too. It's kinda ridiculous. I'm not try to complain but literally all day I've been sore and have had the most unpleasant face. Granted I also didn't get much sleep either and I just decided to sleep in Wilson as oppose to walking an additional block to my room so slept in the lounge before my desk shift, but I still tried to stay positive.

This day has felt really, really, REALLY LONG! Started at 6am working the desk, then went to do some RA interviews and after that had a couple of meetings. Then lunch break which then continued with one final RA interview for the day. Then I psuedo had some time off, however I realized I still needed to purchase a lift ticket and check out snowboarding equipment. I got to see a friend I haven't seen in a few weeks and chatted while I purchased my lift ticket at the store. Then went to the rec center to pick up the snowboarding equipment. Apparently the rec center was having a snowboarding event this weekend and the choices were slim and I got the short end of the selections. But again staying positive..

Walked all of my equipment I checked out back to my room, which was on Central campus, when I was in West. I know I'm complaining about being sore, but seriously....I feel out of shape. Doing swing movements in Modern II was strenuous I guess because I'm sore from that.

Anyways I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Will be going to Copper Mountain with some of my Fraternity brothers. hopefully I'll have the patience and determination to get snowboarding down. Plus it'll be fun either way! First time snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, hopefully it won't be my last!