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Day 120

Again I've neglected to blog. But it's due to lack of motivation to do it after working, then rehearsal and trying to catch up on tv shows. Granted I do enjoy to multitask but I just couldn't get myself to blog during watching tv shows or jotting down stuff down.

I did however download through the App Store, it unfortunately is not available on the droid, but it's called Momento, it's a dairy/journal app. When I gave up social media, I used that to write or you could say "blog" for my personal use. But I didn't post any of it, which I should however all the info I wrote is lost due to the fact my phone needed to be restarted without any of my saved info. I digress....Momento is a great app and I will try and use it to help motivate me blog!

Going to the gym has been slightly difficult because of my rehearsal schedule, but that doesn't excuse myself from working out. I have somehow gained 6 pounds which I'm pretty sure has been muscle and that's a success, but I want to continue to work out and be fit! In EIGHT days is Race for the Cure in Detroit and I've decided this year to run the 5K and then do the 5K walk afterwards. So that's a total of 10K and I've been running to get my endurance up. 

The show I'm currently in is "Legally Blonde the Musical," yes it's based on the book and movie. So it's been a fun experience, but I've been exhausted after each show. I manage to use any and all energy I have in the day during the show. Then afterwards I just want to veg. But I've been some great friends and continue to do what I love, THEATRE!

This past Monday, I attended the First Michigan Equity Theatre Association Conference. Which was very reaffirmed everything I learned in college and gave me confidence that I am doing what I love and I have a passion to learn! I also did their unified auditions the next day and hopefully will hear something later this year for possible opportunities (fingers crossed)

So I'm sad to have seen Victor & Lindsay depart from DWTS. However I'm still glad to see Val & Zendaya and Aly & Mark are still in it! The finals are in two weeks! My prediction is they'll be safe for the finale! I'm predicting an ALL FEMALE celebrity final...meaning Derek & Kellie will join the already mentioned two couples into the finals. But I'm still not counting Jacoby & Karina out. Ingo & Kim are wild cards but we'll see.

Project Runway - Michelle won, the "underdog," but I really grew to like Patricia and wished she would have won. Nina Garcia seemed to be the demise to my hopes of Patricia being the winner. But that could just be editing. 

BBCAN - Congrats to Jillian, as much as I was sad to see Gary lose, she won.

The Voice - Team Adam is the clearly the strongest team! Team Blake is a close second. You can definitely tell the lack of experience from Usher & Shakira. Their teams are good, but I want to see GREAT! Song choices are important and how they're being marketed. As Adam said, it should be about the music and not the game. However it's a game and their will be losers. Only one can win the title. Luckily the "saves" from the judges are done with and it's solely up to America. I won't be surprised if Team Usher & Team Shakira go out early. However I've been wrong about America, so we'll see. I am a fan however of Michelle Chamuel on Team Usher! Quirky, Nerdy and Rock Girl is in it to win!


More of my co-workers are leaving which makes me sad but also makes me want to kick myself in the butt to get myself where I want to be. I would love to be in NYC and pursue theatre! But I also know I want to have a job secure. Then there is also debt and wanting to not be in it. 

Being a grown up is hard, but that's life!


Day Four

So this may be a day late, however I had a busy day yesterday.

I went and helped out at the CW50 casting call for America's Next Top Model cycle 20.

I'll be blogging about that separately...

But I can say is it was an awesome experience helping out. It's always fun working auditions but for reality tv is definitely different.

The casting call took pretty much my whole day, but then I headed over to Northville for my friend's delayed bday party/gathering.

What I didn't expect was going out after that. We went to a club and I am not big going out to clubs, but since my friend wanted to go I thought why not and I ending up having fun.


Coming Soon

A new update.

Lagging on blogging on here but haven't been lagging on blogging elsewhere!

Expect an update soon!


Auditioning for Reality TV

Before I get into the topic, ***SPOILER*** I was right about the winner of the voice! ...Moving on...

***NOTE*** This post has taken me quite a few days to write....


Something sorta embarrassing to admit but if you really know me isn't really news worthy...I'm a reality tv junkie. I watch those shows and get really into them as if I were on the show interacting with the contestants.

For a few years now I thought, why not apply, I'm of age and I would love to do the show. NOT because of fame, but as a fan of the show and the fact that I LOVE competition. Also I'm very DRAMATIC and I LOVE drama; this all according to my friends....hahaha

Sad to admit but I've auditioned for three different reality tv shows. One was for a singing competition and the other two was for real life competition. All three I've been rejected for and I definitely think the first one definitely hurt, A LOT! I felt like a loser that I had spent so much time, money and energy trying to get on a show. However one thing I did learn was that I definitely can psyche myself out. Definitely used that to help improve on any other auditions whether it be for film or stage.

Like I've written about "rejection" it's never a great feeling but it's an emotion that you need to express. However it's how you do it will show your own personal character. I definitely felt like I've been through both the high and low roads. One thing I've definitely remind myself that it's ALWAYS a learning experience. So that's what I'm doing it's a learning experience.

Also I've learned to keep moving on, as if I didn't get it. My life doesn't stop for one thing and for sure it's not the end. One door closes another door will open. It's another new chapter.

All in all it was such a great experience.



For some odd reason by throat feels sore, my lower back and thighs are sore too. It's kinda ridiculous. I'm not try to complain but literally all day I've been sore and have had the most unpleasant face. Granted I also didn't get much sleep either and I just decided to sleep in Wilson as oppose to walking an additional block to my room so slept in the lounge before my desk shift, but I still tried to stay positive.

This day has felt really, really, REALLY LONG! Started at 6am working the desk, then went to do some RA interviews and after that had a couple of meetings. Then lunch break which then continued with one final RA interview for the day. Then I psuedo had some time off, however I realized I still needed to purchase a lift ticket and check out snowboarding equipment. I got to see a friend I haven't seen in a few weeks and chatted while I purchased my lift ticket at the store. Then went to the rec center to pick up the snowboarding equipment. Apparently the rec center was having a snowboarding event this weekend and the choices were slim and I got the short end of the selections. But again staying positive..

Walked all of my equipment I checked out back to my room, which was on Central campus, when I was in West. I know I'm complaining about being sore, but seriously....I feel out of shape. Doing swing movements in Modern II was strenuous I guess because I'm sore from that.

Anyways I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Will be going to Copper Mountain with some of my Fraternity brothers. hopefully I'll have the patience and determination to get snowboarding down. Plus it'll be fun either way! First time snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, hopefully it won't be my last!



It's finally FRIDAY! Plus I don't have any classes tomorrow, due to the Gala (performance/art show) is on Saturday and my professor cancelled my one and only class! SUCCESS!

I don't know why, but this week has been lack of sleep! Which isn't a good thing because I really do enjoy my sleep! I should work on that. But I think it's the fact that the reality of graduating is hitting that's driving my to be anxious and excited and stress all at the same time.

Anyways, I feel like my schedule today is going to be in threes. I've got three desk shifts (six hours at the desk), I've got three RA interviews, three meetings with people, but only ONE IP for my fraternity. But it's going to be worth it in the end of today because Saturday, I'll be snowboarding for the first time! Which I'm really excited for! Going with some of my fraternity bros up to (I think) Cooper Mountain for the day to snowboard.

Can I tell you, not actually gone ever really made me feel lame. I've been in Colorado for three years now and I'm finally going as I graduate. Better late then never right? Looking forward to that.

Well, I'll eventually get some sleep tonight...get to wake up at 5am for a 6am desk shift!

I'll probably blog then or I'll just zone out and listen to the radio...hmmmm we'll see!