I'm seriously freaking out...I graduate in 37 days....I only have 20 class days left....and it's all coming by so fast!

The days are starting to feel like everything is skipping a beat! It's surreal. Also it didn't help I was getting sick again but luckily caught it and got myself better. But everything just seems to be going so fast that I'm still trying to soak in everything I can and enjoy these last moments as a college undergrad.

I had to drop from the Dance show I was in because of way too many commitments and this week definitely show'd how busy I was.

Even though I am busy, I am really trying to focus on my future as well as still leave a long lasting impression on the university. Hopefully a good one...hahahaha...

I'm working hard to get everything ready for STAD (School of Theatre Arts and Dance) end of the year awards banquet and finding the new officers for Alpha Psi Omega. Plus we're doing inductions this weekend which will be exciting!

Also working on bringing up proposals to Student Senate and changing some bylaws. As well as looking at all the candidates for next year's senate. I definitely have enjoyed my experience sitting on Senate and being a voice for students of PVA as well as the student body in general.

Greek Week is this week and it's been A LOT of fun! I've been able to spend more time with my brothers and working on having my fraternity be the BEST on campus. LipSync was a lot of fun to choreograph (pseudo-ly) and we won GREEK GAMES!

After May 8th I will be done being a Resident Assistant and Senior RA for the University of Northern Colorado. It's been a great ride. I've loved every resident I've had an interaction with, learned so much and will miss having free room and board...though it's time to move on!

So much reflecting and yet so much excitement for my future! I'm looking forward to what it will bring! Though I do need to kick myself into gear to make stuff happen!