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Camp Nano

So a month ago a friend of mine announced they were doing Camp Nano and I was interested in participating myself. A few short minutes later I had created an account and signed up to do it too!

Right now I'm writing a play that I actually started back in college, but left it unfinished, due to being inspired to write a different play at the same time as well as having a bit of a writer's block in trying to think of what could happen next. However when I looked over it I got inspired to finish it and I also got to thinking how did I ever come up with this idea!?! It was amusing to read and reinvigorated my passion to write and continue it.

The plot of this play is kind of like Revolution but with a hint of comedy and doesn't focus on panic or chaos but more so how would a family adapt to no technology. So this isn't a new but it's my take and I look forward to seeing how it ends up. Who knows maybe I'll do a stage reading of it when I'm done to get a good read of it.


All in my head

So I'm literally still awake with tons on my mind. This is an ok thing, but the problem is that it's almost 3am and I've got a 9am class to attend.

What's been on my mind? The list below is the small fragment of what's been buzzing through my head tonight:

  • My play for Playwriting Class (which is the 9am class)
  • Team WilPro, Relay for Life Team
  • Student Senate Proposals & Grievances
  • Alpha Psi Omega, honorary theatre fraternity
Yeah, my list is long. But that's just a mere fragment of it. I've also got Graduation stress, Post-Graduation stress and trying to stay positive through all of this. I'm surprised my acne hasn't acted up...hahaha

Ok, so for my Playwriting Class, I'm doing a very interesting play. An idea that had been sparked by previous events and the same old cliche themes. But I've enjoyed writing my first draft and I'm trying to get a second draft done before Sunday, so I can submit it to my professor for feedback and then do another revision before Monday, when my play will be done for workshop. Which if anyone is available from 9am - 10am on Monday, March 28 and would like to read my play to my class and participate in discussion it would be much appreciated. I need three males and two female. But I'm not required to ask for anyone to come, I just would like to have others read for my class as oppose to my classmates who if they did have to read my play aloud would also need to focus on it as a whole. So I'd like to get people outside my class to read it so my classmates can focus on listening to the piece.

Went to the Relay for Life meeting tonight. Pretty much was a reminder to get donations to help support the American Cancer Society and to have fun. Well my team currently has $50 raised and the minimum goal is $1,000. For each individual it's $100, so if there are ten people in one team and they all raised $100, they've made their goal. As it stands right now, I only have seven people on my team and again only raised $50. BLAH! So I came up with the ingenious idea of Pie your RA, which then led to Pie your Student Staff. Hopefully we'll raise $500 so then we can also Pie our Hall Director! Which is my incentive to getting people to come and support us. But really the big attraction is being able to pie me. And I choose to do this, so I'm ready for it. However in my poor planning in one week, I will have down two events where I would be pied. The other event was with my Fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, for Pie a Pie, which my fraternity did with the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi (or AOPi for short).
My resident Patrick pied me for the Pie a Pie event. Notice the reaction from one of my fraternity brothers on the left (thanks Chris)

So I've made some decisions as a concerned student in which I've filed a grievance for. The grievance was for Student Senate and for the fact the meeting before Spring Break was cancelled for our Men's Basketball teams Big Sky Finals Championship game. On a personal front, I was excited to see our guys make it and go to the game (which I did), but on a profession front, I was pissed. So I filed a grievance for it and the plan now is to write a proposal in the Constitution and/or Bylaws on proper procedure of meeting cancellations.

The theatre fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega, which I'm the Executive Director (aka President) for has it's two annual events coming up. This next weekend we're putting up our Practicum Show and the end of next month presenting our school, the School of Theatre Arts & Dance, end of the year awards ceremony named after one of our beloved professors, Tom McNally, called "The Tommy's." So in all of this I've been along with the other executives members, produced this play as well as now in the planning phases of the awards banquet. Which I'm going to probably ask for Student Senate for money for the event as well as talk with our Director of our school, which is also the Advisor for Alpha Psi Omega and our Dean of the College of Performing & Visual Arts for some sponsorship. Also Alpha Psi Omega will also be inducting new members next weekend, which again will cost money for dues and for invitations and what not. Which I need to send the invitations sometime tomorrow. AHH!

I feel like an overall stress right now is finances.'s ridiculous, whether it be for a good cause and raising awareness to needing money to put on an end of the year banquet.

So yes, this is the current status of where I am at. I am not yet tired after typing for a good twenty minutes. But at least I got this all written down.

My schedule this past week has been crazy and it's only been the first week back, which also doesn't help that there is less that SIX WEEKS left of my undergraduate career. Freaking out but also getting really excited.

Again my head is filled with too many thoughts write now. And what am I doing...blogging.
Well back to work on stuff or I'll probably try and get some sleep.


Late Night/Early Morning Post

Whoa, it's March and I haven't blogged since last Saturday. I'm going to really try and blog more. Anyways, this week has felt like it's dragged on for so long. Maybe even too long. But all is well.

Duty weekend for me this week and for the most part has been quiet...too In all seriousness that's fine with me. I'm really not out to bust people and I've moved on from that. Though I do like to enforce rules. Don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of breaking them, but I've learned from it and grown. Plus you've got to put yourself in the perspective of other residents as well as if you were the one really causing the disturbance or problem. Either way I have done both and my philosophy is Tough Love, I'm going to be real but also know that I'm doing it because I care!

There was a "surprise" birthday party held earlier this evening for one of my fraternity brothers. It was fun, granted he really wasn't all that surprised....I blame his girlfriend...actually even my fraternity brother said she wasn't great at keeping it a surprise. It was good to hang out with some of the bros and celebrate a birthday.

RA Status for next year were announced Friday and all I can say is that I'm sure glad I didn't have to be anxiously waiting to find out whether or not I was hired back next year. Secretly, I kinda missed it, but I'm needing to move on. Besides, I don't think I could have handled finding out where I would be placed. Again, moving on....

Saw our school's Spring Musical, "Footloose," will be writing a paper for that for my Theatre in Film class. I also have to finish my play that I've been working on. However, the first idea I had for a play, I had turned it into one of my assignments, which was to come up with and write a 10 minute play; then I went with a pretty cool idea for another play and started writing that, I felt really uninspired to continue writing after getting some constructive criticism.

I've had a lot on my mind with a certain subject and I thought, you know what why not write a play about it. The characters are based upon random characters that have come into my head, the setting set up in the present time, but the theme/message of the play is something that I feel can withstand time and is something anyone can relate to. I am though, afraid of the critiques my professor will make. Is it going to be good enough? Was there enough depth? Did I ramble and didn't have a purpose? Was the structure too long. Some of the many questions that keep coming to mind while I write. But I'm writing and it's turning out to be a really cool play. I'm looking forward to doing workshop in our class after Spring Break!

Speaking of Spring Break, I'll be spending it working. However I will have a few days to relax and have fun! The fun will have to be in Greeley, unless I get kidnapped by friends to go somewhere, which I'm more then willing to do to get out of Greality...hahaha

Well this late night/early morning post has definitely been a pretty lengthy one. But at least you're pretty much caught up with things going on. Until next time.....


Oh and best quote of the night, "Wait, you're Asian!?!?"