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It's August already

So by this time of the year, summer would be winding down and I'd be preparing for another year of school and RA Training...but NOT THIS YEAR!!!!

Just finished my third day of training and it was really enjoyable. A bit bittersweet, but I know that I've got more training coming up. Still learning for this job.

A few days ago I applied for another job....I GOT IT! I think of it as more of an internship but more importantly an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!

That now puts my job count to THREE! I enjoy having a very busy schedule. But this is a new kind of busy and I'm trying to figure out how to stay positive, energetic and excited. Though I may feel a bit tired, I'm still having fun!

Also just saw another job posting for a job...may apply...may not....but most likely I'll give it a shot and see...I've got nothing to lose...besides I know when enough is enough as well as learning to give and take. So I'm really just trying to get a job(s) that will work well and I will enjoy.

I was a bit of a jerk to a friend tonight, I felt awful at the end and my friend knows I didn't really mean to hurt any feelings or cause any unnecessary drama. However a positive was they were so kind enough to give me food! They didn't want it anymore and I gladly volunteered. hahahaaha

I saw another friend today too and was glad to catch up with them. They recently lost a loved one and haven't been able to see due to giving space for time to heal as well as being busy. But good to catch up and be a ear to listen.

August will be dedicated to studying for my GRE which is now at the end of NEXT MONTH!!! AHH September seems really close...though...27 days left of August....then an additional 28 days in really about less than 60 (55 days to be exact)...until my test, but going to stay positive and upbeat


Part Three: My story/journey to ITF

This year has been nothing but an amazing experience!
Though being home for almost a week now, this year's festival definitely wore me out, but in a good way. I learned so much while being there as well as having the best of time!

It was so cool being able to see my best friend Michael and hanging out with him as well as the other EdTA staff. I've definitely built some long lasting friendships with them, notably Kat...hahaha But all in all everyone on the staff has been such an amazing inspiration to me. I see all of their work paying off in one week because what they do is for the students and for theatre arts education! They see that come to life through the shows, workshops, auditions, NIES and events they put on throughout the week. It's amazing to have been a part of as well as to see all come to life!

The week was a very tiresome week but so much happened. From Sunday - Friday I ran early in the morning each day...yeah I know crazy, but I was feeling the need to work out. Plus it kept me up and with energy throughout the day. Though I did cave and had some starbucks...hahaha

Monday: The general registration day and I was stationed at the T-shirt area and it was one of the first tables where I'd see troupe directors come by. A lot of those troupe directors I've become good friends with and it's always great to see a familiar face as well as welcoming those new to festival. I always seem to get attached to a group or people each year and this year was no exception. The lucky people were this year's ITO candidates. Six years ago I was in their shoes and knew how they were feeling. It was good to meet all the candidates and talk with them. It's funny I just seem to be a random person but really, I was just like them...wanting to do something big with thespians and show my love for theatre.

Tuesday: Very hectic day, started with running Thespian Playworks Auditions which was from 9am - 12pm...Then a very quick (one hour) break and it was off to Tech Challenge, which was from 1pm - 6pm. Finally dinner and some much needed recovery. But then it was off to the official start of the festival with the first mainstage show being the World Premiere of the school edition of "Avenue Q," which I have never seen the show and I was actually looking forward to seeing. Plus I even got to take a pic with Princeton! lol

Thanks to Musical Theatre International for sponsoring the show and taking the pic!

Wednesday: I helped out with EdTA staff member, Julie with her early morning workshop..."Broadway Workout," which started at 7:30 am. Which I had already did a run earlier than I definitely had a work out! Plus I took some pictures of the event and I was fortunate enough to even have one of them featured in an article for the EdTA website!!!! (Click here to see!) That afternoon I had my actual job for the week which was to be the Theatre Manager for the Johnny Carson Theatre for the Freestyle Theatre Shows! Also new this year, I had the privilege to be the Dance Moderator for the dances. Which was interesting but still fun to do. Besides it was good to interact with all the students.

Thursday: Nothing to crazy, did my Theatre Managing and then stopped over by where the Scholarship Auditions were and chatted with students there as well as the coordinator for it Donnie, who I've made a good friend with. Plus he was the same person to coordinate it when I had auditioned and was telling those auditioning about when I had applied. It was nice to remember stories of yester-year even though that was only five years ago and not like 10...hahahaa Oh and I happend to stop by earlier in the morning to the Leadership Workshop run by the ITO! Good times!

Friday: Theatre Managed and yeah sums up the day...and realizing that Saturday was the end.

Saturday going into Sunday: SUPER STRESSFUL DAY! Went to the last leadership workshop and heard the announcement of Chair and Webmaster for ITO. Then photographed the current ITO as requested by them. Then I was off helping run the NIES showcase, which was really hectic, managing people from two different theatres. Then it was straight to theatre managing...after that off running to grab a bite to eat got food delivered to eat, all while getting Scholarship Recipients photographed and then the newly elected ITO photographed...After that running backstage making sure the newly ITO and old ITO were all there going from both theatres. Then finally watched the first half of the final mainstage, "Anything Goes." After that it off to help pack the office with the staff and then off to Dance Moderate the dance. Once the dance was over, which was around 12:30am, finally started packing all of my stuff, then took a quick shower and then took a hour nap. Then I was off to my shuttle to Omaha at 4am, the ride there took another nap, then stood in line for what seemed an eternity to check in my luggage. Then getting through TSA and finally making my flight with 40 minutes to spare. Took another nap while on the plane ride to St. Louis...then another nap during my layover there, immediately got on my flight and had another nap going back to Detroit. So pretty much total amount of sleep that day was like 5 hours. Got home and did errands and then eventually had a quick break. Then not stopping headed to my store meeting, after just arriving back home, but with good reason, because they wanted me to attend the other meeting the next day at 8am and then work two hours later...being the smart guy I was chose to suck it up and deal with jet lag/but really exhaustion and went to the meeting. Finally headed home, ate and went to bed. Literally slept until I had to go to work that next day.

ALL in ALL this festival definitely put me to work and in a good way! I love every single bit! Plus I've been ask to do leadership workshop as well as other opportunities! So I'm very thankful!

WOW! So this has been one long blog of an entry! But it's been worth it!

All in my head

So I'm literally still awake with tons on my mind. This is an ok thing, but the problem is that it's almost 3am and I've got a 9am class to attend.

What's been on my mind? The list below is the small fragment of what's been buzzing through my head tonight:

  • My play for Playwriting Class (which is the 9am class)
  • Team WilPro, Relay for Life Team
  • Student Senate Proposals & Grievances
  • Alpha Psi Omega, honorary theatre fraternity
Yeah, my list is long. But that's just a mere fragment of it. I've also got Graduation stress, Post-Graduation stress and trying to stay positive through all of this. I'm surprised my acne hasn't acted up...hahaha

Ok, so for my Playwriting Class, I'm doing a very interesting play. An idea that had been sparked by previous events and the same old cliche themes. But I've enjoyed writing my first draft and I'm trying to get a second draft done before Sunday, so I can submit it to my professor for feedback and then do another revision before Monday, when my play will be done for workshop. Which if anyone is available from 9am - 10am on Monday, March 28 and would like to read my play to my class and participate in discussion it would be much appreciated. I need three males and two female. But I'm not required to ask for anyone to come, I just would like to have others read for my class as oppose to my classmates who if they did have to read my play aloud would also need to focus on it as a whole. So I'd like to get people outside my class to read it so my classmates can focus on listening to the piece.

Went to the Relay for Life meeting tonight. Pretty much was a reminder to get donations to help support the American Cancer Society and to have fun. Well my team currently has $50 raised and the minimum goal is $1,000. For each individual it's $100, so if there are ten people in one team and they all raised $100, they've made their goal. As it stands right now, I only have seven people on my team and again only raised $50. BLAH! So I came up with the ingenious idea of Pie your RA, which then led to Pie your Student Staff. Hopefully we'll raise $500 so then we can also Pie our Hall Director! Which is my incentive to getting people to come and support us. But really the big attraction is being able to pie me. And I choose to do this, so I'm ready for it. However in my poor planning in one week, I will have down two events where I would be pied. The other event was with my Fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, for Pie a Pie, which my fraternity did with the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi (or AOPi for short).
My resident Patrick pied me for the Pie a Pie event. Notice the reaction from one of my fraternity brothers on the left (thanks Chris)

So I've made some decisions as a concerned student in which I've filed a grievance for. The grievance was for Student Senate and for the fact the meeting before Spring Break was cancelled for our Men's Basketball teams Big Sky Finals Championship game. On a personal front, I was excited to see our guys make it and go to the game (which I did), but on a profession front, I was pissed. So I filed a grievance for it and the plan now is to write a proposal in the Constitution and/or Bylaws on proper procedure of meeting cancellations.

The theatre fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega, which I'm the Executive Director (aka President) for has it's two annual events coming up. This next weekend we're putting up our Practicum Show and the end of next month presenting our school, the School of Theatre Arts & Dance, end of the year awards ceremony named after one of our beloved professors, Tom McNally, called "The Tommy's." So in all of this I've been along with the other executives members, produced this play as well as now in the planning phases of the awards banquet. Which I'm going to probably ask for Student Senate for money for the event as well as talk with our Director of our school, which is also the Advisor for Alpha Psi Omega and our Dean of the College of Performing & Visual Arts for some sponsorship. Also Alpha Psi Omega will also be inducting new members next weekend, which again will cost money for dues and for invitations and what not. Which I need to send the invitations sometime tomorrow. AHH!

I feel like an overall stress right now is finances.'s ridiculous, whether it be for a good cause and raising awareness to needing money to put on an end of the year banquet.

So yes, this is the current status of where I am at. I am not yet tired after typing for a good twenty minutes. But at least I got this all written down.

My schedule this past week has been crazy and it's only been the first week back, which also doesn't help that there is less that SIX WEEKS left of my undergraduate career. Freaking out but also getting really excited.

Again my head is filled with too many thoughts write now. And what am I doing...blogging.
Well back to work on stuff or I'll probably try and get some sleep.


Illness Strikes

So I've been stricken ill this past week and it couldn't have come at a worse time. I've got an argumentative paper to write for Theatre in Film and for Playwriting, well let's say it's like a laundry list that needs to be shrunk ASAP. Best part, the two classes their assignments are due tomorrow. Granted I like working under pressure so BRING IT!

Let's hope I get better in time for Spring Break!

Staying Positive!


Whoa time has flown

I had a post ready to be put up, but then I delayed it. So I'll post it sometime later.

So I'm pretty sure I'm sick, but not to the point where I can't function. I've been able to do stuff but I just have stuffy nose and mild sore throat. I think I just needs to sleep and lots of liquids and I'll be good.

This is going to be short, because I don't know what else to write, but more to come!



It's finally FRIDAY! Plus I don't have any classes tomorrow, due to the Gala (performance/art show) is on Saturday and my professor cancelled my one and only class! SUCCESS!

I don't know why, but this week has been lack of sleep! Which isn't a good thing because I really do enjoy my sleep! I should work on that. But I think it's the fact that the reality of graduating is hitting that's driving my to be anxious and excited and stress all at the same time.

Anyways, I feel like my schedule today is going to be in threes. I've got three desk shifts (six hours at the desk), I've got three RA interviews, three meetings with people, but only ONE IP for my fraternity. But it's going to be worth it in the end of today because Saturday, I'll be snowboarding for the first time! Which I'm really excited for! Going with some of my fraternity bros up to (I think) Cooper Mountain for the day to snowboard.

Can I tell you, not actually gone ever really made me feel lame. I've been in Colorado for three years now and I'm finally going as I graduate. Better late then never right? Looking forward to that.

Well, I'll eventually get some sleep tonight...get to wake up at 5am for a 6am desk shift!

I'll probably blog then or I'll just zone out and listen to the radio...hmmmm we'll see!



Haven't been sleeping well...don't know why....though I do take a nap during the afternoon, which probably doesn't help the cause. But today, I would say that I won't take a nap today, but realistically, when I'm tired I'm going to sleep.

Today started sort of on a bad note, but it's turning to be a good day. I got woken up at 7am, when my first class wasn't until I  had a good two hours still of sleep. Granted I was on duty last night and my duty ends at 8am today, but still...7am....after being up until 3....yeah...working on 4 hours of bueno. But hey going to keep positive. Plus the situation that I dealt with was called for...sort of...but it's in the past now and I'm not going to rant about the ridiculous of it.

My day is pretty much easy now...I'm currently working the front desk, then lunch then some a RA Interview, nap time, visiting the A/PASS & NASS House for Party with a Plan, then Student Senate and after that celebrating a friend's birthday! It would seem like my day is pretty packed but for me it really isn't.

So I'm looking forward to next week because SPRING AWAKENING is coming to Colorado and I'll be seeing it. Best part, I was able to make it an event for the residence halls that I'm in. With two faculty in residence sponsoring this event, we'll be taking 12 residents to experience this show! Plus I get to see my friend, Christopher Wood, who is playing Melchior in the show! This will be my third time seeing the show and my second friend in the show! I just really like the music and the message of the play. My middle school theatre teacher also knows someone in the show, Travis Stroessenreuther, and was ever so kind to let him know I was coming to see the show! Thanks Mrs. C! =]

Again, even though I'm working on very little sleep, I'm keeping a positive attitude and living life!