So I know I've definitely neglected to continue blogging, but that's life. As I've said before I will try to blog.

On a somber note, I am sad to say that I won't be volunteering at this year's International Thespian Festival. I have got to that festival for NINE YEARS and this year would have been my 10th! I was a participant for four years and five years as a volunteer. It has been my annual "summer camp" adventure and this year due to a series of events it just wasn't going to happen. Its kind of a bummer that I won't be there this year after seeing the program and all the cool things going to happen, but I'm happy to have seen it grow.

This summer I definitely think is the year of AUDITIONS! I'm auditioning for so many different things whether it be on stage or on tv, I've been preparing and practicing. Each audition is an experience, win lose or draw. Plus it's always a great story.

 It was a rainy day at this year's Race for the Cure!

Random fun fact, I found out a friend of mine joined my fraternity at his college and it was a great way to reconnect and share stories of our chapters.

All in all this summer is turning out to be another great adventure!