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Day 338

Well I'm 10,000 feet above the ground and I'm on my laptop flying from the east coast to the rocky mountains. 

This was my first trek back to LGA since 2008, which seems like forever ago.

Time to catch up on some blogging since I'm on a flight with literally nothing to do. Actually there are plenty of things for me to do, but I really wanted to blog!

My new place I moved into in Astoria has been great! My roommates are great and I'm away from the city to enjoy it without going too crazy. I love NYC but it's nice to have a little piece of suburbia (i.e. Trees and not just buildings). My friend whom was one of the reasons I moved to Astoria (but also I liked the neighborhood) has decided to move back home and start another chapter of their life. They want to pursue graduate school and found it best to go home. I commend them for realizing it but selfishly wish they were still here. But I know they'll do some great things!

I've had the great opportunity of auditioning for a theatre company and I'm still awaiting to hear back. I was fortunate to make it through two different callbacks and the experience has been the most rewarding. On top of the audition, I had the opportunity to apply for a position at my job as well. 

Like anyone else trying to multitask things as well as pursue multiple things at once, knows how stressful and tiring it can be, but the rewards are worth it. However the position at my job, I wasn't selected to move on but I did get something out of it, so it was a win-win.


Never really mentioned why I'm on a plane. I'm actually going to a theatre conference in Colorado which I've been a part of for six years now helping out. I'm excited to see familiar faces and see the talent from the high school and middle school kids. I also decided to come a day early and visit my alma mater. Looking forward to seeing my college friends and fraternity brothers both old and new.

However I'm not looking forward to this sub zero temperatures. I'm thankful most of my time will be done inside. 


I'll add some photos from the past month up as well. But the wifi on the plane isn't permitting me to do so. 

Until next time!


Day 309

I've been off on my days this year by 10....whoops! At least I was consistent. Anyways it's November already and the year is almost over!

Last week I moved into my new apartment with new roommates. Now living in NYC has been a little difficult for me because I had been missing friends back home. The first place I was living just wasn't the place I wanted to live and so I made the decision to start looking for a new place. Now I am a person who hates to say goodbye or leave, but luckily my landlady understood. However there was of course it's roller coasters. With the roller coasters I took it with stride and in the end come out of it learning more about myself.

Trying to balance work and pursuing a dream is never an easy task. I'm definitely still trying to figure it out, but right now I'm trying to really get my feet on the ground as well as get them wet too. I had an unexpected opportunity last month and I did my best. Even though it didn't turn out in my favor I learned from it and I'm moving forward. I am thankful for having a full time job and it's been work trying to adjust to the time difference. I remember in college (which is only two years ago) that I was pulling some late night shifts, going to class, going to rehearsals and being a leader on campus. Now it's just working late shifts, trying to pursue my dream for acting and trying to sleep.

Funny thing about moving to my new place is that I wanted to live closer to a friend. Now ironically that friend is leaving the city. Which I'm sad to see them go but happy that they're doing what makes them happy. I can't be selfish about that and besides my new roommates are great. Also since my family visit, I've been in touch with my "uncle" or my mom's cousin and will hopefully soon be meeting more family members. Glad to know I have family around the city and am slowly making new friends in the city.

Anyways today should be a good day. I'm off from work, going to the bookstore to do some research on some plays to look for monologues for auditions and going to meet some cool people tonight. Then tomorrow a friend from out of town is coming in for the weekend and I'm going to an alumni event for my fraternity.

Things are looking good!


Day 19

So I realize these post have been brief...but due to this stupid nasal sickness issue I am having it's been difficult to eloquently type everything in my day.

However the show yesterday went well! Though I can tell my voice is getting affect by all the nasal drainage and being stuffed up.

But I carried on and the audience enjoyed the show and so I can't complain!

I found out about an audition for Legally Blonde the Musical which is being put on by a local theatre company in my city. However the kicker was it was during my show and so I have been frantically emailing the producer as well as the director to try and get an audition in...*SPOILER* I got an audition and will tell you more tomorrow...

come back tomorrow to learn more!


Class Cancelled

So I wake up like a minute before my class to rush off to the building, which thankfully is only 300 feet away from my building to come to find four other of my classmates waiting for us to begin. So after a good 10 min another one of our classmates arrives and then a few minutes later our professor comes in to start the class.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this is my modern dance two class. So as our professor shows up to start to take attendance, they just ask if we want to take a personal day...we all said yes!

Moral of this story...Musical Theatre Majors, thanks for not coming to class to go and watch a scene! I'm enjoying this extra hour and 45 min off before I usually go to lunch and then go to my last class of the day.

Colorado Weather

It's like you get all four seasons in one week. Or at least three.
So right now it's starting to snow and let me tell you I'm not a fan!

Ok so I've lived in the midwest for most of my life so I should be use to this right? Right, however do I enjoy living in cold weather conditions, of course not! Especially since it's dry air here in Colorado while I had humidity back home. Either way I'm just ranting the fact that it's cold!

Weird little fact, I like a cold room, but I hate cold weather.


All in all this weather makes me sad. So I took this photo last year, but it's pretty much what's happening right now! BLAH!

Is it summer yet? You know, Groundhogs Day was last week and they definitely said Spring would be coming early....when!?!?!? WHEN!?!?!?

Plus we're suppose to be going back into sub zero weather! BOO! Saturday we're back in the 50s....WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?

Thinking warm thoughts!