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It's never a something one hopes for but it happens.

I recently found out one of my colleges I was looking at for Graduate School finally gave me an answer and that was they didn't accept me into their program. Well first off I think it's just an honor to even audition and second it's life. You can't win them all.

However if you ask any of my friends, I can't seem to not want to win. I'm very competitive and I like to win. But I do know how to lose too. Granted it's never a great feeling but it keeps me humble and to always remember that it's a great learning opportunity. Never see it as a failure but as an opportunity to prove to myself I am great and that I have back up plans. It's not the end of the road.

Now I'm awaiting on another college, hopefully we'll find out soon. AND HOPEFULLY it's better news!


So where I work I had a review. It wasn't great and it wasn't bad. It was just a review. I really value that my job takes in improving their employees. However this review felt as though I was defeated, but definitely not rejected. I find myself motivating myself to do the best I can and that's all I can do. Granted factors might prevent this, but I just gotta roll with the punches.


If you haven't heard this song, it's pretty catchy.

The song is "Glad You Came," sung by The Wanted. A British Guy(boy) Band. If you're familiar with One Direction, think of this group as the adult counter part, even though they both hit similar audience. However The Wanted's audience is more college then teens. 

Anyways, this song definitely has a catchy beat and a song you could hear at the club and dance to.


I shall try again to blog more frequently, but it's mostly when the mood strikes.



A list of things I'd like to get accomplished for 2012

1. Get into Grad School with it being paid for through a TA/GA or full ride scholarship
2. Go to the gym and work out
3. Road Trip somewhere
4. Go skydiving
5. Get passport renewed

if I think of more I'll add them.

Late night and oversleeping

Never a great combo to do!

I was late for work today and felt horrible! It's very out of character of me to be late. I really strive to do my best as well as arrive in a timely manner. All in all I've been working two jobs and it's starting to weigh on me heavily. I enjoy both jobs however I really need to have some time for like a day off. But with the two jobs comes an income which is very helpful. So I really can't complain, since I have two jobs and there are people without jobs trying to get an income for their family or themselves.

Randomly at one of my jobs a co-worker (whom now would consider a friend) said to me I'm way to optimistic and cheerful. Which I was very flattered that they said that but I know I definitely can be a downer and pessimistic. However I've learned that if you're not enjoying what you're doing, then why even do it? Plus if you smile enough you'll actually smile...right? hahahaha

So September is here. As mentioned I've got my list of goals I want to do and I'm going to do them. I've already worked out once this month, but really want to try and work out daily. Yet that will depend on my schedule of working as well as having a car to drive. Which really brings me to having to do some research on whether or not I want to wait or get a car. Anyways, after the first workout definitely felt it the next day, but if felt good to be getting into a routine of working out. Let's hope I gain some muscle mass and some weight...hahaha My weigh in starting for this month is 134. We'll see how this goes for the month!

Later this month is my GRE and I'm continuing studying for it. I hopefully will know which schools I've narrowed down to send my scores to. It's becoming a reality that I'm doing it and I'm getting excited about it.

Right before my GRE I shall be taking a road trip with my friend Courtney to go down to one of her friend's wedding in Tennessee. Which will be fun because it's a ROAD TRIP and I'll be getting to see along the way my friends Michael and Kat. Who were at ITF 2011 this year. So it's a mini reunion!

September bring it!

Goal Setting for September....and beyond!

As summer is winding down, school is starting back up and I'm just working....

But really I'm also needing to get cracking hardcore on studying for my GRE which is next month!

Here's a little list of things I'd like to accomplish for next month:

  • Study for my GRE
  • Figure out which schools to submit my scores to before knowing the actual results
  • Join a Gym and work out
  • See a play or musical or both and AUDITION!
These are the things that are a priority! Here are some other goals I'd like to do:

  • Read some books (other than plays)
    • Specifically classical but open to recommendations
    • To get some inspiration for monologues for auditions to Grad Schools
  • Ask professors, advisors, colleagues for letters of recommendations for Grad Schools
  • Take photos
Some goals for the not so distant future:
  • Prepare for my fraternity's chartering
  • Get more volunteer experience or internship opportunities
  • Teach a workshop, be a guest artist, or do something creative or in a leadership role
Always good to have these written down and then once accomplished to strike them and have the validity knowing I've done it!


Feeling busy again

I have had a very busy week this past week. Consisting of training and work. But I can't say I didn't hate it nor love it. It felt good having a consistent schedule. Rather than a fickle one.

Though I haven't looked at my GRE studying in a while, but I know I'll get back into that sooner rather than the two weeks

Really have enjoyed getting trained for my new job, so much stuff to learn and to remember. I'm glad I know how to adapt and change. Though it seems that I don't I feel that I have changed or at least made some improvements into the right direction.

I have considered quitting my other job to focus on this new job that I've had many days training, but I personally feel weird getting the job early summer then now just leaving...I'll revisit this issue probably in October. Really weigh my options....

Which looking at Grad Schools is kinda stressing me out a bit, but I'm going to try and stay positive. I'm looking at Out of State that have apprenticeships or grad assistants which pays for me to learn while I work too. I am all for, but really trying to find schools that will be best for me and my future have been stressful. However going to stay positive and have fun searching my different options.


Another late night blog

So I'm feeling thee mood to blog again and its

This past weekend was filled with meeting a bunch of people and working a nine hour shift.

I recently attended a high school reunion and it was at a bar in Royal Oak. Which the city was a very lively on Friday night. I forgot that the city was a very lively place and reminded me of Fort Collins, CO. Anyways went to the reunion and realized it's going to be interesting going to my 10 year, which is in five years...and I feel like it'll be interesting. But going to my friends reunion, led me to a contact with a production keeoing my fingers crossed in setting up a meeting. Also played so skee ball and danced at the bar, which was fun. It was good to be in great company of good friends.

The next day I attended my friend Courtney's brother Chris' daughter Lily's second birthday. It was fun and interesting to see two year old interact. Left a bit early to get to bed early. However before I left found out I wad offered a job. They left a'm message to call them back and I did immediately. I of course accepted the job, however the down side is that I'm missing my family reunion. I hope and I'm my extended family will understand.

Then on Sunday woke up at 5am to get radu to work a none hour shift, which consisted of rearranging the store. Had a lunch break and when I came back to work in the back rearranging the back room. Pretty much manual labor work day. But it was good and the time flew by.

After work took a nap and then headed to another birthday but this time Courtney & Chris' Uncle Jon's birthday. Total 360° from the group yesterday but it was a fun party nonetheless.

Today was an easy day. However still needing to study for my GRE that's at the end of September. Also continuing my Grad School search and really needing to work on my Statement of Purpose...which I haven't really done since doing a Mission Statement when I was a Theatre Ed major which was three years ago, when I first attended UNC. But I'm stating positive and not trying to stress...too much hahaha