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Three Trips in May

As I'm awaiting to board my flight, I'm stopping near a food place to eat and to also blog.

The past two weeks, I've made trips back to "Pure Michigan," for my friend's graduation as well as surprising my mom for her birthday.

My first trip was only three days and I was able to see my friend graduate with their master's degree from Wayne State University! So proud of them and it was great to see some friends graduate with their undergrad from WSU as well.

I may have missed some friends my first trip back but I assured others that I would be returning the following week for a surprise but planned visit. My mom's friends' were planning her a not so surprise birthday party and I knew about this weeks in advance but didn't know about it until after I had booked my first trip. Knowing the cost of travel it was something that was weighing on my mind. But to surprise my mom was a great moment. She had know idea and was brought to tears. It was a special moment and I'm glad I was able to keep it a surprise.

Overall it was nice to visit friends and family from Michigan, but I'm ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of NYC, my new home! However I still have a home in Michigan.

Now in a week I'll be traveling to Mexico for a vacation/birthday celebration! I'm looking forward to my trip abroad, even if it's just Mexico. I look froward to warm weather, hanging out with friends and working on a tan!

May has been great for traveling, I'm thankful I'm Pre-TSA where I am able to skip the line.

My food is here and I'm starving! I've got work tonight as well back home so I'm back to me regular routine!


Arts Advocacy Day 2015

"Advocacy must be a part of your daily mission," words spoken by Jay Dick the Senior Director of State and Local Government Affairs from Americans for the Arts (AFTA) in the opening of this year's Arts Advocacy Day. With over 550 advocates from 48 states it was great to see so many people passionate about advocating for the arts. Being able to take this opportunity to travel to Washington D.C., speak with our government officials and advocate for the arts was such a great experience in learning why I love doing what I do as well as continuing to fight to have the next generation to have the same opportunities that I was given. Even though this was my first time attending the event, this was not the first time I've spoken to my elected officials about advocating for the arts as well as having my voice heard.
To read more of what I wrote go to the Educational Theatre Association page.

2015 New Year's Resolution

So keeping with my resolutions from the past few years, I'm adding some new ones.

1. Travel the world - I mentioned yesterday that I renewed my passport and I really want to explore the world...I'm 26, single and I haven't really seen the world except for the Philippines, Canada and the US.

Places I'd love to travel to
Europe - literally almost every country on the continent
Brazil - because I have friends from there
South Africa - one of my favorite artists is from here
Australia - I want to see the Outback, check out the Sydney Opera House and explore the island continent
New Zealand - visit Middle Earth lol
Japan - home of Pokemon
China - see the Great Wall, try and navigate through a place with over a billion people populating the country

2. Do some video blogging and start a podcast with a friend

3. Making mistakes, learning to forgive and letting go - So in keeping with ending the day on a positive note, I'm adding this as a self reminder that it's ok not to be perfect and it's the imperfections that makes us stronger.


With these additions I'm optimistic 2015 will be a good year!


In Flight Recap

After my Oscars predictions, I pretty much fell off the from blogging, not because I didn't want to, but because I just didn't. But I'll try and recap what has happened since then...


My Grandlittle and very good friend came to visit as well as perform in his senior showcase in NYC. It was great to see him and know that I'll have another friend coming to the city! We also caught "A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder," which is nominated for 10 awards! Fun fact a former professor is a part of the talented group and it's great to see this show doing well. If you get the chance to see it, you should!

While my GrandLittle was visiting, a friend from Michigan was also in town for a conference and I was able to catch up with her.

I also auditioned for a Broadway show that featured a hip hop dance audition, which was interesting because the musical typically doesn't have hip hop in it. The audition was so much fun and it got me really addicted to the song they used for the piece.

Since I attended nine of the same theatre festival, I have made countless friends and I had the great opportunity to catch up with a one of them. It had been over seven years since we last met up.


On the 1st of April, which is also known as April Fools, I entered the Book of Mormon lottery for NY residents, to win discounted tickets for the following day's performance. To my luck I had won, which I thought was first a prank, but turned out to be a great surprise! I was able to go and bring a friend to the show. It was also my friend's first Broadway musical and they and definitely enjoyed it!

I decided on a whim to go and visit my friend in DC to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was my first time in DC and I had a great time! I even got to catch up with my Senior RA from my first year at my university as well as another friend. 

For Easter I was able to spend some time with family and meet some new relatives in the same process. With work my schedule, I now have the weekend off, so I was able to catch up with family and friends who normally work a 9-5/Mon-Friday job. 

Went to the New York International Auto Show with some co-workers from work. I had mentioned to some that I really wanted to go and it would be my first time going in the City. I have gone to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but wanted to see what NY had to offer. There were definitely some similarities as well as differences. Also was a great opportunity to hang out with co-workers outside of work and make new friends!

That's pretty much what has been happening, it doesn't seem like much but after writing it all down, I can say I've kept myself busy and look forward to this month as well as what the rest of the year brings.

Oh and I also started the process of straightening my teeth, meaning I got braces. I have overcrowding in my teeth as well as an interesting bite. So I finally made the decision to get them fixed. Definitely worth the investment and luckily I'll have them off in two years. Though definitely changes the types of roles I'll go for, but again will be worth it in the long run. I'm thankful to have a job that has a good dental plan and I'm able to make this investment affordable.

I'm currently on my way back to my Alma Mater to wish one of my Little, GrandLittle, fraternity brothers and friends the best as they graduate today and tomorrow! 

(Hopefully I'll be able to add more pictures later)


Day 338

Well I'm 10,000 feet above the ground and I'm on my laptop flying from the east coast to the rocky mountains. 

This was my first trek back to LGA since 2008, which seems like forever ago.

Time to catch up on some blogging since I'm on a flight with literally nothing to do. Actually there are plenty of things for me to do, but I really wanted to blog!

My new place I moved into in Astoria has been great! My roommates are great and I'm away from the city to enjoy it without going too crazy. I love NYC but it's nice to have a little piece of suburbia (i.e. Trees and not just buildings). My friend whom was one of the reasons I moved to Astoria (but also I liked the neighborhood) has decided to move back home and start another chapter of their life. They want to pursue graduate school and found it best to go home. I commend them for realizing it but selfishly wish they were still here. But I know they'll do some great things!

I've had the great opportunity of auditioning for a theatre company and I'm still awaiting to hear back. I was fortunate to make it through two different callbacks and the experience has been the most rewarding. On top of the audition, I had the opportunity to apply for a position at my job as well. 

Like anyone else trying to multitask things as well as pursue multiple things at once, knows how stressful and tiring it can be, but the rewards are worth it. However the position at my job, I wasn't selected to move on but I did get something out of it, so it was a win-win.


Never really mentioned why I'm on a plane. I'm actually going to a theatre conference in Colorado which I've been a part of for six years now helping out. I'm excited to see familiar faces and see the talent from the high school and middle school kids. I also decided to come a day early and visit my alma mater. Looking forward to seeing my college friends and fraternity brothers both old and new.

However I'm not looking forward to this sub zero temperatures. I'm thankful most of my time will be done inside. 


I'll add some photos from the past month up as well. But the wifi on the plane isn't permitting me to do so. 

Until next time!


Day 280

I've fallen off the personal blog wagon. But I definitely kept up with my Big Brother blog for CBS Detroit. I will admit however that I didn't blog about the "recap" episode because it was just a filler and nothing really needed to be said about it.

Anyways 70  80 (UPDATE: I can't days have gone by and there have been a lot of things that have happened!

Biggest thing...

I've moved to NYC!

Thankfully with my job I was able to transfer and get full time! Which has been a blessing and I've even found my apartment right before going into my first day of work! 

This is the first time I've moved to a big city, lived with roommates and used public transportation to get to work.

I love it! I'm a city type of person and as much as I loved suburbia I love the city life! I've been here for almost a month and during August I had an interview for the position then finally accepting the job! 

Sad to leave the friends and family but this was a much needed change!

I could even check this off my goals list! Moving to NYC was one of them! The other thing I was able to accomplish this summer was skydiving!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me out in NYC!

Big City, Big Dreams!


Day 131

Hey I'm getting better about blogging, its only been 11 days since my last post! Progress!

I just finished performing a production of Legally Blonde the Musical this past weekend and I've definitely learned a lot from the experience. I've learned that I can still sing, can still dance and I know that I've chosen a career I would like to do as a living. Being an Actor has and always been a dream of mine since I was born.

Speaking of birthday is coming up and I am looking forward to it. One thing I'll definitely doing is Skydiving. I do have a fear of heights but I really want to just jump out of a plane and fall to the ground with a parachute (of course). So I'm trying to plan a day to do it where the weather is SUNNY and I can bring a friend to watch the craziness unfold.

Also I really want to take a road trip again. Whether it be to a coast (East or West) or somewhere in Michigan. I think it'd be fun!

Summer is getting closer and that means one thing....BIG BROTHER!!!! I can't wait for the show to start again and it'll be TWO WEEKS LONGER! So most likely a bigger cast and more twists!

Speaking of Reality TV....

DWTS ends tonight and I'm scheduled to work. But I HOPE that Val & Zendaya take home the mirror ball trophy!

The Voice - I won't be surprised if Team Usher and Team Shakira are left with one team member. But I also wouldn't be surprised if someone from Team Blake gets the boot. Team Adam is way to strong of a team to get booted tonight.

I wish I took photos of myself before I started working out because I can definitely start seeing change in how I look. Definitely getting muscle and starting to get more toned. Which has been my goal, gain muscle mass but be toned.

However my running times are slowly but surely improving which is giving me confidence again in running. I enjoy running and hopefully can get myself into race form by summer's end!


Day 90

So obviously there is a big gap from Jan 26 to now....

However I am back!

So for Lent this year I decided to give up Social Media; which meant the following

I wouldn't actively participate or go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest, GoodReads, Blogger, etc.

I would however still read blogs but not comment and use e-mail.


What did I learn from all of this?

I am addicted to Social Media but I did learn how to control my addiction/obsession over it. I actually had so conversations with people outside of social media. Whether that be a face to face meeting, text messaging or phone conversation or email.

I did enjoy however not always feeling like having a need to check everyone's business on social media and posting about things going on in my life. But at the same time missed that as well since it seems like that's the only way to really keep communication going with anyone anymore.

Social media is a great outlet and I definitely wish I didn't give it up some days. However I remember that it's a privilege to have the accessibility to check always, when their are people who don't even use it or know how.


However my life continued on through my sacrifice of Social Media, so here's what happened.

  • I did my first video submission and after countless hours of filming, editing and getting feedback....I submitted it. Then afterwards (fast forward a couple weeks) I reflected and realized I am not great at video submission and MUCH BETTER in person. Why is this? I over analyze and try too hard, but if it was a face to face audition I know I can rock it out. So it just means I need to continue to work on working for the camera. Maybe one of theses days I'll muster up the courage to do a video blog entry
  • Went to a Fairie Ball, where my friend Courtney was in a major promoter of the event and was the previous year's Fairie Queen. It was a lot of fun getting to hang out with friends and people watch but the best moment was...being crowned this year's Fairie King! I know that sounds ridiculous but I dressed up in my Fairie costume with make up and wings to win the title. However I wasn't expecting accolades to happen after. So there was a photographer at the event and of course took pictures of the event and pictures of the new Fairie King and Queen. 
    Click the photo see more from the event!
    Fast forward to the following week to hear that the pictures are online and was featured in my local newspaper. So my face was plastered online and on paper. It was kind of crazy but I literally thought nothing of it since, A) who reads newspapers still? and B) who's going to look to read about the Fairie Ball?....However I was WRONG! Turns out the director of one of my shows I was in saw it and then brought the paper to rehearsal to show me and my cast mates. THEN I go into work the next day to hear that one of my co-workers saw me in the paper. Embarrassed? YES but ASHAMED? NOPE! It was good publicity for the event and was at least flattered to hear that people I knew where excited to see me in a paper and that they knew someone in it. So as much as I was embarrassed (A LOT) I still had a fun time!

  • I went to see an advance screening of a movie I was in and It was awesome! Though it wasn't a movie premiere it felt like one. Plus it was good to see old friends and I even got a picture with one of the executive producers of the film! Such a honor to have had the great opportunity to be in a film and see all the hard work come together! 

Photo Credit: John Maiuri
Photo Credit: John Maiuri

  • I had to say "See You Later" to one of my co-workers as they transferred to another store. I can say however Ryan, has been an amazing person. I saw him as a mentor at my work and I was sad to see him go, but I know that our paths will cross again!
Photo Credit: Katie Moore

So that pretty much catches you (the READERS of my blog, and THANK YOU) on what's going on right now! Hopefully in the near future I shall continue updating what's going on!

In the meantime, Happy Sunday, Happy Easter, Happy Zombie Jesus, Happy Day!


Day Six

Yesterday I had planned a game night with my friend Courtney. The reason being her brother Chris wanted to play "Cards Against Humanity," however due to lack of communication, Chris was scheduled to work during our time of game night.

We being Courtney, her boyfriend Dennis and her best friend Lauren, all had our game night as planned. We had played three games.


The first game was the Doodle Game, which I had learned and played last weekend with Michael.

Doodle Game or Broken Telephone Drawing Game
- sheets of scrap paper
- pens or pencil

So to play depending in how many players there are in the game determines how many scraps of paper everyone gets. So in our game we had four players, so each player had four scraps of paper.

Then you can play this in three different levels, easy, intermediate/medium, or hard. We did easy, which is a specific category is selected. We selected todo Disney Movies.

Each player writes down their "answer" on one of the scrap pieces if paper and then flip all the pieces of paper over, with their answer closest to the table/ground. When you were finished rather than asking everyone if they were done, we would hold up a thumbs up, to be kind and patient to the other players still thinking.

As a group we would pass the scraps of paper to the right. Then the player on the left would flip the scraps of paper up to see the "answer" and then draw what is written.

After the players are done drawing the previous player's "answer," then would flip all the scraps over again and wait until everyone is finished.

Again pass all the scraps of paper again and the next player to receive the scraps of paper would have to guess from the drawing the original player's "answer."

This process would continue switching from drawing and writing the answer until all the scraps of paper gets back to their original player.

Once each players' "answers" have fond to everyone, then as a group will reveal to everyone what their answer was and how each player then interpreted it through drawing or thought the answer was.

We played three rounds; our intermediate round was a "noun/verb", and our hard round was a sentence. Here are some pictures of our doodle game below.


The next game we played was called Time's Up!

Time's Up is an actual board game and can be purchased online or at a game store.

Time's Up is a memory/charades/taboo game. This is played in teams of two or more but we did two teams since we only had four players and it was Guys against Girls.

There are a stack of cards in the middle of the table, which were preselected by each played. We were given a certain amount of cards (we selected 10) then we had to discard a certain amount cards (we discarded three). Then the cards in each players hand then get shuffled.

The object of the game is to win the most amount of cards by guessing what is on the card.

So in the first round the player who looks at the words can say unlimited words but cannot sing the tune, say the a word in the answer but can do rhymes or sounds like. While the person guessing in the first round has unlimited guesses. The person who is looking at the answer can't pass the card until it is answered correctly. The person guessing has to answer as many of the stacked cards in 30 seconds. The rounds end when the stack of cards are depleted.

After the first round everyone reveals which ones they have. Then they are all collected, reshuffled and we begin round two.

This is where the memory and charades come in. This round the person looking at the answer can only say one word but can do unlimited gestures. While the player guessing can only guess once. If the guesser answers incorrectly the person looking at the card passes and goes onto the next card. While guesser still has 30 seconds to guess as many as they can.

The third round is no words only gestures and only one guess. In the end the ladies won the game.

In a fourth round just for fun we did where the person looking at card does a tableaux and the person guessing has one shot of guessing from the tableaux.


The final game if the night was a card game called "Love Letter," and this game you can purchase online and most likely in a game store too.

Love game is sort of like Old Maid but there is also strategy and problem solving involved.

The goal of the game is to win four love cubes, while each round you want to be the last player standing and be the player with the highest counting card.

We played two games of this and the first game Dennis won and the last game Courtney won.


Game night was such a blast and look forward to the next one!


Day Five

This is a late night post.

Overall good day very chill.

Currently it's snowing outside which I am happy but also upset. When I made the trip down to see my friend Michael, I somehow lost my ice scrapper. So I need to purchase another one sooner rather than later.

Looking forward to tomorrow/later today. It's game night with me and some of my friends. We'll be playing some board games and catching up.

Today was a good day and looking forward to the next!


Day Four

So this may be a day late, however I had a busy day yesterday.

I went and helped out at the CW50 casting call for America's Next Top Model cycle 20.

I'll be blogging about that separately...

But I can say is it was an awesome experience helping out. It's always fun working auditions but for reality tv is definitely different.

The casting call took pretty much my whole day, but then I headed over to Northville for my friend's delayed bday party/gathering.

What I didn't expect was going out after that. We went to a club and I am not big going out to clubs, but since my friend wanted to go I thought why not and I ending up having fun.


Day Two

I had a great day today. Finally was able to sleep in and get a full night's sleep.

This past weekend I surprised my best friend Michael for his birthday.

I contacted his mom to make sure I wasn't going to come during anything important. Luckily I was able to work things out and was able to surprise him. The best part I even left subtle clues the day of the surprise. I arrived about 45min (12:45am) into his birthday and I sent him a text wishing him a Happy Birthday along with a picture of his house. I got an awesome reaction and text from it.

However I digress...

So today I contact Nike about my little error I had been receiving on my Nike+
What's really cool about Nike is that their customer support can be contact in four different ways. Email, Phone or Social Media (Facebook and/or Twitter). So I contacted them via twitter and I was lucky to get help through it. I now have a new nike fuel band (granted this is my third one, because the first one had battery issue and this last one has had hardware issue) let's hope third times the charm.

Work was good. I made a new contact and really looking forward to the possible opportunity for another job! So keeping my fingers crossed.

After work I headed over to the gym to work out. Pleasant surprise saw my co-worker with his brother working out. Always cool seeing familiar faces at the gym.

Today had been a good day! Can't wait for tomorrow! 


A Much Needed Update

I honestly can't remember when was the last time I actually blogged. I apologize for the lack of blogging here. I have been blogging about CBS' Big Brother for CBS 62 Detroit. Which has been an incredible experience to say the least! I've learned so much from my time blogging about Big Brother for the local station. It's been a great and I think I've gotten good (and bad) reviews from it! I take it all in stride.

I went to my second wedding. It was about two years ago when I went to my first one as an adult for my friends. So surreal, but very much happy for Ray & Lindsay!
Lindsay, Ray & I
The Fraternity Brothers with Ray
I spent a week back in Colorado for the wedding, relax and have a vacation so to speak. I enjoyed catching up with friends and Fraternity brothers.

Climbed a Mountain and my first 14er
During my last day in Colorado, I decided to go with some of my fraternity brothers to climb a mountain. It was an amazing and challenging climb. Having never climbed a "14er" I was definitely up for the challenge! I had a little bit of altitude sickness it didn't stop me from climbing to the top. Fun Fact, I have a fear of heights, so climbing this mountain was somewhat conquering the fear. We'll see if I climb another 14er in the future, but for now I at least climbed one!


While on the flight to Colorado, I got a phone call from the New Theatre Project in Ypsilanti. I had recently went to a callback for their first show of the season and I was selected to be in the show! I of course accepted and was so thankful to be cast! I'm looking forward to the show. More details in another blog later this month.

Even though I haven't blogged I've been doing a lot. Hopefully soon (or with self motivation) I'll update again maybe the end of this week or next week!


Better late than never

So I know I've definitely neglected to continue blogging, but that's life. As I've said before I will try to blog.

On a somber note, I am sad to say that I won't be volunteering at this year's International Thespian Festival. I have got to that festival for NINE YEARS and this year would have been my 10th! I was a participant for four years and five years as a volunteer. It has been my annual "summer camp" adventure and this year due to a series of events it just wasn't going to happen. Its kind of a bummer that I won't be there this year after seeing the program and all the cool things going to happen, but I'm happy to have seen it grow.

This summer I definitely think is the year of AUDITIONS! I'm auditioning for so many different things whether it be on stage or on tv, I've been preparing and practicing. Each audition is an experience, win lose or draw. Plus it's always a great story.

 It was a rainy day at this year's Race for the Cure!

Random fun fact, I found out a friend of mine joined my fraternity at his college and it was a great way to reconnect and share stories of our chapters.

All in all this summer is turning out to be another great adventure!

Pictures from road trip

Not all but some of them

The Open Road
Where I was auditioning at UMKC
Cool vintage license plates at a store along the trip
More vintage license plates
In one of the stores...reminding people NOT TO STEAL!
Saw on a book
In Kansas City near one of the Kansas City Rep Theatres


A list of things I'd like to get accomplished for 2012

1. Get into Grad School with it being paid for through a TA/GA or full ride scholarship
2. Go to the gym and work out
3. Road Trip somewhere
4. Go skydiving
5. Get passport renewed

if I think of more I'll add them.

Late night and oversleeping

Never a great combo to do!

I was late for work today and felt horrible! It's very out of character of me to be late. I really strive to do my best as well as arrive in a timely manner. All in all I've been working two jobs and it's starting to weigh on me heavily. I enjoy both jobs however I really need to have some time for like a day off. But with the two jobs comes an income which is very helpful. So I really can't complain, since I have two jobs and there are people without jobs trying to get an income for their family or themselves.

Randomly at one of my jobs a co-worker (whom now would consider a friend) said to me I'm way to optimistic and cheerful. Which I was very flattered that they said that but I know I definitely can be a downer and pessimistic. However I've learned that if you're not enjoying what you're doing, then why even do it? Plus if you smile enough you'll actually smile...right? hahahaha

So September is here. As mentioned I've got my list of goals I want to do and I'm going to do them. I've already worked out once this month, but really want to try and work out daily. Yet that will depend on my schedule of working as well as having a car to drive. Which really brings me to having to do some research on whether or not I want to wait or get a car. Anyways, after the first workout definitely felt it the next day, but if felt good to be getting into a routine of working out. Let's hope I gain some muscle mass and some weight...hahaha My weigh in starting for this month is 134. We'll see how this goes for the month!

Later this month is my GRE and I'm continuing studying for it. I hopefully will know which schools I've narrowed down to send my scores to. It's becoming a reality that I'm doing it and I'm getting excited about it.

Right before my GRE I shall be taking a road trip with my friend Courtney to go down to one of her friend's wedding in Tennessee. Which will be fun because it's a ROAD TRIP and I'll be getting to see along the way my friends Michael and Kat. Who were at ITF 2011 this year. So it's a mini reunion!

September bring it!

Part Three: My story/journey to ITF

This year has been nothing but an amazing experience!
Though being home for almost a week now, this year's festival definitely wore me out, but in a good way. I learned so much while being there as well as having the best of time!

It was so cool being able to see my best friend Michael and hanging out with him as well as the other EdTA staff. I've definitely built some long lasting friendships with them, notably Kat...hahaha But all in all everyone on the staff has been such an amazing inspiration to me. I see all of their work paying off in one week because what they do is for the students and for theatre arts education! They see that come to life through the shows, workshops, auditions, NIES and events they put on throughout the week. It's amazing to have been a part of as well as to see all come to life!

The week was a very tiresome week but so much happened. From Sunday - Friday I ran early in the morning each day...yeah I know crazy, but I was feeling the need to work out. Plus it kept me up and with energy throughout the day. Though I did cave and had some starbucks...hahaha

Monday: The general registration day and I was stationed at the T-shirt area and it was one of the first tables where I'd see troupe directors come by. A lot of those troupe directors I've become good friends with and it's always great to see a familiar face as well as welcoming those new to festival. I always seem to get attached to a group or people each year and this year was no exception. The lucky people were this year's ITO candidates. Six years ago I was in their shoes and knew how they were feeling. It was good to meet all the candidates and talk with them. It's funny I just seem to be a random person but really, I was just like them...wanting to do something big with thespians and show my love for theatre.

Tuesday: Very hectic day, started with running Thespian Playworks Auditions which was from 9am - 12pm...Then a very quick (one hour) break and it was off to Tech Challenge, which was from 1pm - 6pm. Finally dinner and some much needed recovery. But then it was off to the official start of the festival with the first mainstage show being the World Premiere of the school edition of "Avenue Q," which I have never seen the show and I was actually looking forward to seeing. Plus I even got to take a pic with Princeton! lol

Thanks to Musical Theatre International for sponsoring the show and taking the pic!

Wednesday: I helped out with EdTA staff member, Julie with her early morning workshop..."Broadway Workout," which started at 7:30 am. Which I had already did a run earlier than I definitely had a work out! Plus I took some pictures of the event and I was fortunate enough to even have one of them featured in an article for the EdTA website!!!! (Click here to see!) That afternoon I had my actual job for the week which was to be the Theatre Manager for the Johnny Carson Theatre for the Freestyle Theatre Shows! Also new this year, I had the privilege to be the Dance Moderator for the dances. Which was interesting but still fun to do. Besides it was good to interact with all the students.

Thursday: Nothing to crazy, did my Theatre Managing and then stopped over by where the Scholarship Auditions were and chatted with students there as well as the coordinator for it Donnie, who I've made a good friend with. Plus he was the same person to coordinate it when I had auditioned and was telling those auditioning about when I had applied. It was nice to remember stories of yester-year even though that was only five years ago and not like 10...hahahaa Oh and I happend to stop by earlier in the morning to the Leadership Workshop run by the ITO! Good times!

Friday: Theatre Managed and yeah sums up the day...and realizing that Saturday was the end.

Saturday going into Sunday: SUPER STRESSFUL DAY! Went to the last leadership workshop and heard the announcement of Chair and Webmaster for ITO. Then photographed the current ITO as requested by them. Then I was off helping run the NIES showcase, which was really hectic, managing people from two different theatres. Then it was straight to theatre managing...after that off running to grab a bite to eat got food delivered to eat, all while getting Scholarship Recipients photographed and then the newly elected ITO photographed...After that running backstage making sure the newly ITO and old ITO were all there going from both theatres. Then finally watched the first half of the final mainstage, "Anything Goes." After that it off to help pack the office with the staff and then off to Dance Moderate the dance. Once the dance was over, which was around 12:30am, finally started packing all of my stuff, then took a quick shower and then took a hour nap. Then I was off to my shuttle to Omaha at 4am, the ride there took another nap, then stood in line for what seemed an eternity to check in my luggage. Then getting through TSA and finally making my flight with 40 minutes to spare. Took another nap while on the plane ride to St. Louis...then another nap during my layover there, immediately got on my flight and had another nap going back to Detroit. So pretty much total amount of sleep that day was like 5 hours. Got home and did errands and then eventually had a quick break. Then not stopping headed to my store meeting, after just arriving back home, but with good reason, because they wanted me to attend the other meeting the next day at 8am and then work two hours later...being the smart guy I was chose to suck it up and deal with jet lag/but really exhaustion and went to the meeting. Finally headed home, ate and went to bed. Literally slept until I had to go to work that next day.

ALL in ALL this festival definitely put me to work and in a good way! I love every single bit! Plus I've been ask to do leadership workshop as well as other opportunities! So I'm very thankful!

WOW! So this has been one long blog of an entry! But it's been worth it!

6am and blogging

I've arrived in Lincoln, NE after pretty much a WHOLE DAY of traveling, but it was such a fun time!

Woke up at 7am to get ready for the day and I honestly was working on five hours of sleep. But if you know me or anyone back at UNC they'll tell you I pretty much DON'T SLEEP and that I'm apparently part human and part wallaby...hahaha

After an hour of trying to get ready/finish some tasks at the house, I arrived at my friend Courtney's house where her and her family would be dropping me off at the airport. Courtney was so kind to even cook breakfast. It was good! I even learned how to cook just the egg whites. Yeah I know that seems something really easy and should have learned to do during college, but I definitely had the luxury of being at home my first two years then while at UNC I had my meal plan...Anyways, the food was really good.

However in true form, I was running late getting to the airport. Luckily I made it with about 50 minutes to spare before my flight left, plus the airlines said I should be there prior to my flight by 30 yeah cutting it close but I made it. I stayed positive and didn't freak that I was going to miss my flight...and I totally thought I would, but didn't.

The new terminal at DTW - North Terminal is really old/fancy new....oxymoron I know but really it has alot of it's old elements from the previous building but was definitely renovated to look somewhat like the DTW - McNamara Terminal.

My route to Lincoln, NE consisted of flight from DTW - MDW then a two hour layover then MDW to OMA. Once at OMA, get on OMALINK and then to my final destination, UNL - Kauffman Center.

Chicago - Midway was a good layover spot. I got to use that time to watch a movie and just relax some. Plus I was also able to charge my ipod and phone. I literally came on this trip with almost all of my electronics. But there is a purpose to bringing them, other than making sure my brother didn't get his hands on them. Watched, "How to train a dragon," for the first time...yeah I know didn't see that in theatres and missed every opportunity when my fellow RAs or residents saw it, but I finally managed to get myself to see it....and it was good. Enjoyed the story line, the daddy issues was getting a bit repetitive and kinda ironic watching because today is Father's Day, but still an enjoyable movie to watch for a two hour layover.

The flight from MDW - OMA was short. Only took an hour, which if you were driving it's significantly longer. But made it Omaha, NE! Which during this upcoming week is the NCAA Men's College World Series Championships - Baseball and you could tell that many people coming to Omaha were coming for that. However Monday it's always an interesting mix because include those people and people coming for the International Thespian Festival. It feels like it gets out of hand. But it's always an adventure.

The shuttle ride from Omaha to Lincoln, definitely took longer than what I was expecting...but I didn't stress or complain, I just enjoyed the time I had. Besides I really just was anxious to get to my final destination to unpack and get settled in. While on the shuttle we actually had to turn back because we had to pick up more passengers and then we were off. I was the second stop and finally arrived at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Always a fun town to be in. Got into my room and remembered from previous conversations with the home office staff that I'd be rooming with one of my best friends. I've known him just as long as I've been apart of this festival. I actually met him while as a participant here. Nobody was around when I arrived however, so I just started unpacking and jammed out to music. Also my battery for my phone was near dead so charged that. I even pulled out my Wii and brought it to the lounge area to play for a bit thinking I'll eventually see someone. I did and it was the RA for the summer doing rounds....haahaha. But I did play some Super Mario World 2 and Just Dance 2.

Checked on my phone to see if it finished charging it didn't so and I hadn't ate since being at the Chicago airport so I ventured downtown. I stumbled upon Five Guys and haven't had a Five Guys Burger since my trip to Cincy, so I knew I wanted to eat that, plus it was near the campus and didn't want to venture off too far. Got my food and brought it back to where I'm staying to eat. Ate it outside to thinking, I'll eventually see someone...didn't, but it didn't dampen my spirits.

Got back to my room and put in another movie. This time, "Cloverfield," which I didn't see in theatres or any other time but finally made the time to watch. It was an interesting story line, however the monsters looked like the "District 9" aliens and the camera shaking could have stopped. Overall interesting movie definitely kept me on the edge until I saw the creature and wasn't too impressed.

Finally called it a night and woke up early.
Pretty much have blogged my entire day yesterday. Sorry if it sounds boring, but I know I found it fun! This week is going to be a lot of fun! I'll hopefully post some pictures soon.