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Opportunities Abound

It's a new month and I'm really excited because I've just been working hard to pursue what I love and it's slowly coming together.

I'm part of an AMAZING organization, the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) and this year I've finally paid my dues (literally) to become a professional member. I had been a part of the organization through the International Thespian Society as a Junior Thespian (Troupe #88331) and Thespian (#Troupe 6513). Now living in New York, I've been asked by the Chapter Directors of the state to be the new Student Thespian Officer (STO) Coordinator. Which I was thrilled to have been asked and honored to have been consider. I of course humbly accepted and now I'm getting to work with a great group of kids. Though I'm still relatively new to the role, I have plenty of leadership experience and hope that I can make an impact.

Also with the organization, since the National Festival, held every year at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, I've been making a push to reach out to other state festivals/conferences to help out. I'm happy to say that I'll be getting to go to the Georgia Thespian Conference in February to teach Beginning Hip Hop. I'm really excited for the opportunity and it'll be my first time visiting the GA Thespian Conference. Hopefully this will be the beginning of more to come! Here's a link of me dancing during a Hip Hop Class at Alvin Ailey taught by David Terry to see my moves.

I also had the privilege last month to help out with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids annual Flea Market. It was great getting to be a part of the event and help out! So many theatre goers at the event supporting the cause! Here's a pic from the event, where I was at the EdTA table along with this year's International Thespian Officers (ITO)

Last month I made my debut on a New York Theatre at The Flea Theatre performing in #serials@theflea in a show called, "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dragon," by A.J. Ditty. The best part of doing it was the show was selected to come back this month and I'll get to perform with it (hopefully) in two weeks. It just needs to survive this next week and I have a good feeling it will! The writing and the cast has been great! Plus the audience has been very receptive and loving it! However it will have to place in the top three against four other shows!

I've also been cast in another Flea Production in The Cutthroat Series: Grand Guignol Duels - Night Terrors in the show "The Blind." I'm excited for another great opportunity with this theatre community. I look forward to the rehearsals and the experience! 

Besides my theatre involvements, I've finished another year of blogging as a freelance writer for CBS Detroit for the show Big Brother. Now that it's been announced for two more season, only continues to fuel my desire to be on the show! But I'm thankful for the opportunity that I've had to write and even though I'm not getting paid for it, I'm doing it for the experience. Plus the byline isn't so bad as well as the exposure I've gotten. I love reading the comments (both positive, negative and random) as well as emails from fans of the show. I get into weekly conversations with a friend of mine who now lives in Canada about the show! Check out all my articles on CBS Detroit!

My job has been good too! I've been giving the opportunity to train the new hires as they start with the company. It's always great being able to mentor and resource for my new co-workers. Plus I'm thankful my job has been able to work with my passions of acting and be able to have a "survival job" and do what I love. 

This weekend I head back to Michigan (or home you could say) to be the photographer for a friend's wedding. I am honored and excited for this opportunity. This will be my third wedding I'll be photographing. I'm just hoping the rain won't be an issue as this will be my first outdoor wedding I'll be doing, but rain or shine I will be capturing the moments! I look forward to the challenge!

My "Dear Anonymous," post was very therapeutic and much needed. I was finally able to get all the emotions I wanted to get out. But it's shown me that it's ok to make mistakes, friends come and go as well as you can lose touch with some but then pick up where you left off. Ironically after I wrote that post I looked over it and thought, "Man this sounds like a good monologue," and laughed.

But keeping up with my New Year's Resolution, to always stay positive which hasn't been easy however many of my coworkers are annoyed with my positivity so I must be doing something right! 

All in all, NYC was the right decision. I may be working my butt off, but I know that with determination, drive and passion I can achieve my goals and dreams. Though it may be in a different form, I take all the experiences and learn something from them. Again trying to stay positive. Who wants to be sad and negative? I know I don't!


Big Brother Season 16

If you haven't already known...
I didn't get cast but I am continuing to write about the reality tv show Big Brother for CBS Detroit 62 as a freelance writer!

Check out my entries for this season by selecting the tab at the top!

Do it!


Day 280

I've fallen off the personal blog wagon. But I definitely kept up with my Big Brother blog for CBS Detroit. I will admit however that I didn't blog about the "recap" episode because it was just a filler and nothing really needed to be said about it.

Anyways 70  80 (UPDATE: I can't days have gone by and there have been a lot of things that have happened!

Biggest thing...

I've moved to NYC!

Thankfully with my job I was able to transfer and get full time! Which has been a blessing and I've even found my apartment right before going into my first day of work! 

This is the first time I've moved to a big city, lived with roommates and used public transportation to get to work.

I love it! I'm a city type of person and as much as I loved suburbia I love the city life! I've been here for almost a month and during August I had an interview for the position then finally accepting the job! 

Sad to leave the friends and family but this was a much needed change!

I could even check this off my goals list! Moving to NYC was one of them! The other thing I was able to accomplish this summer was skydiving!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me out in NYC!

Big City, Big Dreams!


Day 177

Wow, just got done watching So You Think You Can Dance and just WOW!

This season they've set the bar high! These contestants mean business. I'm glad that the producers of this show are working their butts off to make sure the "big wigs" (aka FOX) sees how much dance is an amazing form of entertainment and this show needs to get back to two shows a week.

::stepping down from my soap box::

Now for the actual's where I'm ranking the guys and girls.

1. Amy Yakima - She had the dance of the night with her partner. It was great and she has a great personality to match her awesome dancing.
2. Jasmine Mason - Doing a dance blindfolded is skill and then having complete trust in your partner while blindfolded. Jasmine M, did great this week.
3. Jasmine Harper - Jasmin H is definitely in a power couple and both are "giants."
4. Brittany Cherry - Afro-jazz is hard but Brittany made it look easy.
5. Hayley Erbert - She may be in the middle of the pack on my list but she definitely caught my eye during this weeks piece! Hayley has swag!
6. Jenna Johnson - Safe, honestly couldn't really say it was the strongest but definitely not the weakest.
7. Makenzie Dustman - I literally was like, "Who is this girl," when she was all dolled up. But then remember she's a great dancer! However their are plenty of strong girls and she's fallen short on my list.
8. Malice Miller - I like Malice, but I fear she'll be dancing for her life. Her piece was great, she definitely matured but will it be enough to keep her in the competition. I'm predicting yes, but we'll see.
9. Mariah Spears - I want this girl Krumper to be safe but I fear she too will be in danger.
10. Alexis Juliano - She can tap but she's gotta work on her swag. I like Alexis but that piece was not up to par.

1. Fik-Shun - This guys got personality and the talent to back it up. He'll be safe but I would definitely like to see some struggle from him. Nobody can be great all the time.
2. Curtis Holland - Curtis did a great job with the hip hop piece, I was a little nervous since he was always a happy guy could he get down and dirty. He delivered.
3. Aaron Turner - If this dude is not safe, America I will flip a table and yell at everyone who voted for the other guys. He was 11 on the judges short list this season and with a twist of fate was given an opportunity to prove those judges wrong. Let's keep him in the competition to prove the judges wrong. He may not be the top person on my list but he's my FAVORITE DANCER so far! I like an underdog and his talent is endless! #TeamAaronTurner
4. Alan Bersten - Alan would be higher on my list but sadly I had to agree with the judges, I needed more emotion. He was a great partner, but I needed more. He'll definitely be safe.
5. Tucker Knox - Middle of the road performance but I know Tucker can do better. His personality shines through but I wasn't jumping up for him.
6. Paul Karmiryan - Even though Paul may have won the Armenian SYTYCD he's definitely trying to prove America he can dance. Give this guy a chance, but I know the fact he "won" another countries dance version is hindering him from advancing with some votes.
7. Jade Zuberi - I want Jade to stay in this competition but I fear there are way too many good guys (like the girls) where he's getting lost in the light. He did have a great piece this weak and he's from Michigan, I've got to support a local!
8.  Blueprint - It was good, but was it great for me, no. He'll be safe but I wouldn't be surprised if Blueprint had to dance for his life.
9. Carlos Garland - Carlos will also be dancing for his life. The Jive piece wasn't bouncing enough and personally I couldn't remember who Carlos was. Sorry to fans of him but I there are "bigger" personalities and talent in this guy pool.
10. Nico Greetham - Didn't have swag and could be his swan song. But next week is another day and he could pull an amazing redemption routine to convince this judges.


In other news, glad to hear the announcement of Project Runway returning next month. Also new shows I've started to watch (and catch up on, since I work when these shows air) The Goodwin Games (FOX) and Devious Maids (Lifetime). I'm not ashamed to say that I'm watching a Lifetime show, but there has been "controversy" on the whole stereotyping and what not. I'm watching it as a show and they all so happened to be a certain ethnicity, big deal. Besides it's based off a Telenovela, just like many shows that air in the US. Funny that both new shows I'm watching have two actresses that have been in a show I also enjoyed but now has been off the air for three years, Ugly Betty. Ana Ortiz and Becky Newton are doing well for themselves. Too bad Vanessa Williams and Michael Urie didn't have much success, but they'll find something. Also I want America Ferrera back in my life, she needs to be in a TV series or do an Ugly Betty Movie.

Speaking of another Ugly Betty cast member, Christopher Gorham will be returning on USA's Covert Affairs next month and I'm looking forward to that. Plus I'm following him on twitter (no shame) and the locations he's traveling to, ridiculous and jealous! Also another USA show I'm glad that's back is Royal Pains and coming back next month Suits! Oh I did forget to mention Graceland is a new show I'm trying to watch. One of the show leads happens to be a Broadway vet and is now on the small screen.


That was a lot of TV, life wise, it's a roller coaster but I'm taking it in strides and trying to stay positive and hopeful for the future!

Oh Big Brother starts at 8pm tonight! SO EXCITED!


Day 145

So I felt like blogging, and it's really late.

However I feel when I blog, that it should be a good amount of length as opposed to a quick blurb. If it was a quick blurb, I would just tweet about it.

My birthday had happened and I enjoyed my birthday this year! I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for me.

I definitely made a BIG birthday wish and I'm hoping that I can work really hard to try and make it happen. 


Today I went over to a friends house to hang out with others just to catch up and enjoy the "Summertime," technically it's Spring but apparently once it's June it's Summer....It's still Spring until June 20. Then Summer is June 21, for the Summer Solstice.

Anyways I digress....

Hang out and then we start to play video games...

I enjoy video games however I HATE and I do mean HATE to lose. I'm overly competitive and I'm a very poor sport at times most times. Especially when it's up against another overly competitive person. In the end it reiterated why I stopped playing video games and only play solo games. If I do play a video game again I just need to remember to have fun. That's what I learned when playing board games now...yeah


The Voice, so in my honest opinion that it's time for Holly Tucker to go home, plus she sang first which is usually the one people forget by the end of the program.

Michelle Chamuel is my FAVORITE! Then it's Amber Carrington. 

I am TEAM USHER all the way! However it'll be tough because I feel this season in particular is heavily a country fan base. Which isn't bad but I'm just not a fan of the music. However Michelle's pick wasn't a fan of....(it was a country song, artist I'm not to fond of and it was country) #sorrynotsorry

So yeah that was an interesting twist that they're only eliminating one this week...I think they're milking viewers, since the summer season doesn't start for another couple of weeks...i.e. BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!

Ok I think this blog is long enough for me to feel like it isn't a quick blurb!


Day 131

Hey I'm getting better about blogging, its only been 11 days since my last post! Progress!

I just finished performing a production of Legally Blonde the Musical this past weekend and I've definitely learned a lot from the experience. I've learned that I can still sing, can still dance and I know that I've chosen a career I would like to do as a living. Being an Actor has and always been a dream of mine since I was born.

Speaking of birthday is coming up and I am looking forward to it. One thing I'll definitely doing is Skydiving. I do have a fear of heights but I really want to just jump out of a plane and fall to the ground with a parachute (of course). So I'm trying to plan a day to do it where the weather is SUNNY and I can bring a friend to watch the craziness unfold.

Also I really want to take a road trip again. Whether it be to a coast (East or West) or somewhere in Michigan. I think it'd be fun!

Summer is getting closer and that means one thing....BIG BROTHER!!!! I can't wait for the show to start again and it'll be TWO WEEKS LONGER! So most likely a bigger cast and more twists!

Speaking of Reality TV....

DWTS ends tonight and I'm scheduled to work. But I HOPE that Val & Zendaya take home the mirror ball trophy!

The Voice - I won't be surprised if Team Usher and Team Shakira are left with one team member. But I also wouldn't be surprised if someone from Team Blake gets the boot. Team Adam is way to strong of a team to get booted tonight.

I wish I took photos of myself before I started working out because I can definitely start seeing change in how I look. Definitely getting muscle and starting to get more toned. Which has been my goal, gain muscle mass but be toned.

However my running times are slowly but surely improving which is giving me confidence again in running. I enjoy running and hopefully can get myself into race form by summer's end!


Day 120

Again I've neglected to blog. But it's due to lack of motivation to do it after working, then rehearsal and trying to catch up on tv shows. Granted I do enjoy to multitask but I just couldn't get myself to blog during watching tv shows or jotting down stuff down.

I did however download through the App Store, it unfortunately is not available on the droid, but it's called Momento, it's a dairy/journal app. When I gave up social media, I used that to write or you could say "blog" for my personal use. But I didn't post any of it, which I should however all the info I wrote is lost due to the fact my phone needed to be restarted without any of my saved info. I digress....Momento is a great app and I will try and use it to help motivate me blog!

Going to the gym has been slightly difficult because of my rehearsal schedule, but that doesn't excuse myself from working out. I have somehow gained 6 pounds which I'm pretty sure has been muscle and that's a success, but I want to continue to work out and be fit! In EIGHT days is Race for the Cure in Detroit and I've decided this year to run the 5K and then do the 5K walk afterwards. So that's a total of 10K and I've been running to get my endurance up. 

The show I'm currently in is "Legally Blonde the Musical," yes it's based on the book and movie. So it's been a fun experience, but I've been exhausted after each show. I manage to use any and all energy I have in the day during the show. Then afterwards I just want to veg. But I've been some great friends and continue to do what I love, THEATRE!

This past Monday, I attended the First Michigan Equity Theatre Association Conference. Which was very reaffirmed everything I learned in college and gave me confidence that I am doing what I love and I have a passion to learn! I also did their unified auditions the next day and hopefully will hear something later this year for possible opportunities (fingers crossed)

So I'm sad to have seen Victor & Lindsay depart from DWTS. However I'm still glad to see Val & Zendaya and Aly & Mark are still in it! The finals are in two weeks! My prediction is they'll be safe for the finale! I'm predicting an ALL FEMALE celebrity final...meaning Derek & Kellie will join the already mentioned two couples into the finals. But I'm still not counting Jacoby & Karina out. Ingo & Kim are wild cards but we'll see.

Project Runway - Michelle won, the "underdog," but I really grew to like Patricia and wished she would have won. Nina Garcia seemed to be the demise to my hopes of Patricia being the winner. But that could just be editing. 

BBCAN - Congrats to Jillian, as much as I was sad to see Gary lose, she won.

The Voice - Team Adam is the clearly the strongest team! Team Blake is a close second. You can definitely tell the lack of experience from Usher & Shakira. Their teams are good, but I want to see GREAT! Song choices are important and how they're being marketed. As Adam said, it should be about the music and not the game. However it's a game and their will be losers. Only one can win the title. Luckily the "saves" from the judges are done with and it's solely up to America. I won't be surprised if Team Usher & Team Shakira go out early. However I've been wrong about America, so we'll see. I am a fan however of Michelle Chamuel on Team Usher! Quirky, Nerdy and Rock Girl is in it to win!


More of my co-workers are leaving which makes me sad but also makes me want to kick myself in the butt to get myself where I want to be. I would love to be in NYC and pursue theatre! But I also know I want to have a job secure. Then there is also debt and wanting to not be in it. 

Being a grown up is hard, but that's life!


Day 92

I am enjoying my day off today from work!

With my day off from work I am enjoying catching up on my reality tv shows!

Right now I am watching the following shows:
- Dancing With The Stars
- The Voice
- Big Brother Canada
- Project Runway

I was also watching The Face, but that ended and the winner for me was a slight surprise but it is what it is.

Dancing With The Stars is a show that I enjoy for the mere fact it's Dancing. The celebrity aspect is funny and my final three pics right now are

- Kellie & Derek
- Zendya  & Val
- Jacoby & Karina

however I would enjoy to see these people in the finals

- Zendya & Val
- Aly & Mark
- Victor & Lindsay

But I feel like it may be following

- Kellie & Derek
- Ingo & Kim
- Jacoby & Karina

As much as I enjoy Kellie Pickler, I cannot stand Derek Hough winning this freaking show series. I'm pretty sure his three time championships and five out of ten trips to the finals it's safe to say Derek has built a fan base. Also it doesn't hurt that his partner has just as much if not more of a fan base too. Ingo has a huge following with soap opera. I was surprised but then I had to really think about the demographic this show is trying to get it makes sense. However Jacoby is definitely a wild card but since he's a sports guy they attract fans and that will keep him safe.

I would personally like to see youth dominate this competition. Victor is a wild card, but I am a fan of Lindsay for the fact she was on So You Think You Can Dance. However with this demographic Youth has a slim to none chance! Why because they like seeing the underdogs win. But let's be honest, the youth is the underdogs, why not vote for them?!?! Alright off my soapbox...Zendya was a surprise this season. However she does hip hop so I was excited to hear about that since I enjoy hip hop dancing but I was surprised they were trying to get the Disney Channel viewers to watch, when those kids/demographic should be focusing on education or actually learning to dance. You'd think because she was an Olympian she'd be great, she's in my opinion not even close to where Shawn was but definitely has a lot of work ahead of her.

The Voice is getting good. I am enjoying Shakira & Usher joining the show! Adam and Blake are still good too for their little bromance segments. I'm surprised that they've been playing up the Latino Audiences with the multi-lingualness of Shakira. Spanish, Portuguese and English...I wish I could speak that many.

Right now here's how I rank the judges teams:

Team Adam
Team Shakira
Team Usher
Team Blake

Adam has a girl who sang with Michael Jackson and Adam is definitely taking a page from Blake last season and really playing on multiple genre artists. Not focusing too much on pop but actually going for a Voice. Which is smart. I enjoy Shakira's team it's very diverse and will play well with the Latino Audience. Usher is currently under the radar with his team but I won't be surprised if his team has many stand outs this season. Blake is playing to his country roots and if people know me I am not a fan of country. So obviously he's not in my top team but also he's kinda playing it safe with the artists he's been getting and selecting. I will be looking forward to the Knockout Rounds and possible steals!

Big Brother Canada (BBCA)!

For anyone who knows me, Big Brother is my guilty pleasure show! I LOVE this show! It's a great mix of the Real World (having strangers randomly picked to live in a house) and Survivor (Outwit, Outplay and Outlast)! The fact that Canada has been begging to get a show and they finally have one it's pretty cool to watch. Granted I am watching via internet but it's worth it! Plus BBCA really took the time to make sure their first season was great! And it's getting their...I'm not saying it's not great right now but it's becoming predictable. But that happens with every show. The producers can do only so much to appeal the the audience and to let the guinea pigs (the houseguests) do what they're doing.

So anyways my favorite players in the game are the ones who are actually playing. Do I like some of their moves, NO but they're playing the game AND/OR at least getting airtime. Which is the most important thing. If you're not getting airtime then you're doing something wrong. You're either playing too safe or your story isn't good enough to get you some camera time.

People playing the game:

- Gary
- Alec
- Peter

- Jillian
- Emmett
- Talla

Lost Causes
- Topaz
- Andrew

At first when I read about Gary, I wasn't on board, however seeing him play the game has surprised me. Alec & Peter our obvious game players and if the houseguests were smart enough vote them out. Gary is obviously on the chopping block, but I really like the message Gary is sending. However I think he's over doing it now with the dramatics. I'm glad he's calm down the glitter though. Jillian is supposedly a good player according to AJ but he got voted out and he had been a pawn for four evictions he got lucky his first three but the his last sealed the deal. But he's not going home just yet he's a Juror. Which I'm predicting a mellow jury, unlike Big Brother 14 here in the US. However Jillian is just boring to me, she's just canoodling with Emmett and I'm bored with her. Emmett lost his bromance Tom and he's just a lost duck and is just floating to whoever has power. Talla is just a wild card but she's floater at best. Unless she wins HOH she's no game player for me. But I do see her with a lot of potential since she's been close multiple times for HOH. So there is hope for her.

Peter said it best, Topaz should have kept her mouth shut and not kept yapping. However I LOVED this twist. It's brilliant, it's BIG BROTHER! I would hate to have that happen to me. But I know I probably would have done what Topaz did. Topaz though should always remember, (canada's motto) Big Brother is always watching! And to Expect the Unexpected (US BB motto). Andrew is an idiot. You put up Topaz because she put you up!?!? Typical move, why not have backdoor her. Then again she can take herself and Gary off the block. However if you wanted to make a big move, TAKE OUT ALEC & PETER! This is a game, yes, you'll lose numbers for putting them up but it's a week to week game. You can plan as much as you want far out but you need to throw some curve balls. But we'll see what happens. Plus the house flip flops day to day. So if Andrew wants Gary out he'll probably go out unless Topaz does something really stupid! But it definitely sucks if you're on the chopping block up with someone in your alliance. However you've got to look out for yourself! If they're out and you're safe then move on and play the game. Janelle is a great example. As many of her alliance members got voted off she continued to fight to win power. But she may be a great player she has yet to be a winner. I say that because let's be honest, we all know Janelle will probably be back in the BB US house one season. Maybe not this upcoming season but another. I just hope this next season they have some new blood, fresh faces and a DIVERSE CAST! Ok off my soapbox again sorry!

Project Runway - I didn't watch today but I already caught up so maybe another blog entry!


Day 14

Went to work and decided that I am going to apply for a position for a great opportunity and we'll see how that goes.

Then I worked out and continued my six weeks to 5k run. It went well and feeling better about getting back into long distance running.

Afterwards had some food the took a nap.
Then I went and hung out with my coworkers at a bar in Howell. Had a good time and then decided today I would work on my audition tape/casting call pitch to be on Big Brother 15!

More details to come later

Big Brother Season 14 Episode Nine

Here's a little snippet of what's to come for last night's episode breakdown. This time check out my "Floaters of Big Brother"

Floaters of Big Brother

Wil - He was saved this week and didn't do squat to really make an impact on this week's game. Even though he was in the POV competition, he was the second to get eliminated.
Ian - Either is really floating or playing a really good game. From my perspective, Ian is floating and listening maybe a bit too much to his coach or maybe not enough. Ian hasn't really talked strategy nor has he tried to make any alliances. So we'll see how much further he'll last.
Jenn - Another Boogie houseguest and I have yet to see how Jenn is playing the Big Brother game. The whole laying low strategy only goes so far and being noticed is a lot better than floating because they you'll either be considered a threat or making stupid moves. Either way you'll get people talking about you.


Thoughts? Comments? Reactions? Let me know here or wait tomorrow as this will be posted at CBS Detroit's website!

Until then Here's the link


Big Brother Season 14 Episode Eight

Here's the headers of my breakdown of Episode Eight, I've dubbed "All You Need Is One," which was said by Shane's Coach and former BB houseguest Britney. Here are the headlines I've coined during this episode breakdown.

"Power Drunk," "Shanielle Is In Full Effect," "Coaches Are 'Feelin' the Burn'," "Chilltown 3.0 Is Safe Again," "My Coaches Rankings," and "My Choice for America's Vote - NO"

Come back later today for the link Here's the link! Click here, follow my twitter (@whoismarkdrum) and facebook or go to my search page on! Happy Monday!

Big Brother Season 14 Episode Six

So with the exit Willie it left the question with not only America but the houseguests, would their be an eviction this week? The answer, of course and that comes to the joy of Team Boogie. However for some of the other coaches and players it seems like they're not getting any love from Big Brother in this game. Tears have been shed finally in this game! I'm excited because that means people are starting to break and for those players that start to break it's a matter of fighting or just giving up. 

America's Vote: My Choice - Cereal & Salmon
The following three are the options for the houseguests
  • Cereal & Salmon
  • Garbanzo Beans & Giblets
  • Lima Beans & Lemons
Vote on on which one you'd like to give to the houseguests who are the "Have Nots" for the week.


Again if you want to read more, click here come back later today to get the linkOr go to or keep a look out on my twitter or facebook page.

Big Brother Season 14 Episode Five

America, what is happening in the Big Brother House?! I am honestly speechless with what has transpired in this 60 minute episode. There were some great moments, awkward moments, scary moments and even “MC Hammer” Pants! Tonight’s Big Brother even included a surprise visit from one of its Executive Producers. Are you ready to hear my thoughts on tonight’s episode? Which by the way I’ve dubbed “Willie’s Downward Demise.”

Come back later today to get the link to the full article  Click Here for the article. Or go to or keep a look out on my twitter or facebook page.

Big Brother Season 14 Episode Two

Hello BB14 fans and viewers...if you're reading this, Thanks! I hope you enjoy my recap of tonight's episode. Also if you're a fan of the show and don't like spoilers, fair warning SPOILERS WILL BE MENTIONED!

It was really sad to see Jodi. If you haven't gotten a chance check out Jodi's exit video with Julie Chen on However Dan, their coach and Michigan naitive, made it clear he wants to make sure his houseguests stay in the game and thought having a good connection (both Kara & Danielle) would be better than Jodi who was on the outs with connecting with his two other houseguests' on his team.

Back to the show itself.

Willie is HOH, thanks to his coach  Britney. Janelle, what a SMART woman. Granted this is her THIRD time in the Big Brother house, so obviously she knows a thing or two. Plus Big Brother Competitions Queen. Really smart to talk with Britney the winning coach of the team that won HOH. Was anyone really surprised when Willie finally admitted to being Russell's brother from Survivor? I know I wasn't. I would be careful because that's gonna come bite you back later on.

I forget that everyone's perception of past houseguests are what they've done in the past. Yes, I would agree that both Dan & Boogie were manipulators but it's part of the game. But way to bring "Girl Power," it's smart however don't get to overconfident. I really enjoyed what Frank had said during the show about not letting the coaches control of the game. Which I ABSOLUTELY agree! They're coaches. Do players always listen to them? NO! But when they do it can go really good or really bad. I just hope that these houseguests remember they're playing the game as much as these coaches are too. Don't become puppets of their own game.

Ian's little segment was a bit quirky and odd, but go figure he's the youngest contestant this season as well as a big fan of the show. Of course he's going to be a bit off. Isn't anyone who's willing to be on the show? Willie, don't act all macho sitting in that HOH room, remember that only lasts for A WEEK!

In revealing a new competition to the game, it was only a matter of time when they'd involve the coaches. But it definitely was a "game changer" as they'd like to say in Big Brother lingo. I really thought Dan throwing the competition was a good move but also a bad one at the same time. Yes it creates a big target on your other player, but WHY WOULDN'T YOU NOT WANT TO WIN?!? You're risking $100,000 just to throw the competition so you look like you're houseguests are floaters and not threats?!? What was surprising was Boogie beating Janelle. However it wasn't surprising by his decision to save Ian. That was also a good/bad move. Why save a houseguest nobody likes when your supposedly strong houseguest you have confidence in, Frank may be on the chopping block. Also you're building Ian's ego and his Big Brother Fanatic of you. Chilltown 3.0 (which has been dubbed by Janelle) won't be good as the original. 


For just a fan of the show who doesn't subscribe to the live feeds (did I mention I graduated college last year and now paying for my student loans) so getting that opportunity to be a "fly in the wall" isn't happening. So I'm really basing off this from watching the episodes CBS airs which you know they have to edit A LOT of footage as well as prepare segments. Which if you think it's all easy, just imagine trying to cram for a big test and the test is in mere hours when you have information that it will cover since the beginning of time. That's what the folks at Big Brother have to do every week for three episodes. Reality TV is tough but also something that can be easy to start getting into a rhythm. You'll know what happens...someone wins HOH, people get nominated, coach saves one of their houseguests, Power of Veto (POV), POV ceremony, someone get's evicted and then the cycle will start again. But it's that footage in between, the interactions with other contestants is what makes the show and the stories they tell about themselves. 


Currently this is where I rank the coaches;

  1. Janelle - For the fact she's wanting to target the other coaches to go home. She's playing the game as she should but also building her allegiance. 
  2. Britney - Having picked the right players and them winning HOH.
  3. Dan - Even though he didn't win the Coaches' Competition, he's still above the game play of person below. 
  4. Boogie - Yes it's a social game, but watch your mouth. You may be doing more harm than good. Also it took you TWO times to actually win Big Brother...just saying. Also does Boogie remember Jun (Big Brother Season Four winner?) because last time I checked she cooked for the house and she got pretty far...*cough* actually winning her season *cough*

The following three are who I think are playing the game well:

  1. Willie - You won HOH, good job, for having a coach that wants you to do well in the game. But remember those who come strong in the beginning need to keep that momentum into next week, when your safety is on the line since you will be ineligible to be next week's HOH.
  2. Frank - You talk the talk now can you play it? It's good to be the good guy but that only lasts so long before you're going to have to make smart moves and start aligning with people you can rely on. Obviously Willie may not be someone you can rely on.
  3. Kara - Being Dan's top pick and the fact the coaches (Britney & Janelle) are talking about you and want you out, well done. The good girl persona is working, but just like Frank you've got to start making moves. Those who get nominated first should realize they need to light the fire to fuel them up to play the game. Plus you haven't really talked with Willie? That can be good and bad. Bad since you're up for elimination, Good that you're not kissing the HOH. I personally DO NOT LIKE FLOATERS!

The following three aren't doing enough to play the game

  1. Ian - You got lucky being saved...Now hopefully he'll do something about not being a "Creep" to the other houseguests
  2. Joe - Cooking is a good thing, but share the food and start some conversations. 
  3. Jen - If your coach is saying you're good at your social game but is throwing you under the bus (i.e. Telling Dan that if he had to evict someone who his choice was) that's not a good sign of your gameplay.

And the following are what I like to call, ”Floaters," you may be asking what is a "Floater," well they're people who like to just go with whatever the majority goes with. You know not think for themselves and just follow as oppose to leading. These people haven't shown me either being a good or bad game plays:

  2. Jojo - You can deal with Villans? ::sigh:: ok sure we'll see. Just keep nodding your head but remember that you're FLOATING and not playing a game! Change that!
  3. Ashley - If people are calling you an airhead, that's not a good thing.
Wild Cards are Shane & Danielle because they really didn't get any airplay during the show that was worth being ranked as a game player at the moment. 


Well that raps up my recap! I hope you've enjoyed it! Please leave a comment! I'd love to hear for you and get your two cents! 

ALSO I've got some cool things in the works and hopefully I can share that with you, the blog viewers soon!


Big Brother Season 14 Episode One

This season of Big Brother has FINALLY STARTED!

So I'm going to be blogging about this season in hopes to do the following:

  1. Get more followers to view my blog. Hopefully comments and discussion will ensue
  2. Force me to blog more
  3. Get noticed hopefully in a tasteful and good way to those in casting to be considered for next year
  4. For the fact I MET someone on the show this season
Granted with blogging it's all a matter of opinion and know that these are my opinions. I will respect everyone and anyone who wishes to respond. In return please respect my opinions. Nobody likes negativity though it's bound to happen. Let's just agree to disagree!


Let's get started the houseguests.
First impressions are always important to me. So actually seeing everyone speak as oppose to just photos was good.

It's always interesting where they get their "key" segment. However this time it was an "invitation" and not a "key" which was impressive to see a few of them question, where their key was to the "Big Brother house." That alone should have been a clue for "expect the unexpected."

While watching the show a good friend of mine asks why are they are being chosen to enter the house. My friend isn't a fan of the show nor really has any interest in reality tv, but they put up with my obsession and we're still good friends. I responded back to them by saying it's a matter of getting a bed and then scoping out the house. Plus any Super FAN would also make note of who entered at what time. Why you ask? Because they'll use that information at a later time during competitions where your mental stamina is tested. My friend just rolled their eyes and they told me to keep watching while they did something else.

Then the TWIST (of many more to come) was revealed. PAST HOUSEGUEST would be BACK IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE! However they were to compete as COACHES! Which is BRILLIANT! Not only are you bringing back fan favorites, but you're also allowing them to give their insight to the game to the players. However it is still a game and those houseguests can take their coaches opinions with a grain of salt. 

I am glad to see three of the four returning houseguests. I'm a fan of Britney (Season 12), Dan (Season 10) and Janelle (Season Six & Season Seven aka All Stars). It was really great to hear about what has been going on with their lives; getting married, having a kid, etc. What was really interesting was to see how they each would choose their houseguests to coach.

So it's not a surprise when CBS likes to do some cross-overs. But this really wasn't a cross-over as to more family and their wanting to apply for a reality show which happens to be on the same network but a different competition. Big deal that Willie is Russell's relative. He's a different player.

It was disheartening to see Team Dan, lose the HOH (Head Of Household) Competition. How the coaches chose their players were interesting. In my opinion these would be my standings of how the coachers are faring:

  1. Team Britney - Due to the fact her team won the HOH competition
  2. Team Janelle - Though a bit of an odd ball group, they'll be interesting to see their game play and how Janelle will coach them.
  3. Team Dan - Though they are a "man" down as Julie Chen (aka Chenbot - a nickname from her given by viewers)  Dan tried his best to pick the best players he thought would be good for his team. I find it interesting he chose all females for his team. Time will tell how that fares
  4. Team Boogie - I enjoy the houseguests he chose, I'm just not a fan of him and his gameplay is not one I enjoy. He does make a good point of it being a social game, but that will only take you so far. I hope he doesn't bring "Chill Town" into this Big Brother House.
It was one of the more interesting first episodes in a while. I enjoyed this twist A LOT MORE than the past two. At least this time around the returning houseguests are coaches. Which I commend the producers and those in production on the show for doing. It's definitely following with reality tv trend (i.e. X Factor, The Voice, etc). Not that it's a bad thing but hey if it's working on one show it's bound to work for another right? 

All in all I'm looking forward to the rest of my summer watching this show! =]

Auditioning for Reality TV

Before I get into the topic, ***SPOILER*** I was right about the winner of the voice! ...Moving on...

***NOTE*** This post has taken me quite a few days to write....


Something sorta embarrassing to admit but if you really know me isn't really news worthy...I'm a reality tv junkie. I watch those shows and get really into them as if I were on the show interacting with the contestants.

For a few years now I thought, why not apply, I'm of age and I would love to do the show. NOT because of fame, but as a fan of the show and the fact that I LOVE competition. Also I'm very DRAMATIC and I LOVE drama; this all according to my friends....hahaha

Sad to admit but I've auditioned for three different reality tv shows. One was for a singing competition and the other two was for real life competition. All three I've been rejected for and I definitely think the first one definitely hurt, A LOT! I felt like a loser that I had spent so much time, money and energy trying to get on a show. However one thing I did learn was that I definitely can psyche myself out. Definitely used that to help improve on any other auditions whether it be for film or stage.

Like I've written about "rejection" it's never a great feeling but it's an emotion that you need to express. However it's how you do it will show your own personal character. I definitely felt like I've been through both the high and low roads. One thing I've definitely remind myself that it's ALWAYS a learning experience. So that's what I'm doing it's a learning experience.

Also I've learned to keep moving on, as if I didn't get it. My life doesn't stop for one thing and for sure it's not the end. One door closes another door will open. It's another new chapter.

All in all it was such a great experience.


Thoughts from this week's The Voice Live Show

So the people that went home had the worse performances for the night. With that being said, I wasn't thrilled to see Cheesa or Mathai still in the competition. They can go tomorrow during sing for your life, because let's be honest....the final two for both Team Adam and CeeLo are:

Team Adam:
Tony Lucca (Adam's Pick to Save)
Katrina Parker (America's Save)

Team CeeLo
Juliet Simms (America's Save)
Jamar Rogers (CeeLo's Pick to Save)

Cheesa and Mathai may have a good voice, but not as strong as either Tony, Katrina, Juliet, or Jamar in my opinion.

In going into next week, it'll be good to see all four coaches' teams battling it out. Here are my ratings of the artists:

1. Jermaine Paul
2. Chris Mann
3. Juliet Simms
4. Lindsay Pavao
5. Jamar Rogers
6. Tony Lucca
7. Katrina Parker
8. Erin Willett

In my opinion it's really obvious now who the final four are...but one thing is for sure it's definitely not going to be a repeat of last year, Team Adam is weaker than the other teams. But that's just me...hopefully America is on the same page as me.

We'll see tomorrow if I'm right with my predictions.