Yesterday I had planned a game night with my friend Courtney. The reason being her brother Chris wanted to play "Cards Against Humanity," however due to lack of communication, Chris was scheduled to work during our time of game night.

We being Courtney, her boyfriend Dennis and her best friend Lauren, all had our game night as planned. We had played three games.


The first game was the Doodle Game, which I had learned and played last weekend with Michael.

Doodle Game or Broken Telephone Drawing Game
- sheets of scrap paper
- pens or pencil

So to play depending in how many players there are in the game determines how many scraps of paper everyone gets. So in our game we had four players, so each player had four scraps of paper.

Then you can play this in three different levels, easy, intermediate/medium, or hard. We did easy, which is a specific category is selected. We selected todo Disney Movies.

Each player writes down their "answer" on one of the scrap pieces if paper and then flip all the pieces of paper over, with their answer closest to the table/ground. When you were finished rather than asking everyone if they were done, we would hold up a thumbs up, to be kind and patient to the other players still thinking.

As a group we would pass the scraps of paper to the right. Then the player on the left would flip the scraps of paper up to see the "answer" and then draw what is written.

After the players are done drawing the previous player's "answer," then would flip all the scraps over again and wait until everyone is finished.

Again pass all the scraps of paper again and the next player to receive the scraps of paper would have to guess from the drawing the original player's "answer."

This process would continue switching from drawing and writing the answer until all the scraps of paper gets back to their original player.

Once each players' "answers" have fond to everyone, then as a group will reveal to everyone what their answer was and how each player then interpreted it through drawing or thought the answer was.

We played three rounds; our intermediate round was a "noun/verb", and our hard round was a sentence. Here are some pictures of our doodle game below.


The next game we played was called Time's Up!

Time's Up is an actual board game and can be purchased online or at a game store.

Time's Up is a memory/charades/taboo game. This is played in teams of two or more but we did two teams since we only had four players and it was Guys against Girls.

There are a stack of cards in the middle of the table, which were preselected by each played. We were given a certain amount of cards (we selected 10) then we had to discard a certain amount cards (we discarded three). Then the cards in each players hand then get shuffled.

The object of the game is to win the most amount of cards by guessing what is on the card.

So in the first round the player who looks at the words can say unlimited words but cannot sing the tune, say the a word in the answer but can do rhymes or sounds like. While the person guessing in the first round has unlimited guesses. The person who is looking at the answer can't pass the card until it is answered correctly. The person guessing has to answer as many of the stacked cards in 30 seconds. The rounds end when the stack of cards are depleted.

After the first round everyone reveals which ones they have. Then they are all collected, reshuffled and we begin round two.

This is where the memory and charades come in. This round the person looking at the answer can only say one word but can do unlimited gestures. While the player guessing can only guess once. If the guesser answers incorrectly the person looking at the card passes and goes onto the next card. While guesser still has 30 seconds to guess as many as they can.

The third round is no words only gestures and only one guess. In the end the ladies won the game.

In a fourth round just for fun we did where the person looking at card does a tableaux and the person guessing has one shot of guessing from the tableaux.


The final game if the night was a card game called "Love Letter," and this game you can purchase online and most likely in a game store too.

Love game is sort of like Old Maid but there is also strategy and problem solving involved.

The goal of the game is to win four love cubes, while each round you want to be the last player standing and be the player with the highest counting card.

We played two games of this and the first game Dennis won and the last game Courtney won.


Game night was such a blast and look forward to the next one!