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A New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Although the last day of 2013 ended on a sour note, I'm feeling optimistic and positive about this year! Even though it's just another day, it's a new year and with a new year resolutions!

Last Year's Resolutions (& If I stuck to it):
1. Blog every day - whether it be a short or long or somewhere in between I shall blog. This will help me just look back at the day and to reflect. Plus I enjoy just rambling and a story usually ensues.
Now I definitely tried for the first few months but it just inevitably didn't last. 

2. Work Out  - Generic yes, but I shall stick with it. I did good the past few months so I'm going to continue with it. Luckily I am able to go to a gym that's near my work and where I live so I can't really complain about not having time when the gym is right there. Also when it gets warmer running outside
I had a good routine for a while, fell off then got back on but then fell off. 

3. Find someone - Let's be honest we all want to be in a relationship so I think this year will be a good year. Granted I've to stick myself out their and just go for it so we'll see how this one goes.
Tried, didn't happen.

4. Continue to pay debt - We all have bills and this isn't going away until it's all paid for. So good resolution right?!?
I actually did and still have debt but it's getting less!

5. Positivity - End the day on a good note as well as start the day with the expectation that it will be a good day. Trying not to let the negative get me down or stress me out.

I actually did this too! 

What I learned from these resolutions, some were very overly ambitious but with a tweak or two here are my resolutions this year:

1. Continue to pay off debt - Since I deferred my student loan debt for a few months, I've increased some amount but it's not going to stop me from getting my debt paid off!

2. Positivity - Even though I don't acknowledge this everyday, I know that this has been a good resolution and nobody likes negative people, right? Right!

3. Be Healthy & Fit - Instead of committing to work out, I just want to be healthy and fit! So going to the gym will definitely be a part of this resolution but it's about feeling good about myself physically. 

4. Find someone - They're out there somewhere and it'll only happen if I just let it happen. So we'll again see how this year will go!

5. Blog when I want - I won't say everyday but when I want. If I feel inspired to blog I'll blog, but I'm not going to force myself to do it when I may just not feel like doing it. Blogging for me is a great way for me to express my thoughts and opinions. 


Again Happy New Year!

Day 20

I've made it to 20 days! Feeling proud that I have posted twenty days! Granted some of my entries have been short.

Anyways the Canton One Acts Festival has ended and I was really sad, but was glad for the experience. I found out my director/playwright was producing a show for his next theatre thing an auditions were being held yesterday evening.

::side note::
I had been emailing ferociously the director and producer for the Farmington Players next show Legally Blonde the Musical about getting an audition. As mentioned yesterday I got an audition. However it was during strike for the One Acts.
::end side note::

So after the show was over, we began strike. Which didn't take to long and was able to get to the audition for Farmington Players!

However this past weekend I was plagued with inflamed nasal cavities, which the have me nasal congestion and many symptoms I thought were the flu. So going to the musical auditions I was going in with a hoarse voice.

To my surprise the director was someone whom I've auditioned with an knew what my voice sounded like when I was since or hoarse. So I was relieved however was apologizing up the wazoo. It was nice however having considerate director, musical director and producer.

After the audition I then rushed to the next audition. Which was for St. Dunstan's theatre guild's Almost Maine. Which I have seen before and was really excited to auditioned!

Overall even with a hectic weekend it was such an awesome one too!

Day 19

So I realize these post have been brief...but due to this stupid nasal sickness issue I am having it's been difficult to eloquently type everything in my day.

However the show yesterday went well! Though I can tell my voice is getting affect by all the nasal drainage and being stuffed up.

But I carried on and the audience enjoyed the show and so I can't complain!

I found out about an audition for Legally Blonde the Musical which is being put on by a local theatre company in my city. However the kicker was it was during my show and so I have been frantically emailing the producer as well as the director to try and get an audition in...*SPOILER* I got an audition and will tell you more tomorrow...

come back tomorrow to learn more!


Day 18

Yup it's definitely looking like I am sick, but its not going to stop me. I've got tea, honey, DayQuil & NyQuil on my side.

The show went well the first night!

Sad to think it ends tomorrow.

But my next opportunity awaits


Day 17

Final Dress rehearsal yesterday and I felt horrible. I was definitely running a fever and having a runny nose. Luckily I had been heavily medicated myself to make sure I would get super sock today.

Thankful I was off yesterday to get myself better. Luckily today feeling better!


October Update

The fact that I've neglected to blog isn't because I have nothing to write about but it's been finding the motivation to write.

Where to begin?.....

That's the show I'm currently in being done by The New Theatre Project in collaboration with Brendalinda Performance Collaborative. Interestingly enough I have the great opportunity to be doing a show with a friend back from high school through Thespians. The show has been an amazing experience and if you're in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor Area you should definitely check it out! The show runs Thurs-Sun and show runs until Nov 4! Tickets can be purchased here.


Job Search
So I recently applied for a job and even though I didn't get the position I learned a lot from the experience. I was lucky enough to get a phone interview so it was a win-win. I still have a job that I enjoy but didn't want to pass up the opportunity of the job I was applying for.

I've also applied to do an internship and we'll see if I get a phone interview or an in-person interview we'll see. 

However even though I'm applying for different jobs my passion still lies in theatre and hopefully soon rather than later I'll be able to pursue my passion for the arts as a career.

Nike+ Fuelband
I've joined the bandwagon on this device. However I am super out of shape. So hopefully joining this bandwagon I'll be able to motivate myself into working out regularly again. We'll see how that goes and I'm going to stay optimistic about it.



It's never a something one hopes for but it happens.

I recently found out one of my colleges I was looking at for Graduate School finally gave me an answer and that was they didn't accept me into their program. Well first off I think it's just an honor to even audition and second it's life. You can't win them all.

However if you ask any of my friends, I can't seem to not want to win. I'm very competitive and I like to win. But I do know how to lose too. Granted it's never a great feeling but it keeps me humble and to always remember that it's a great learning opportunity. Never see it as a failure but as an opportunity to prove to myself I am great and that I have back up plans. It's not the end of the road.

Now I'm awaiting on another college, hopefully we'll find out soon. AND HOPEFULLY it's better news!


So where I work I had a review. It wasn't great and it wasn't bad. It was just a review. I really value that my job takes in improving their employees. However this review felt as though I was defeated, but definitely not rejected. I find myself motivating myself to do the best I can and that's all I can do. Granted factors might prevent this, but I just gotta roll with the punches.


If you haven't heard this song, it's pretty catchy.

The song is "Glad You Came," sung by The Wanted. A British Guy(boy) Band. If you're familiar with One Direction, think of this group as the adult counter part, even though they both hit similar audience. However The Wanted's audience is more college then teens. 

Anyways, this song definitely has a catchy beat and a song you could hear at the club and dance to.


I shall try again to blog more frequently, but it's mostly when the mood strikes.


Neglecting to blog

I have had plenty of opportunities to blog, but have I? Nope. This isn't good, but I also had a lot of things to vent out, though I wasn't sure if it was best to vent them completely through blogging.

But I'm back and really need to blog about something really important.


I will begin taking this four hour test in less than 12 hours and will try my hardest to succeed. Though I'm already beginning to have doubts of my success and already feeling like I need to schedule my 2nd attempt to take this test. I'm thinking sometime in November, so that gives me October to continue studying and try to do better. However I am also trying to cram as much as I can too. But by cramming I'm trying to speed through the study guide book for all the hints, tips and tricks. I'm really feeling like I'm psyching myself out.

I'm going to stay positive though and get some sleep soon!

I'll probably blog more about this month maybe tomorrow?

Ok time to get back to cramming and soon sleep!

Wish me luck! =]

Late night and oversleeping

Never a great combo to do!

I was late for work today and felt horrible! It's very out of character of me to be late. I really strive to do my best as well as arrive in a timely manner. All in all I've been working two jobs and it's starting to weigh on me heavily. I enjoy both jobs however I really need to have some time for like a day off. But with the two jobs comes an income which is very helpful. So I really can't complain, since I have two jobs and there are people without jobs trying to get an income for their family or themselves.

Randomly at one of my jobs a co-worker (whom now would consider a friend) said to me I'm way to optimistic and cheerful. Which I was very flattered that they said that but I know I definitely can be a downer and pessimistic. However I've learned that if you're not enjoying what you're doing, then why even do it? Plus if you smile enough you'll actually smile...right? hahahaha

So September is here. As mentioned I've got my list of goals I want to do and I'm going to do them. I've already worked out once this month, but really want to try and work out daily. Yet that will depend on my schedule of working as well as having a car to drive. Which really brings me to having to do some research on whether or not I want to wait or get a car. Anyways, after the first workout definitely felt it the next day, but if felt good to be getting into a routine of working out. Let's hope I gain some muscle mass and some weight...hahaha My weigh in starting for this month is 134. We'll see how this goes for the month!

Later this month is my GRE and I'm continuing studying for it. I hopefully will know which schools I've narrowed down to send my scores to. It's becoming a reality that I'm doing it and I'm getting excited about it.

Right before my GRE I shall be taking a road trip with my friend Courtney to go down to one of her friend's wedding in Tennessee. Which will be fun because it's a ROAD TRIP and I'll be getting to see along the way my friends Michael and Kat. Who were at ITF 2011 this year. So it's a mini reunion!

September bring it!

Feeling busy again

I have had a very busy week this past week. Consisting of training and work. But I can't say I didn't hate it nor love it. It felt good having a consistent schedule. Rather than a fickle one.

Though I haven't looked at my GRE studying in a while, but I know I'll get back into that sooner rather than the two weeks

Really have enjoyed getting trained for my new job, so much stuff to learn and to remember. I'm glad I know how to adapt and change. Though it seems that I don't I feel that I have changed or at least made some improvements into the right direction.

I have considered quitting my other job to focus on this new job that I've had many days training, but I personally feel weird getting the job early summer then now just leaving...I'll revisit this issue probably in October. Really weigh my options....

Which looking at Grad Schools is kinda stressing me out a bit, but I'm going to try and stay positive. I'm looking at Out of State that have apprenticeships or grad assistants which pays for me to learn while I work too. I am all for, but really trying to find schools that will be best for me and my future have been stressful. However going to stay positive and have fun searching my different options.


My mind is on overdrive

My mind seems to be really active at night and granted I should be asleep, but I can never seem to fall asleep instantly when there are some any thoughts going on in my head. From reading many articles it's good to jot down your thoughts and to come back to them later. So that's what I'm going to do...time to jot down the many thoughts going on my head right now. All while listening to my itunes library as background noise/winding down to get ready to sleep.

Thought #1
I've really been evaluating my friendships that I've developed and trying to figure out which, to continue; to pursue; as well as to try and fix or build a better friendship.

The past few months have definitely shown that I lack communication, but I feel that it's more of a fear that I'll say something wrong or that I'm just really over thinking situations or I'm creating unnecessary conflict/issues. I know that I can easily where my heart on my sleeve but I can also be very guarded. Which sounds really ironic but it's really true thought. I'm very talkative but also very private with thoughts. It takes a lot of trust from me to trust people I can effectively communicate with. There have been people that have broken my trust which has saddened me but I've learned from that mistake and have continued to better myself as a person.

A good friend of mine has said, "they'll forgive, but never forget," this statement has definitely stuck with a negative way. I always seem to think of the negative in the situation. Again, I'm trying to grow as a person, but I hate to disappoint others.

Also I really want to call people and catch up with them....I need to do this or if you're reading this and we're friends (obviously we are) call me and let's catch up! hahahaha

Thought #2
I really am stressing about this whole Grad School thing. I want to make sure I'm preparing myself in the best way possible. Researching schools, which is already a big feat in itself, trying to figure out which Colleges would be best for me and what they can offer me in my growth of higher education.

The GREs are going to freak me out. I'm not the best of test takers and so I've already invested quite an amount of money to make sure I'm studying and focusing to do my best. My main task is keeping focused and actually studying; then retaining the information learned as well as implementing what I've learned into real life situations.

Statement of purpose....blah, I need to really start on writing this....I know I've said that earlier but it's definitely something I NEED to start doing too. Which also brings up getting letters of recommendations from professors/faculty/people I've had good relationships with me who want to see me continue my education and who will recommend me into graduate schools. I think I've got a good handful of people I'd be honored if they'd write a letter of recommendation for me. Hopefully they'll feel honored that I asked them.

Thought #3
I really miss a lot of hobbies right now. I've been really busy focusing on finding a job(s) and relaxing.

But I miss theatre. I miss acting, singing, directing, do something in theatre right now. However I did check out three plays from the library to read...which I haven't done yet. I also want to sign up for a dance class or two or three. But that involves time and money, which right now I don't have the money but time could easily do. However with the job searches, that may effect when I could take the class(es).

I miss running and I really want to work out, I want to get some muscle definition as well as mass on my freaking scrawny body. I'm not saying I'm not happy with my body, but I definitely would like a body that's in shape. I miss competing and doing xc races. I should really e-mail may coach randomly and see if I can attended a practice...even though it's been a few years and I could easily still look like someone who's in high school...hahaah

I really want to do a photoshoot. One for myself to get some new headshots but also take some photos for fun! I just really need to go out and take some photos. It's a possible grad degree I'm looking into so I should really start working on building that portfolio up.

I know I'll eventually get to it each of these missed hobbies, but right now I'm really trying to get a stable job(s) in tact.

Thought #4
Job search, trying to think when enough is a enough searching and be happy with the jobs I currently have.

I recently accepted an offer to start working at the Apple Store, which I'm really excited for the opportunity and look forward to the Orientation which is three days for eight hours. However since I accept the job offer, I'm going to be missing my family reunion. Which I'm sad because I haven't seen many of them in years. A sacrifice that I had to take, but I'm sure my extended family will understand.

But yeah, my job search is still going. I need to make sure I have a job(s) that will help pay off debt (credit card & soon Student Loans). Plus I want to save up for Grad School/moving and for a car. I really need to get my own car to own. It's the next "grown up" purchase I need to do along with getting an apartment.

Thought #5
I want to TRAVEL! Like really bad! I want to go overseas experience different cultures visit different continents and countries. ::sigh::

Those are pretty much what's going on in my mind currently...lots of rambling but this had definitely helped. Therapeutic and just good to keep doing something I said I wanted to do on my "Summer To-Do List."

I'll post a blog entry of some pictures soon. I really like how most of the months I've averaged seven entries. This is entry no. six, so I definitely need to get another one in before the end of the month. Which is totally do-able!


Blogging Mood

I'm in the mood to blog...about what...that's a good question....

Let's see I could start off with what happened today....nothing too exciting...I did however went to work today for a closing shift and that was interesting. Then went over to my friend Courtney's house to hang for a bit and drop something off.

Courtney and her family were watching, "Merlin," the NBC show that didn't work for the US but now is going into Season for in the UK on BBC. Interesting show....from the two-ish episodes I had watched.

My day was kinda boring...but that's how it goes for a post-college undergraduate still trying to find a "Grown Up" job. Though I do enjoy the current job I have, but I need something more fulfilling.


Summer has been fun so far! I've truly enjoyed my time back home, even with it's ups and downs; pros and cons, it's home.

Did some random shots of stuff around Courtney's house, thought they were cool and wanted to share them on here...

I throughly enjoy the "toy camera" feature on my digital camera...It does my photoediting I want done for me for photos I want to look a little vintage and getting a different point of view.


I'm a reality junkie...I admit it...thought this isn't a surprise to my friends, they know I like watching them and know maybe too much about them...hahahha I've even auditioned for some. Yeah I'm weird like that.

Current reality shows watching...
Big Brother 13 and So You Think You Can Dance 8

BB13 - This is pretty much the season of the returning houseguest....the past two weeks it's been Alum who've won HOH (Head Of Household) competitions and obviously nominating the new people. It's kinda annoying...I actually applied for this season and I definitely feel like I've got WAY MORE PERSONALITY then some of these characters on the show. But I could always apply next

SYTYCD8 - I like how they stuck back to the original format of the top 20, however Nigel (one of the "resident judges"/executive producer) made some horrible choices for eliminations. Though I'm happy with the top five girls, the boys are all kinds of messed up. Ricky and Mitchell should have peaced out! I would have liked Chris and Nick/Alexander in the top five guys. But these are just my opinions. Nigel, "MUST KNOW" what America wants right...*cough* RATINGS *cough*....just FYI Nigel Ricky and Mitchell will be getting the low votes from America...just watch!


My grandma (mom's side) is here again with us! I picked her up while babysitting my brother form the airport. I liked how I planned driving and getting their just as she walked outside to the International Arrivals pick up area. Great timing! Even though my mom told me I should have left just as I was getting there. Going with my gut won! Plus it was good to see my grandma again!


Rolling in the Deep

If anyone hasn't heard this song from Adele, you need to!

So interesting story....
I convinced begged friend Courtney into auditioning for our city's version of "American Idol," called "Farmington Idol," for our city's annual "Founders Festival." Being very courageous, I decided to do Adele's song of "Rolling in the Deep," as my audition song. People were surprised by my song choice but I sang it acapella and did a good job.
So there were 21 people that auditioned and 11 made it through...Unfortunately Courtney didn't make it...but I did. I was excited but kinda  REALLY bummed that Courtney didn't make the finals.

Anyways, so after the auditions, went home and then got ready to see HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART TWO at midnight with my friend Jasmine! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some dinner before the show. While watching the 3D we were split up due to the amount of people watching it! But it was worth it! Enjoyed the movie!

Back to the story...
Had to find another song to do for the finals or I could stick with the same song, hoping nobody else did it. Fast forward, decided to stick with my audition song got the music and started practicing. In between going to a job interview. 
At the finals, definitely was nervous and it definitely showed in my performance. I had my friend Courtney record it, but to spare people (and my pride) I'm not posting it. I'll be honest the nerves got the best of me and I was PITCHY...BEYOND! I was sad but I remembered I was going in it for fun and not to WIN. As much as I would have like to, I really wanted to do it for fun and I did even though the issue of nerves.

So yeah that pretty much sums of today. I really hope to get hired at this job I interviewed for! I really like the company and it would be good to get more money to pay off debt and save-ish...hahaha Downside my training is during my family reunion...dilema 
However my family will understand, granted I haven't seen any of them in a good five years...

My Birthday is coming up!

Eight days until my birthday!

And the best part it's on a three day weekend! Yay Memorial Day!
Granted my birthday is on a Sunday (May 29) I'll have the next day to "recover" lol

But really I don't think I'll be doing anything to crazy for my birthday. I think the biggest thing I would like is to have a job or two or three or at least a job...hahaha

Being in the "real world" sucks....I've applied to a lot of places and I'm playing the waiting game. No bueno.

My days have been job searching and facebook creepin...not the elaborate "real world" life I expected. Also, I haven't been back in Michigan in almost two years. People have come and gone, things have definitely changed, but that doesn't stop me from livin life.


April Snow?!?!

Oh how I love Colorado Weather....80 degrees yesterday and now we're at in the low 40s feeling like the low 30s.

Relay for life was this Friday and not even two hours in...I get myself injured...playing musical scavenger hunt! Now I'm just trying to ice it and keep it elevated. Let's hope I'm fine by Tuesday because I've used up all my absences for dance and I really don't like observing and writing down what the class is doing when I could just be dancing. Blah!

It's not literally covering the trees with the snow....funny thing, tomorrow we're in the 50s....

Whoa time has flown

I had a post ready to be put up, but then I delayed it. So I'll post it sometime later.

So I'm pretty sure I'm sick, but not to the point where I can't function. I've been able to do stuff but I just have stuffy nose and mild sore throat. I think I just needs to sleep and lots of liquids and I'll be good.

This is going to be short, because I don't know what else to write, but more to come!