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Day 131

Hey I'm getting better about blogging, its only been 11 days since my last post! Progress!

I just finished performing a production of Legally Blonde the Musical this past weekend and I've definitely learned a lot from the experience. I've learned that I can still sing, can still dance and I know that I've chosen a career I would like to do as a living. Being an Actor has and always been a dream of mine since I was born.

Speaking of birthday is coming up and I am looking forward to it. One thing I'll definitely doing is Skydiving. I do have a fear of heights but I really want to just jump out of a plane and fall to the ground with a parachute (of course). So I'm trying to plan a day to do it where the weather is SUNNY and I can bring a friend to watch the craziness unfold.

Also I really want to take a road trip again. Whether it be to a coast (East or West) or somewhere in Michigan. I think it'd be fun!

Summer is getting closer and that means one thing....BIG BROTHER!!!! I can't wait for the show to start again and it'll be TWO WEEKS LONGER! So most likely a bigger cast and more twists!

Speaking of Reality TV....

DWTS ends tonight and I'm scheduled to work. But I HOPE that Val & Zendaya take home the mirror ball trophy!

The Voice - I won't be surprised if Team Usher and Team Shakira are left with one team member. But I also wouldn't be surprised if someone from Team Blake gets the boot. Team Adam is way to strong of a team to get booted tonight.

I wish I took photos of myself before I started working out because I can definitely start seeing change in how I look. Definitely getting muscle and starting to get more toned. Which has been my goal, gain muscle mass but be toned.

However my running times are slowly but surely improving which is giving me confidence again in running. I enjoy running and hopefully can get myself into race form by summer's end!


Day 120

Again I've neglected to blog. But it's due to lack of motivation to do it after working, then rehearsal and trying to catch up on tv shows. Granted I do enjoy to multitask but I just couldn't get myself to blog during watching tv shows or jotting down stuff down.

I did however download through the App Store, it unfortunately is not available on the droid, but it's called Momento, it's a dairy/journal app. When I gave up social media, I used that to write or you could say "blog" for my personal use. But I didn't post any of it, which I should however all the info I wrote is lost due to the fact my phone needed to be restarted without any of my saved info. I digress....Momento is a great app and I will try and use it to help motivate me blog!

Going to the gym has been slightly difficult because of my rehearsal schedule, but that doesn't excuse myself from working out. I have somehow gained 6 pounds which I'm pretty sure has been muscle and that's a success, but I want to continue to work out and be fit! In EIGHT days is Race for the Cure in Detroit and I've decided this year to run the 5K and then do the 5K walk afterwards. So that's a total of 10K and I've been running to get my endurance up. 

The show I'm currently in is "Legally Blonde the Musical," yes it's based on the book and movie. So it's been a fun experience, but I've been exhausted after each show. I manage to use any and all energy I have in the day during the show. Then afterwards I just want to veg. But I've been some great friends and continue to do what I love, THEATRE!

This past Monday, I attended the First Michigan Equity Theatre Association Conference. Which was very reaffirmed everything I learned in college and gave me confidence that I am doing what I love and I have a passion to learn! I also did their unified auditions the next day and hopefully will hear something later this year for possible opportunities (fingers crossed)

So I'm sad to have seen Victor & Lindsay depart from DWTS. However I'm still glad to see Val & Zendaya and Aly & Mark are still in it! The finals are in two weeks! My prediction is they'll be safe for the finale! I'm predicting an ALL FEMALE celebrity final...meaning Derek & Kellie will join the already mentioned two couples into the finals. But I'm still not counting Jacoby & Karina out. Ingo & Kim are wild cards but we'll see.

Project Runway - Michelle won, the "underdog," but I really grew to like Patricia and wished she would have won. Nina Garcia seemed to be the demise to my hopes of Patricia being the winner. But that could just be editing. 

BBCAN - Congrats to Jillian, as much as I was sad to see Gary lose, she won.

The Voice - Team Adam is the clearly the strongest team! Team Blake is a close second. You can definitely tell the lack of experience from Usher & Shakira. Their teams are good, but I want to see GREAT! Song choices are important and how they're being marketed. As Adam said, it should be about the music and not the game. However it's a game and their will be losers. Only one can win the title. Luckily the "saves" from the judges are done with and it's solely up to America. I won't be surprised if Team Usher & Team Shakira go out early. However I've been wrong about America, so we'll see. I am a fan however of Michelle Chamuel on Team Usher! Quirky, Nerdy and Rock Girl is in it to win!


More of my co-workers are leaving which makes me sad but also makes me want to kick myself in the butt to get myself where I want to be. I would love to be in NYC and pursue theatre! But I also know I want to have a job secure. Then there is also debt and wanting to not be in it. 

Being a grown up is hard, but that's life!


Day 15

Had the day off and enjoyed my time off from work. Also decided that I would take a day off from working out too.

Had rehearsal and its going great! Can't wait for the show to open Friday.

Also continued working my audition tape for Big Brother, hopefully soon I'll record it and get some opinions about the video. I really REALLY want to get on this season!

I am determined and confident in trying.


Day 14

Went to work and decided that I am going to apply for a position for a great opportunity and we'll see how that goes.

Then I worked out and continued my six weeks to 5k run. It went well and feeling better about getting back into long distance running.

Afterwards had some food the took a nap.
Then I went and hung out with my coworkers at a bar in Howell. Had a good time and then decided today I would work on my audition tape/casting call pitch to be on Big Brother 15!

More details to come later

Day 13

Finally went back to the gym and finished my first week of workout to running a 5k in six weeks. I felt really good running 2.5 miles. However I wasn't happy with the time, but I know in time that will slowly improve. I do though need to keep myself in check so I don't get another stress fracture. When I was in high school during my senior year I got a stress fracture in my ankle. But anyways yeah gotta keep myself in check.

Then I watched the Golden Globes. Which for a quick recap; Girls won big, Argo made some users and Les Mis was a big winner too. Oh Adele won for co-writing Skyfall and former President Clinton showed up too! I thoroughly enjoyed this year's ceremony with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler as hosts!

Also made a hilarious meme of Taylor Swift pissed that Adele beat her.


Day 12

Didn't go to the gym yesterday but starting back up today.

My show that I am in opens this next weekend. Here's a link to a little video blurb of it

Can't wait to perform this upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday!


Day 11

Game night #2 happened yesterday and it was a lot of fun.

We played Avalon, which is a lot like mafia or werewolf if you've ever played that. In the end Evil somehow always won and the good guys lost.

Then we played Cards Against Humanity which is like the adult version of Apples to Apples. We played this because Courtney's brother Chris wasn't able to play it with us during Christmas Eve and so we played it again.

Took a day off from the gym and enjoyed my time away. However I shall go back on Sunday.


Day Ten

Going strong and posting about my 10th day!

Yesterday was good. Worked in the morning and the went and worked out. I was really worried it would be busy but thankfully it wasn't crowded.

Afterwards headed to get some food before I went to perform a teaser for the show I am in. What was really cool was the audience was really engaged and definitely interested people to come to the Canton One Acts festival next weekend. 1/18-1/20, Friday & Saturday at 8pm the a Sunday Matinee at 2pm.

Tickets can be bought at

Come see the show

Day Eight

I finally went to the gym finally in the new year! I kind of been slacking on going, however I finally went and it felt great! What wasn't great was all the "New Year's Resolution" folk finally going to the gym to get themselves in shape. Granted it is one of my resolutions, I however have been going for a good two months now on a regular basis, while having a membership at the gym for over a year now. So I can easily say it's kind of frustrating to see a surge of people. But it is good for the gym's business and it supplies income for their workers, so I'm not complaining too much!

I really miss long distance running and I read an article in Men's Health about a routine to get yourself ready for a 5k in six weeks. So I copied the training schedule and will be doing that on top of my regular work out routine. But really my regular work out routine is weights, abs and yoga. However I would really like to get at least to a 24 min 5k racing time. In my "prime" I could run a 5k on average 19 min. Alas years of not running consistently has definitely slowed me but it's ok, I was pursing other ventures, mainly my degree (theatre).

After my workout I had a late shift at work and headed off to work. Luckily I had brought food because during my shift I was starving and needed to get some food in. Granted I had worked out before going to work and didn't replenish afterwards didn't help. But I was glad I packed food. Finally getting off work noticed my car had ice and if you remember I lost my ice scrapper, so it definitely made getting home a little longer. Luckily one of my co-workers was nice enough to help me out! It's always nice and definitely paying it forward!


Day Two

I had a great day today. Finally was able to sleep in and get a full night's sleep.

This past weekend I surprised my best friend Michael for his birthday.

I contacted his mom to make sure I wasn't going to come during anything important. Luckily I was able to work things out and was able to surprise him. The best part I even left subtle clues the day of the surprise. I arrived about 45min (12:45am) into his birthday and I sent him a text wishing him a Happy Birthday along with a picture of his house. I got an awesome reaction and text from it.

However I digress...

So today I contact Nike about my little error I had been receiving on my Nike+
What's really cool about Nike is that their customer support can be contact in four different ways. Email, Phone or Social Media (Facebook and/or Twitter). So I contacted them via twitter and I was lucky to get help through it. I now have a new nike fuel band (granted this is my third one, because the first one had battery issue and this last one has had hardware issue) let's hope third times the charm.

Work was good. I made a new contact and really looking forward to the possible opportunity for another job! So keeping my fingers crossed.

After work I headed over to the gym to work out. Pleasant surprise saw my co-worker with his brother working out. Always cool seeing familiar faces at the gym.

Today had been a good day! Can't wait for tomorrow! 


Holiday Wish List

As always, I'm neglecting to blog.

But I have however been busy working on things, whether that be for work, life or pursing to be a working actor.

Anyways, this blog entry will be about what I would love to get for the holiday season. I originally was  just thinking to tell everyone to just get me a gift card, but let's be honest. People like to get meaningful gifts to others. So here's what I'm thinking I'd like to see for myself. Yes, that may sound conceited but at least for my friend's who may be "struggle bussing" to get me something here are some ideas:

1. Business Cards - Pursing my dream of being a working actor (in both LA & NYC) I'm going to need some business cards. Granted I could easily go to a store and get the create your own, but I would really love to get some professionally made. I've already got the design if someone want to get me this that would be cool!

2. Personal Chef/Nutritionist/Personal Trainer/Food/Fuel for the gym - This might sound crazy but I'm actually starting to go to the gym to work out and as much as America is trying to usually lose weight I'm trying to gain weight in the form on muscle. So something along the lines of getting myself into shape would be nice. Plus I won't turn down food, but usually trying to gain muscle weight you need to be eating right and not just junk.

3. Apple Store Gift Card - I know I said besides a gift card but cell phone company is going to officially start getting the iPhone 5, I would really like this as a gift. Preferably the 32gb black/slate, but I'll take what I can get. Also buying it without contract/unlocked starts at $629 (the 32gb is $100 more) asking for small increments of gift cards would be so bad. The minimum amount you can buy for an Apple Store gift card is I think $15. So it's a cheap gift, but if at least 50 friends got me $15 gift cards I'd be able to get it!

4. Handmade gift - This might sound cheesy but handmade gifts are still pretty awesome. The person making it had to think of what to make and do it. I like bow ties, scarfs, gloves, blankets, hats, trinkets, w/e you can think of making I'll be happy to have. Plus handmade food...well granted that may conflict with #2 but I'd be ok with it.

5. Hanging out with friends - One of the best gifts is the company of friends. I would enjoy spending time with friends, especially during this busy time and to just take a day, hour, moment to just catch up or play some board games or eat.

There is probably more things i can think of but we'll leave it at these. Also check out my Pintrest to possibly get an idea of what to get me too. Granted I've started slowly getting into pintrest but it's a start!



Well it's officially November on the East Coast and I've decided that I'm going to take this month to really focus on getting in shape.
The show I'm currently in "Woyzeck," by Georg Buchner adapted by Audra Lord being performed by The New Theatre Project has been an amazing experience! The show wraps up this Sunday, Nov 4. Performances are Thurs-Sun with two shows, 8pm & 9:30pm. 

I recently auditioned for Canton's 2013 One Acts Festival being done through TLC Productions. After braving a grueling two hours in a very chilly room I finally was able to audition for the two one acts I wanted to go for. However I had to wait a day to find out if I got cast. Fast forward and I get a phone call while at work. I was offered the role of Tim in "The Replacement" by Jacob Zinke. I was ecstatic to find out and was very honored. Looking forward to doing the show.

I digress again, I'm going to start working out again, so I'll post my "day one" photo here later today and then we'll see my progress through the weeks. Which will accomplish multiple things; 1. Showing if I make improvements to my shape, 2. Blog more frequently, 3. Work out again and have a motivation

So we'll soon see how this goes!

I'm going to stay positive. New month and new goal!