I just had my first day of training for my new job!

I absolutely love it! I'm still learning so much about being an effective team member and building upon leadership skills that not only help me in the job but also in the real world.

I am truly thankful for getting this opportunity and definitely not letting it pass me up. I'm literally being immersed into the company and learning so much! I'm really excited to see where it'll go.

However, with all the excitement I have a few downers but luckily it wasn't too depressing. I'm sad that I'm missing my family reunion (as previously mentioned) and not being able to see relatives whom I haven't seen in years...seriously YEARS now, when they only live a state below me. Also one of my Uncles traveled from Texas this year for the reunion whom I haven't seen in literally a decade...but a job is a job and I really needed this...plus my parents were understanding.

Also I missed my friend Jasmine's son's birthday party today too, however sent a text and she was totally cool about. However I did by a gift and hopefully she'll like it for him. I literally asked people for advice...I haven't shopped for a one year old boy since my brother was born...lol

Anyways, I definitely feel even though I'm not attending an educational structure in the fall (for many its in a few weeks) I'm still learning. I even today said that "I'm a RA," then retracted that statement because I'm not going to RA Training which starts next weekend for them...though I'm jealous I'm not jealous of having to do the training...hahahaa But I will miss all that experience I had then. Also all the Welcome Week stuff...sigh...it's not a distant memory...hahhaaha

I also applied for another job...
Call me crazy, but I THRIVE on being busy...literally...the fact that I'm not going back to being a RA and being involved on a University campus...I have to compensate for the participation with that into something else...and what better way...multiple jobs...lol Granted my social life will be revolved around the jobs but who cares...I've made friends from the job and I still have my close friends from college and high school.
Anyways, applied for the job, sent my resume, cover letter and two sample writings. Which I never really done a writing sample and so I asked for some advice from a friend, who actually has a similar position to the one I applied (shout out to Will) for some times. His advice was really helpful and constructive. It made me really excited and driven to apply...so I did!