This season of Big Brother has FINALLY STARTED!

So I'm going to be blogging about this season in hopes to do the following:

  1. Get more followers to view my blog. Hopefully comments and discussion will ensue
  2. Force me to blog more
  3. Get noticed hopefully in a tasteful and good way to those in casting to be considered for next year
  4. For the fact I MET someone on the show this season
Granted with blogging it's all a matter of opinion and know that these are my opinions. I will respect everyone and anyone who wishes to respond. In return please respect my opinions. Nobody likes negativity though it's bound to happen. Let's just agree to disagree!


Let's get started the houseguests.
First impressions are always important to me. So actually seeing everyone speak as oppose to just photos was good.

It's always interesting where they get their "key" segment. However this time it was an "invitation" and not a "key" which was impressive to see a few of them question, where their key was to the "Big Brother house." That alone should have been a clue for "expect the unexpected."

While watching the show a good friend of mine asks why are they are being chosen to enter the house. My friend isn't a fan of the show nor really has any interest in reality tv, but they put up with my obsession and we're still good friends. I responded back to them by saying it's a matter of getting a bed and then scoping out the house. Plus any Super FAN would also make note of who entered at what time. Why you ask? Because they'll use that information at a later time during competitions where your mental stamina is tested. My friend just rolled their eyes and they told me to keep watching while they did something else.

Then the TWIST (of many more to come) was revealed. PAST HOUSEGUEST would be BACK IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE! However they were to compete as COACHES! Which is BRILLIANT! Not only are you bringing back fan favorites, but you're also allowing them to give their insight to the game to the players. However it is still a game and those houseguests can take their coaches opinions with a grain of salt. 

I am glad to see three of the four returning houseguests. I'm a fan of Britney (Season 12), Dan (Season 10) and Janelle (Season Six & Season Seven aka All Stars). It was really great to hear about what has been going on with their lives; getting married, having a kid, etc. What was really interesting was to see how they each would choose their houseguests to coach.

So it's not a surprise when CBS likes to do some cross-overs. But this really wasn't a cross-over as to more family and their wanting to apply for a reality show which happens to be on the same network but a different competition. Big deal that Willie is Russell's relative. He's a different player.

It was disheartening to see Team Dan, lose the HOH (Head Of Household) Competition. How the coaches chose their players were interesting. In my opinion these would be my standings of how the coachers are faring:

  1. Team Britney - Due to the fact her team won the HOH competition
  2. Team Janelle - Though a bit of an odd ball group, they'll be interesting to see their game play and how Janelle will coach them.
  3. Team Dan - Though they are a "man" down as Julie Chen (aka Chenbot - a nickname from her given by viewers)  Dan tried his best to pick the best players he thought would be good for his team. I find it interesting he chose all females for his team. Time will tell how that fares
  4. Team Boogie - I enjoy the houseguests he chose, I'm just not a fan of him and his gameplay is not one I enjoy. He does make a good point of it being a social game, but that will only take you so far. I hope he doesn't bring "Chill Town" into this Big Brother House.
It was one of the more interesting first episodes in a while. I enjoyed this twist A LOT MORE than the past two. At least this time around the returning houseguests are coaches. Which I commend the producers and those in production on the show for doing. It's definitely following with reality tv trend (i.e. X Factor, The Voice, etc). Not that it's a bad thing but hey if it's working on one show it's bound to work for another right? 

All in all I'm looking forward to the rest of my summer watching this show! =]