So I'm feeling thee mood to blog again and its

This past weekend was filled with meeting a bunch of people and working a nine hour shift.

I recently attended a high school reunion and it was at a bar in Royal Oak. Which the city was a very lively on Friday night. I forgot that the city was a very lively place and reminded me of Fort Collins, CO. Anyways went to the reunion and realized it's going to be interesting going to my 10 year, which is in five years...and I feel like it'll be interesting. But going to my friends reunion, led me to a contact with a production keeoing my fingers crossed in setting up a meeting. Also played so skee ball and danced at the bar, which was fun. It was good to be in great company of good friends.

The next day I attended my friend Courtney's brother Chris' daughter Lily's second birthday. It was fun and interesting to see two year old interact. Left a bit early to get to bed early. However before I left found out I wad offered a job. They left a'm message to call them back and I did immediately. I of course accepted the job, however the down side is that I'm missing my family reunion. I hope and I'm my extended family will understand.

Then on Sunday woke up at 5am to get radu to work a none hour shift, which consisted of rearranging the store. Had a lunch break and when I came back to work in the back rearranging the back room. Pretty much manual labor work day. But it was good and the time flew by.

After work took a nap and then headed to another birthday but this time Courtney & Chris' Uncle Jon's birthday. Total 360° from the group yesterday but it was a fun party nonetheless.

Today was an easy day. However still needing to study for my GRE that's at the end of September. Also continuing my Grad School search and really needing to work on my Statement of Purpose...which I haven't really done since doing a Mission Statement when I was a Theatre Ed major which was three years ago, when I first attended UNC. But I'm stating positive and not trying to stress...too much hahaha