I have had plenty of opportunities to blog, but have I? Nope. This isn't good, but I also had a lot of things to vent out, though I wasn't sure if it was best to vent them completely through blogging.

But I'm back and really need to blog about something really important.


I will begin taking this four hour test in less than 12 hours and will try my hardest to succeed. Though I'm already beginning to have doubts of my success and already feeling like I need to schedule my 2nd attempt to take this test. I'm thinking sometime in November, so that gives me October to continue studying and try to do better. However I am also trying to cram as much as I can too. But by cramming I'm trying to speed through the study guide book for all the hints, tips and tricks. I'm really feeling like I'm psyching myself out.

I'm going to stay positive though and get some sleep soon!

I'll probably blog more about this month maybe tomorrow?

Ok time to get back to cramming and soon sleep!

Wish me luck! =]