I have had a very busy week this past week. Consisting of training and work. But I can't say I didn't hate it nor love it. It felt good having a consistent schedule. Rather than a fickle one.

Though I haven't looked at my GRE studying in a while, but I know I'll get back into that sooner rather than the two weeks before...lol

Really have enjoyed getting trained for my new job, so much stuff to learn and to remember. I'm glad I know how to adapt and change. Though it seems that I don't I feel that I have changed or at least made some improvements into the right direction.

I have considered quitting my other job to focus on this new job that I've had many days training, but I personally feel weird getting the job early summer then now just leaving...I'll revisit this issue probably in October. Really weigh my options....

Which looking at Grad Schools is kinda stressing me out a bit, but I'm going to try and stay positive. I'm looking at Out of State that have apprenticeships or grad assistants which pays for me to learn while I work too. I am all for, but really trying to find schools that will be best for me and my future have been stressful. However going to stay positive and have fun searching my different options.