Haven't been sleeping well...don't know why....though I do take a nap during the afternoon, which probably doesn't help the cause. But today, I would say that I won't take a nap today, but realistically, when I'm tired I'm going to sleep.

Today started sort of on a bad note, but it's turning to be a good day. I got woken up at 7am, when my first class wasn't until 9:05....so I  had a good two hours still of sleep. Granted I was on duty last night and my duty ends at 8am today, but still...7am....after being up until 3....yeah...working on 4 hours of sleep...no bueno. But hey going to keep positive. Plus the situation that I dealt with was called for...sort of...but it's in the past now and I'm not going to rant about the ridiculous of it.

My day is pretty much easy now...I'm currently working the front desk, then lunch then some a RA Interview, nap time, visiting the A/PASS & NASS House for Party with a Plan, then Student Senate and after that celebrating a friend's birthday! It would seem like my day is pretty packed but for me it really isn't.

So I'm looking forward to next week because SPRING AWAKENING is coming to Colorado and I'll be seeing it. Best part, I was able to make it an event for the residence halls that I'm in. With two faculty in residence sponsoring this event, we'll be taking 12 residents to experience this show! Plus I get to see my friend, Christopher Wood, who is playing Melchior in the show! This will be my third time seeing the show and my second friend in the show! I just really like the music and the message of the play. My middle school theatre teacher also knows someone in the show, Travis Stroessenreuther, and was ever so kind to let him know I was coming to see the show! Thanks Mrs. C! =]

Again, even though I'm working on very little sleep, I'm keeping a positive attitude and living life!