So by this time of the year, summer would be winding down and I'd be preparing for another year of school and RA Training...but NOT THIS YEAR!!!!

Just finished my third day of training and it was really enjoyable. A bit bittersweet, but I know that I've got more training coming up. Still learning for this job.

A few days ago I applied for another job....I GOT IT! I think of it as more of an internship but more importantly an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!

That now puts my job count to THREE! I enjoy having a very busy schedule. But this is a new kind of busy and I'm trying to figure out how to stay positive, energetic and excited. Though I may feel a bit tired, I'm still having fun!

Also just saw another job posting for a job...may apply...may not....but most likely I'll give it a shot and see...I've got nothing to lose...besides I know when enough is enough as well as learning to give and take. So I'm really just trying to get a job(s) that will work well and I will enjoy.

I was a bit of a jerk to a friend tonight, I felt awful at the end and my friend knows I didn't really mean to hurt any feelings or cause any unnecessary drama. However a positive was they were so kind enough to give me food! They didn't want it anymore and I gladly volunteered. hahahaaha

I saw another friend today too and was glad to catch up with them. They recently lost a loved one and haven't been able to see due to giving space for time to heal as well as being busy. But good to catch up and be a ear to listen.

August will be dedicated to studying for my GRE which is now at the end of NEXT MONTH!!! AHH September seems really close...though...27 days left of August....then an additional 28 days in really about less than 60 (55 days to be exact)...until my test, but going to stay positive and upbeat