Hello BB14 fans and viewers...if you're reading this, Thanks! I hope you enjoy my recap of tonight's episode. Also if you're a fan of the show and don't like spoilers, fair warning SPOILERS WILL BE MENTIONED!

It was really sad to see Jodi. If you haven't gotten a chance check out Jodi's exit video with Julie Chen on cbs.com. However Dan, their coach and Michigan naitive, made it clear he wants to make sure his houseguests stay in the game and thought having a good connection (both Kara & Danielle) would be better than Jodi who was on the outs with connecting with his two other houseguests' on his team.

Back to the show itself.

Willie is HOH, thanks to his coach  Britney. Janelle, what a SMART woman. Granted this is her THIRD time in the Big Brother house, so obviously she knows a thing or two. Plus Big Brother Competitions Queen. Really smart to talk with Britney the winning coach of the team that won HOH. Was anyone really surprised when Willie finally admitted to being Russell's brother from Survivor? I know I wasn't. I would be careful because that's gonna come bite you back later on.

I forget that everyone's perception of past houseguests are what they've done in the past. Yes, I would agree that both Dan & Boogie were manipulators but it's part of the game. But way to bring "Girl Power," it's smart however don't get to overconfident. I really enjoyed what Frank had said during the show about not letting the coaches control of the game. Which I ABSOLUTELY agree! They're coaches. Do players always listen to them? NO! But when they do it can go really good or really bad. I just hope that these houseguests remember they're playing the game as much as these coaches are too. Don't become puppets of their own game.

Ian's little segment was a bit quirky and odd, but go figure he's the youngest contestant this season as well as a big fan of the show. Of course he's going to be a bit off. Isn't anyone who's willing to be on the show? Willie, don't act all macho sitting in that HOH room, remember that only lasts for A WEEK!

In revealing a new competition to the game, it was only a matter of time when they'd involve the coaches. But it definitely was a "game changer" as they'd like to say in Big Brother lingo. I really thought Dan throwing the competition was a good move but also a bad one at the same time. Yes it creates a big target on your other player, but WHY WOULDN'T YOU NOT WANT TO WIN?!? You're risking $100,000 just to throw the competition so you look like you're houseguests are floaters and not threats?!? What was surprising was Boogie beating Janelle. However it wasn't surprising by his decision to save Ian. That was also a good/bad move. Why save a houseguest nobody likes when your supposedly strong houseguest you have confidence in, Frank may be on the chopping block. Also you're building Ian's ego and his Big Brother Fanatic of you. Chilltown 3.0 (which has been dubbed by Janelle) won't be good as the original. 


For just a fan of the show who doesn't subscribe to the live feeds (did I mention I graduated college last year and now paying for my student loans) so getting that opportunity to be a "fly in the wall" isn't happening. So I'm really basing off this from watching the episodes CBS airs which you know they have to edit A LOT of footage as well as prepare segments. Which if you think it's all easy, just imagine trying to cram for a big test and the test is in mere hours when you have information that it will cover since the beginning of time. That's what the folks at Big Brother have to do every week for three episodes. Reality TV is tough but also something that can be easy to start getting into a rhythm. You'll know what happens...someone wins HOH, people get nominated, coach saves one of their houseguests, Power of Veto (POV), POV ceremony, someone get's evicted and then the cycle will start again. But it's that footage in between, the interactions with other contestants is what makes the show and the stories they tell about themselves. 


Currently this is where I rank the coaches;

  1. Janelle - For the fact she's wanting to target the other coaches to go home. She's playing the game as she should but also building her allegiance. 
  2. Britney - Having picked the right players and them winning HOH.
  3. Dan - Even though he didn't win the Coaches' Competition, he's still above the game play of person below. 
  4. Boogie - Yes it's a social game, but watch your mouth. You may be doing more harm than good. Also it took you TWO times to actually win Big Brother...just saying. Also does Boogie remember Jun (Big Brother Season Four winner?) because last time I checked she cooked for the house and she got pretty far...*cough* actually winning her season *cough*

The following three are who I think are playing the game well:

  1. Willie - You won HOH, good job, for having a coach that wants you to do well in the game. But remember those who come strong in the beginning need to keep that momentum into next week, when your safety is on the line since you will be ineligible to be next week's HOH.
  2. Frank - You talk the talk now can you play it? It's good to be the good guy but that only lasts so long before you're going to have to make smart moves and start aligning with people you can rely on. Obviously Willie may not be someone you can rely on.
  3. Kara - Being Dan's top pick and the fact the coaches (Britney & Janelle) are talking about you and want you out, well done. The good girl persona is working, but just like Frank you've got to start making moves. Those who get nominated first should realize they need to light the fire to fuel them up to play the game. Plus you haven't really talked with Willie? That can be good and bad. Bad since you're up for elimination, Good that you're not kissing the HOH. I personally DO NOT LIKE FLOATERS!

The following three aren't doing enough to play the game

  1. Ian - You got lucky being saved...Now hopefully he'll do something about not being a "Creep" to the other houseguests
  2. Joe - Cooking is a good thing, but share the food and start some conversations. 
  3. Jen - If your coach is saying you're good at your social game but is throwing you under the bus (i.e. Telling Dan that if he had to evict someone who his choice was) that's not a good sign of your gameplay.

And the following are what I like to call, ”Floaters," you may be asking what is a "Floater," well they're people who like to just go with whatever the majority goes with. You know not think for themselves and just follow as oppose to leading. These people haven't shown me either being a good or bad game plays:

  2. Jojo - You can deal with Villans? ::sigh:: ok sure we'll see. Just keep nodding your head but remember that you're FLOATING and not playing a game! Change that!
  3. Ashley - If people are calling you an airhead, that's not a good thing.
Wild Cards are Shane & Danielle because they really didn't get any airplay during the show that was worth being ranked as a game player at the moment. 


Well that raps up my recap! I hope you've enjoyed it! Please leave a comment! I'd love to hear for you and get your two cents! 

ALSO I've got some cool things in the works and hopefully I can share that with you, the blog viewers soon!