So the people that went home had the worse performances for the night. With that being said, I wasn't thrilled to see Cheesa or Mathai still in the competition. They can go tomorrow during sing for your life, because let's be honest....the final two for both Team Adam and CeeLo are:

Team Adam:
Tony Lucca (Adam's Pick to Save)
Katrina Parker (America's Save)

Team CeeLo
Juliet Simms (America's Save)
Jamar Rogers (CeeLo's Pick to Save)

Cheesa and Mathai may have a good voice, but not as strong as either Tony, Katrina, Juliet, or Jamar in my opinion.

In going into next week, it'll be good to see all four coaches' teams battling it out. Here are my ratings of the artists:

1. Jermaine Paul
2. Chris Mann
3. Juliet Simms
4. Lindsay Pavao
5. Jamar Rogers
6. Tony Lucca
7. Katrina Parker
8. Erin Willett

In my opinion it's really obvious now who the final four are...but one thing is for sure it's definitely not going to be a repeat of last year, Team Adam is weaker than the other teams. But that's just me...hopefully America is on the same page as me.

We'll see tomorrow if I'm right with my predictions.