Before I get into the topic, ***SPOILER*** I was right about the winner of the voice! ...Moving on...

***NOTE*** This post has taken me quite a few days to write....


Something sorta embarrassing to admit but if you really know me isn't really news worthy...I'm a reality tv junkie. I watch those shows and get really into them as if I were on the show interacting with the contestants.

For a few years now I thought, why not apply, I'm of age and I would love to do the show. NOT because of fame, but as a fan of the show and the fact that I LOVE competition. Also I'm very DRAMATIC and I LOVE drama; this all according to my friends....hahaha

Sad to admit but I've auditioned for three different reality tv shows. One was for a singing competition and the other two was for real life competition. All three I've been rejected for and I definitely think the first one definitely hurt, A LOT! I felt like a loser that I had spent so much time, money and energy trying to get on a show. However one thing I did learn was that I definitely can psyche myself out. Definitely used that to help improve on any other auditions whether it be for film or stage.

Like I've written about "rejection" it's never a great feeling but it's an emotion that you need to express. However it's how you do it will show your own personal character. I definitely felt like I've been through both the high and low roads. One thing I've definitely remind myself that it's ALWAYS a learning experience. So that's what I'm doing it's a learning experience.

Also I've learned to keep moving on, as if I didn't get it. My life doesn't stop for one thing and for sure it's not the end. One door closes another door will open. It's another new chapter.

All in all it was such a great experience.