I enjoy my Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule this last semester! Only one class and it's over by 10am. It's pretty awesome! So I have a lot of free time during the day.

Honestly, this semester is really easy. Here is my schedule:
MWF - Playwriting
TR - Modern Dance II & Theatre in Film
so really I'm pretty much enjoying my last semester to the fullest. My homework consists of writing my one act play for Playwriting, which is slowing coming together. We were reading through them in class today and unfortunately didn't get time. Due to the fact I didn't want to go first and didn't want to go after someone's play that sounded really good. I know I'm not the only one thinking or have done that. But we'll be going through the rest of the plays on Wednesday, so then we'll hear mine aloud.


Let's see, I've got a meeting in an hour and then absolutely nothing until 7pm. I'll probably take a nap or will be working on my program that I'm putting on this week for my residents. Which should be exciting or at least will amuse me. My residents are great! I've written 5 OTMs (of the months, which is a recognition thing for the National Residence Hall Honorary & Residence Hall Association).

That's pretty much it, for now... until tomorrow!