It was a Wednesday night and I was counting down the days of when I'd be going back to school as an Eighth Grader...what I didn't know was as I was going to go to sleep my life would change FOREVER...

By early evening tomorrow will officially mark my brother's TENTH BIRTHDAY....oh how time has flown by!

He's growing up as I am still trying to grow up as well...hahaha
His growing up at least is a lot easier than mine, but at the time I was his age (that makes me sound old) it seemed like the hardest time.

I can definitely see the change of how the world is and where it's been as well as where it seems to be going. However I'm staying positive through the changes and letting them happen naturally as opposed to forced.

My brother is really different from me...I'm very extroverted he's more introverted. But in due time that may change but if not that's ok. I know I just want the best for him, just like my parents want for him and just like they want what's best for me.

Looking back ten years doesn't seem that long ago but a lot has happened. He's starting Upper Elementary school, while ten years ago I was finishing my last school year at middle school.

Oh how times have changed and I can't wait to celebrate my brother's birthday with him as he turns a decade!