It’s been way to long since an update, but now that there’s an app via for mobile device, I should be able to update much more often!

Look forward to 2019!



Well I made a decision this month that as an Actor professionally that was tough to do.

But as an Actor you always want to continue to listen to your gut and learn from the experiences. That is exactly what I did. I'm thankful for the experience and the memories in which I had! I can say that I feel better from the change and know that I am in control of my destiny.

Here's to a new chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next!


New event this week!

I've just posted a new event!

I'm really excited to be singing in the Palm Cabaret, which was created by one of my good friends whom I've known for over 10 years! I know being in NYC and being an actor, I need to continue to perform and audition, while I wait for my next thing. Well this is a great opportunity for me and I'm really excited to be participating in! 

Check out my events page to see when and where it will be!

Hope to see some familiar faces there!


Long Overdue Update

Haven't updated my blog in a while.

Life has been a journey since my latest entry!

I recently had my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY (turn the age on the date you were born, i.e. Jan 25 turning 25) and recently took a trip to see one of my good friends in Hawaii! While there explored Oahu and even got to sky dive 14,000ft! It was a blast! 

Hopefully I'll be able to do another update soon!



Almost Fall

I've had a busy summer! Working, going to auditions, blogging, taking photographs and enjoying the summer!

Now with fall around the corner, I'm slowly updating the website!

Continue to follow via my social media accounts to keep up to date!


Start of a busy summer!

It's officially June and I'm excited for summer to start!

I've been asked to present a workshop at the Thespian Festival this year! It'll be my second year as a workshop presenter but my 12th year in attendance!

While I'm at the festival, my favorite summer reality tv show come back on, Big Brother and I'll be blogging about it! For the past three seasons I've been featured on CBS Detroit website!

Then after I fly back from the festival, I jump on another plane to head to training for a new position at my "survival job." Which I'm thankful for the opportunity and look forward to the experience!

Oh this past weekend I was cast to be a part of a web series! Which I look forward to being a part of and did my first filming for it this weekend.

Even though I just had a showcase last week, I'm continuing to be busy and pursue my dreams!


Another Showcase!

I am so honored to be a featured singer (three seasons in a row) for The Actor's Project NYC! I'll be featured two nights as a singer and performing my monologue one night! Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the image above. Or if you'd like a discounted ticket I have some available for purchase!

Looking forward to next week!


An Overdue Update

It's been more than a few months since my last post. 

However to be honest, finding inspiration to write an update was a bit challenging. I can say I am proud to have finally say I've got my personal blog that I started on Blogger finally up on my site! 

I guess you can say it's the little things that make me want to post something.

Speaking of, when I look back at previous entries as well as previous status updates, tweets, pictures I've posted and anything really that I've shared online, it's interesting to see the journey I've taken. The internet is big place and just having so much information about yourself out there can daunting. 

Anyways, I'm just really glad to finally have my entires on my personal site! Hopefully soon I'll be more frequent.

Disclaimer, I know for a fact my blogging will come back during the summer because well there is a particular show I enjoy watching and I keep auditioning for but seem to be not considered for. My day will come where I'll be on said show, but in the meantime look out for blog posts about that! If you don't know what I'm talking about, just check out my Blogger to find out or scroll a few entries down.

Also it's getting pretty late, even though around this time would be my lunch, but it's my day off and I'm going to sleep!


Time for an update

It's been a month since my last update and a lot has happen since then.

I've started on my annual summer long blogging for +CBS Detroit in recapping episodes of +Big Brother! Though it's still a hope that one day (hopefully next season) that I will be on the show competing, manipulating, sabotaging, creating drama and winning the show! In the interim I'll take to writing about it and connecting with fans! 

Sad news, I've been let go as a resident Actor at The Flea Theatre, however I am now an alumni. My time at the The Flea has been positive and learning opportunity as an actor. I've met some great people and hope to continue to do some great work with many of them. Though I may not be at The Flea, I'm still a proud supporter of the theatre and look forward to what the new artistic director as well as The Bats have in store! As one door closes another door opens. This is just another chapter ending and a new one beginning!

I throughly enjoyed my time this year at the Thespian Festival, held in Lincoln, NE at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, campus. The UNL staff and the Educational Theatre Association were great. Being someone who was a student and now coming back as a guest artist has been great! I hope to continue to come back an inspire more students. Plus I was able to reconnect with other artists and make new connections as well!

Last summer I decided to make a hair change and again this year I decided to do it again! I just wanted a summer look you could say but also I just really wanted to do something different. Change is good and change is bad. But it's all an experience! 

This has been a sufficient update I do say so myself! I'm going to try and update more because I think it just feels right. Also this is another way to be an outlet other than my Big Brother recap blogging! 



Wrote this while on my flight...

Nearly a year ago, I made a decision that I thought was best for myself. Some of my closest friends really encouraged it to happen, others really didn’t know the situation but supported me anyways and those that were impacted just want what’s best. However a part of me feels like I made a mistake but another part of me is really proud of what has transpired. Overall, I owe it to myself to forgive myself and what has happened. I know that I can own up to my wrong doings as well as my own transgressions.

If you really care about someone but know that there isn’t anything you can do at that moment, is to let them go and hope one day they’ll come back or each other’s paths will cross again. There are so many things I want to say but just can’t seem to find the words to say it. Those friends who encouraged this are not surprised that I would fall back into a habit, but all they want for me is to be happy. A part of me isn’t happy about how things left, but another part of me is really glad it happened. Growing up is hard but no one ever said it was going to be easy.

This literally sounds like I’m just running around the issue and not facing it head on. But, what’s the point? I’ve said my peace and have tried to move on. Communication is a two way street, though I like taking the beaten path or at least a one way street. There is less to worry about but there is a lot of assumptions, misinformation and misconceptions. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is “I’m sorry,” I’m sorry to myself and I’m sorry to the situation. Am I mad that it happened, no, it has been a great time soul searching and really know what I want. So I guess what I want is forgiveness. I forgive myself but will I be forgiven for what has happened? Only time will tell and I just hope that I can just add this moment to another chapter of my life. 

Will I expect anything to come from this? No, but hopefully with me vaguely clearing the air, the message comes across to those loud and clear. If not, at least I can say that I’m happy with where I am and only hope for the best in others. Having hate is unnecessary energy and a waste of time. Value those who care about you and value them right back with the same if not more. Here’s hoping I’m valued because i know I value others and I do not like having hate towards others. 

On that note, I’m ready for my vacation and time away from the city!


Three Trips in May

As I'm awaiting to board my flight, I'm stopping near a food place to eat and to also blog.

The past two weeks, I've made trips back to "Pure Michigan," for my friend's graduation as well as surprising my mom for her birthday.

My first trip was only three days and I was able to see my friend graduate with their master's degree from Wayne State University! So proud of them and it was great to see some friends graduate with their undergrad from WSU as well.

I may have missed some friends my first trip back but I assured others that I would be returning the following week for a surprise but planned visit. My mom's friends' were planning her a not so surprise birthday party and I knew about this weeks in advance but didn't know about it until after I had booked my first trip. Knowing the cost of travel it was something that was weighing on my mind. But to surprise my mom was a great moment. She had know idea and was brought to tears. It was a special moment and I'm glad I was able to keep it a surprise.

Overall it was nice to visit friends and family from Michigan, but I'm ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of NYC, my new home! However I still have a home in Michigan.

Now in a week I'll be traveling to Mexico for a vacation/birthday celebration! I'm looking forward to my trip abroad, even if it's just Mexico. I look froward to warm weather, hanging out with friends and working on a tan!

May has been great for traveling, I'm thankful I'm Pre-TSA where I am able to skip the line.

My food is here and I'm starving! I've got work tonight as well back home so I'm back to me regular routine!


Camp Nano

So a month ago a friend of mine announced they were doing Camp Nano and I was interested in participating myself. A few short minutes later I had created an account and signed up to do it too!

Right now I'm writing a play that I actually started back in college, but left it unfinished, due to being inspired to write a different play at the same time as well as having a bit of a writer's block in trying to think of what could happen next. However when I looked over it I got inspired to finish it and I also got to thinking how did I ever come up with this idea!?! It was amusing to read and reinvigorated my passion to write and continue it.

The plot of this play is kind of like Revolution but with a hint of comedy and doesn't focus on panic or chaos but more so how would a family adapt to no technology. So this isn't a new but it's my take and I look forward to seeing how it ends up. Who knows maybe I'll do a stage reading of it when I'm done to get a good read of it.


Arts Advocacy Day 2015

"Advocacy must be a part of your daily mission," words spoken by Jay Dick the Senior Director of State and Local Government Affairs from Americans for the Arts (AFTA) in the opening of this year's Arts Advocacy Day. With over 550 advocates from 48 states it was great to see so many people passionate about advocating for the arts. Being able to take this opportunity to travel to Washington D.C., speak with our government officials and advocate for the arts was such a great experience in learning why I love doing what I do as well as continuing to fight to have the next generation to have the same opportunities that I was given. Even though this was my first time attending the event, this was not the first time I've spoken to my elected officials about advocating for the arts as well as having my voice heard.
To read more of what I wrote go to the Educational Theatre Association page.


It's been a couple months since I've updated here.

I'd like to think the year is getting off to a great start, I've put up my website (www.whoismarkdrum.com), I'm dancing in a showcase at Alvin Ailey, I'm attending this year's Arts Advocacy Day in Washington D.C., and I'm relearning my native language.

Change is never easy and doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and I'm continuing to make the positive changes I want in my life. I can say I'm learning from experiences whether it was good or bad, I can admit when I'm at fault or was wrong and I'm just overall trying to be happy.

Isn't that what everyone wants? To be happy?

I can say that I'm keeping up with my resolutions and continuing to find more reasons why I love where I am. The next few months I've filled my calendar with events and I've even scheduled a little vacation in between! However I'm still pursuing acting and I say that I'm a blogger but I haven't blogged much. So hopefully more post will come to fruition and I'll continue to share my story to those who want to read.


My website!

I finally decided that this year would be the year I would put my professional website up. It will house my acting and photography stuff.

I'll still use this to blog and to post photos too.

But I'm glad that I'm getting my resolutions for this year in motion.

Progress, slowly but surely!

Check it out



2015 New Year's Resolution

So keeping with my resolutions from the past few years, I'm adding some new ones.

1. Travel the world - I mentioned yesterday that I renewed my passport and I really want to explore the world...I'm 26, single and I haven't really seen the world except for the Philippines, Canada and the US.

Places I'd love to travel to
Europe - literally almost every country on the continent
Brazil - because I have friends from there
South Africa - one of my favorite artists is from here
Australia - I want to see the Outback, check out the Sydney Opera House and explore the island continent
New Zealand - visit Middle Earth lol
Japan - home of Pokemon
China - see the Great Wall, try and navigate through a place with over a billion people populating the country

2. Do some video blogging and start a podcast with a friend

3. Making mistakes, learning to forgive and letting go - So in keeping with ending the day on a positive note, I'm adding this as a self reminder that it's ok not to be perfect and it's the imperfections that makes us stronger.


With these additions I'm optimistic 2015 will be a good year!


Another Chapter Coming To A Close

2014 has had some ups and downs, but in the end, I'm glad to have experienced everything that has happened.

Here are 14 things I have learned this year
1. I love acting and will continue to pursue my dream
2. If you want a friendship to work it takes two to communicate effectively 
3. Friendships can have an expiration date
4. I'm glad to have the friends I do have
5. I'm happy with where I am but continue to want to grow
6. It's ok to make mistakes
7. Crying isn't a weakness but when it happens it's never pretty, however very therapeutic
8. I want to see the world and thankfully I've renewed my passport to do so
9. Being a responsible adult may not always be fun but it's a necessary evil to overcome
10. My personal life is personal but I enjoy telling my story...within limits
11. Working the overnight life is a lot easier than some other jobs that some people have
12. I enjoy turning off all electronics on my day off when I go to bed
13. Braces have made improved my teeth but I miss smiling
14. 2015 will be a great year of new adventures!

Cheers and I'll post tomorrow of my resolutions!


Opportunities Abound

It's a new month and I'm really excited because I've just been working hard to pursue what I love and it's slowly coming together.

I'm part of an AMAZING organization, the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) and this year I've finally paid my dues (literally) to become a professional member. I had been a part of the organization through the International Thespian Society as a Junior Thespian (Troupe #88331) and Thespian (#Troupe 6513). Now living in New York, I've been asked by the Chapter Directors of the state to be the new Student Thespian Officer (STO) Coordinator. Which I was thrilled to have been asked and honored to have been consider. I of course humbly accepted and now I'm getting to work with a great group of kids. Though I'm still relatively new to the role, I have plenty of leadership experience and hope that I can make an impact.

Also with the organization, since the National Festival, held every year at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, I've been making a push to reach out to other state festivals/conferences to help out. I'm happy to say that I'll be getting to go to the Georgia Thespian Conference in February to teach Beginning Hip Hop. I'm really excited for the opportunity and it'll be my first time visiting the GA Thespian Conference. Hopefully this will be the beginning of more to come! Here's a link of me dancing during a Hip Hop Class at Alvin Ailey taught by David Terry to see my moves.

I also had the privilege last month to help out with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids annual Flea Market. It was great getting to be a part of the event and help out! So many theatre goers at the event supporting the cause! Here's a pic from the event, where I was at the EdTA table along with this year's International Thespian Officers (ITO)

Last month I made my debut on a New York Theatre at The Flea Theatre performing in #serials@theflea in a show called, "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dragon," by A.J. Ditty. The best part of doing it was the show was selected to come back this month and I'll get to perform with it (hopefully) in two weeks. It just needs to survive this next week and I have a good feeling it will! The writing and the cast has been great! Plus the audience has been very receptive and loving it! However it will have to place in the top three against four other shows!

I've also been cast in another Flea Production in The Cutthroat Series: Grand Guignol Duels - Night Terrors in the show "The Blind." I'm excited for another great opportunity with this theatre community. I look forward to the rehearsals and the experience! 

Besides my theatre involvements, I've finished another year of blogging as a freelance writer for CBS Detroit for the show Big Brother. Now that it's been announced for two more season, only continues to fuel my desire to be on the show! But I'm thankful for the opportunity that I've had to write and even though I'm not getting paid for it, I'm doing it for the experience. Plus the byline isn't so bad as well as the exposure I've gotten. I love reading the comments (both positive, negative and random) as well as emails from fans of the show. I get into weekly conversations with a friend of mine who now lives in Canada about the show! Check out all my articles on CBS Detroit!

My job has been good too! I've been giving the opportunity to train the new hires as they start with the company. It's always great being able to mentor and resource for my new co-workers. Plus I'm thankful my job has been able to work with my passions of acting and be able to have a "survival job" and do what I love. 

This weekend I head back to Michigan (or home you could say) to be the photographer for a friend's wedding. I am honored and excited for this opportunity. This will be my third wedding I'll be photographing. I'm just hoping the rain won't be an issue as this will be my first outdoor wedding I'll be doing, but rain or shine I will be capturing the moments! I look forward to the challenge!

My "Dear Anonymous," post was very therapeutic and much needed. I was finally able to get all the emotions I wanted to get out. But it's shown me that it's ok to make mistakes, friends come and go as well as you can lose touch with some but then pick up where you left off. Ironically after I wrote that post I looked over it and thought, "Man this sounds like a good monologue," and laughed.

But keeping up with my New Year's Resolution, to always stay positive which hasn't been easy however many of my coworkers are annoyed with my positivity so I must be doing something right! 

All in all, NYC was the right decision. I may be working my butt off, but I know that with determination, drive and passion I can achieve my goals and dreams. Though it may be in a different form, I take all the experiences and learn something from them. Again trying to stay positive. Who wants to be sad and negative? I know I don't!


One Year in NYC

I've officially lived in NYC for one year now and it's been nothing but an adventure to say the least. Learned a lot about myself and I continue to learn and grow as a person. Friends have come and gone but the memories are still intact. I only had to move once while in the city, though even once was enough. My roommates are great even though I'm barely around the apartment. I try and explore the city as much as I can. I've gone to multiple dance classes and continue to audition.

Today being my one year I also am performing tonight in a show! I'm so thankful for the opportunity and experiences! I've made some new contacts and new friends from it!

I can't wait to see what this upcoming year has in store!