2014 has had some ups and downs, but in the end, I'm glad to have experienced everything that has happened.

Here are 14 things I have learned this year
1. I love acting and will continue to pursue my dream
2. If you want a friendship to work it takes two to communicate effectively 
3. Friendships can have an expiration date
4. I'm glad to have the friends I do have
5. I'm happy with where I am but continue to want to grow
6. It's ok to make mistakes
7. Crying isn't a weakness but when it happens it's never pretty, however very therapeutic
8. I want to see the world and thankfully I've renewed my passport to do so
9. Being a responsible adult may not always be fun but it's a necessary evil to overcome
10. My personal life is personal but I enjoy telling my story...within limits
11. Working the overnight life is a lot easier than some other jobs that some people have
12. I enjoy turning off all electronics on my day off when I go to bed
13. Braces have made improved my teeth but I miss smiling
14. 2015 will be a great year of new adventures!

Cheers and I'll post tomorrow of my resolutions!