It's been more than a few months since my last post. 

However to be honest, finding inspiration to write an update was a bit challenging. I can say I am proud to have finally say I've got my personal blog that I started on Blogger finally up on my site! 

I guess you can say it's the little things that make me want to post something.

Speaking of, when I look back at previous entries as well as previous status updates, tweets, pictures I've posted and anything really that I've shared online, it's interesting to see the journey I've taken. The internet is big place and just having so much information about yourself out there can daunting. 

Anyways, I'm just really glad to finally have my entires on my personal site! Hopefully soon I'll be more frequent.

Disclaimer, I know for a fact my blogging will come back during the summer because well there is a particular show I enjoy watching and I keep auditioning for but seem to be not considered for. My day will come where I'll be on said show, but in the meantime look out for blog posts about that! If you don't know what I'm talking about, just check out my Blogger to find out or scroll a few entries down.

Also it's getting pretty late, even though around this time would be my lunch, but it's my day off and I'm going to sleep!