It's like you get all four seasons in one week. Or at least three.
So right now it's starting to snow and let me tell you I'm not a fan!

Ok so I've lived in the midwest for most of my life so I should be use to this right? Right, however do I enjoy living in cold weather conditions, of course not! Especially since it's dry air here in Colorado while I had humidity back home. Either way I'm just ranting the fact that it's cold!

Weird little fact, I like a cold room, but I hate cold weather.


All in all this weather makes me sad. So I took this photo last year, but it's pretty much what's happening right now! BLAH!

Is it summer yet? You know, Groundhogs Day was last week and they definitely said Spring would be coming early....when!?!?!? WHEN!?!?!?

Plus we're suppose to be going back into sub zero weather! BOO! Saturday we're back in the 50s....WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?

Thinking warm thoughts!