Finally went back to the gym and finished my first week of workout to running a 5k in six weeks. I felt really good running 2.5 miles. However I wasn't happy with the time, but I know in time that will slowly improve. I do though need to keep myself in check so I don't get another stress fracture. When I was in high school during my senior year I got a stress fracture in my ankle. But anyways yeah gotta keep myself in check.

Then I watched the Golden Globes. Which for a quick recap; Girls won big, Argo made some users and Les Mis was a big winner too. Oh Adele won for co-writing Skyfall and former President Clinton showed up too! I thoroughly enjoyed this year's ceremony with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler as hosts!

Also made a hilarious meme of Taylor Swift pissed that Adele beat her.