Welcome back everyone to my blog! If you're looking for my next entry, well I've got some exciting news. CBS Detroit, have asked me to blog about my thoughts on Big Brother on their site! So from here on out, keep an eye out on http://detroit.cbslocal.com/ for my blog entries on Big Brother. Also follow them on twitter at @CBSDetroit as well as their facebook page, www.facebook.com/CBSDetroit to find out when they'll post this blog. For now here's a little snippet of what will be featured:


Let's review, Willie (Survivor Russell Hantz's Brother) was selected to be HOH after his coach Britney choose him as well as Shane and Jojo for her team. Willie then puts of Frank (who's on Boogie's team) and Kara (who's on Dan's team) up for elimination.


Sorry for the delay guys, here's the link!
Check it out!