To recap here were my predictions:

Team Blake:
1. Jordis Unga
2. Jermaine Paul
3. RaeLynn
4. Erin Willet
5. Naia Kete (Saved - Since Blake loves her "unique" voice)
6. Charlotte Sometimes

Team Christina
1. Jesse Campbell
2. Chris Mann
3. Sera Hill
4. Moses Stone (Saved - Between the bottom three of my choices)
5. Ashely De La Rosa
6. Lindsay Pavao


And here's what really went down ***Spoiler, if you haven't seen it yet***
People who went home.

Team Blake:
Naia Kete
Charlotte Sometimes

Team Christina
Sera Hill
Moses Stone

The judges saved: Jordis Unga & Ashley De La Rosa.


I was surprised Jordis was in the bottom, but thankfully she was saved.
And really the audience was for Ashley?!?! UGH!
She can go home! I'll predict America won't be voting for her and in the bottom AGAIN and then we'll see her go! IF not, then I don't know what they're hearing.

Overall it was a good live show!