So to get myself to blog more, I'm going to critique some reality tv shows, because I am kinda reality tv junkie. I think I've mentioned this before, I've actually auditioned for some for fun and though I didn't "move on" I still had a ton of fun trying and made friends along the way.

But again back to last night's show: ***WARNING: Theses are my opinions and you don't have to like what I say but please respect my critique. ***

Jermaine Paul - definitely felt he was a great choice to open the show. When I looked at Team Blake's team, he was definitely the front runner from all the other artists. Plus he was a background singer for Alicia Keys, so you know he can sing and he's got her as a fan. So you know he's not going to be eliminated at least for now...You NEVER know how America votes, however I like to think I'm part of the majority than the minority, but I've been wrong too.

Chris Mann - Another strong artist and the stronger vocalist on Team Christina. He really sparked me with his rendition of Power of Love. A dude singing a Celine Dion song is really crazy to think of, but the fact that he has an opera background definitely gave it a good rendition. I feel that America sometimes like hype more than sound and Chris may be in the bottom.

RaeLynn - Pop song going country. The bromance from Blake Shelton and Adam Levine is still there, even if one of their artist is caught in the middle. It sounded surprisingly good. She's got "Nashville" behind her, so I'm going to safely assume she's safe for now. Her age may get the best of her with the other artists on Team Blake.

Moses Stone - One of the more controversial choices on Team Christina. However his performance of "Stonger/Power" by Kanye West was actually good. I was surprised. I think some of the judges are stuck on vocal singing as "The Voice." Christina made a good point about vocality being not just about a singing, a voice can also be rap. I was a little surprised The Line had been eliminated but I'm glad to see Moses move on and he definitely improved.

Naia Kete - She's Team Blake's second season Dia Frampton but not even. I LOVED Dia and Naia definitely isn't living up to her "type casting" on Team Blake. I'm sorry but her voice is really similar to Dia's however Dia has really fine tuned her voice. I definitely think Naia will be in the bottom of Team Blake this week, if she's not, them I'm not with the majority of America. However I know that America is kinda over hearing (right now) of Adele.

Lindsay Pavao - I'm going to be honest, kinda didn't watch the performance and just listened to her voice singing while typing my notes for the show and let me tell you I wasn't impressed. I will give her credit for being unique but I just didn't vibe with her style. It's just not for me but for others may be. But I think she's someone to be concerned to be in the bottom.

Jordis Unga - MOST IMPROVED! I'm pleasantly surprised by Jordis. After a HORRIBLE battle round, I was definitely a bit shocked either got passed that. However her rendition of "Alone" by Heart was really good and is definitely a strong singer on Team Blake.

Sera Hill - "Male Strippers on The Voice" as said by Blake Shelton, a bit uncomfortable to watch that happen, but that was a choice by Christina and Sera. Overall her rendition of "Find Your Love" by Drake was good. I think if it came down some of her artists and she had to choose from either Sera and that other  artist, she'll choose Sera. As Christina said "you're like a Diva in training," and we all know Christina is a Diva in her own right, so you know Divas would stick together. Plus Sera is the only artist to have their coach want to sing with them after their blind audition. Favoritism I think so.

Erin Willet - She really reminds me slightly of Adele, which may be a good/bad think. I think she has a good voice. But is she "The Voice"? I don't know, but we'll see what America thinks.

Ashley De La Rosa - She can go. Enough said. It sounded more like a karaoke than her own rendition. Just not a fan but we'll see what America thinks.

Charlotte Sometimes - Yawn. See ya in the bottom. Way to plug "Denny's" for a job application...hahahaha

Jesse Campbell - Ok, good job The Voice Producers for putting Jesse last. It's a feel good song and the fact Jesse can sing really well doesn't hurt. However, I get this weird vibe of Javier Colon and this is just another "type cast." Which this "type cast" doesn't hurt. He'll be sticking around for a while.


Again these are just my opinions.

The coaches definitely make the show just as much of the artist if not more because they're famous and current.

But to wrap up here is my rankings of Team Blake & Team Christina.

Team Blake:
1. Jordis Unga
2. Jermaine Paul
3. RaeLynn
4. Erin Willet
5. Naia Kete (Saved - Since Blake loves her "unique" voice)
6. Charlotte Sometimes

Team Christina
1. Jesse Campbell
2. Chris Mann
3. Sera Hill
4. Moses Stone (Saved - Between the bottom three of my choices)
5. Ashely De La Rosa
6. Lindsay Pavao


We'll see if my predictions are right, tonight.