My predictions this week for Team Adam and Team CeeLo:

Team Adam:
1. Tony Lucca
2. Katrina Parker
3. Kim Yarbrough
4. Mathai
5. Pip (saved by Adam)
6. Karla Davis

Team CeeLo:
1. Juliet Sims
2. Jamar Rogers
3. James Massone
4. Tony Vincent (Saved by CeeLo)
5. Erin Martin
6. Chessa


Overall surprised by Team Adam and not really having a stand out singer. Team CeeLo some delivered while others kinda faded in the background.

My overall rankings of the team from the live show performances

Team CeeLo
Team Christina
Team Blake
Team Adam

We'll see if these change next week. Tonight should be an interesting result show. Hopefully someone doesn't blame production for "song selection" this week and just sing their hearts out.