So I'm kind of a reality tv show junkie and really enjoy watching some scripted shows....The downside though, I don't even have cable, so I make up watching these shows online.

Thanks to hulu and the networks the shows on website.

Reality TV Shows....

Big Brother 13, so I'm going to be honest, I've ranted about this before (earlier blog entry) and I'm still appalled that they didn't do a fresh faced cast this season. They did two thirds new and a third of alumni. I understand that some previous "houseguests" have made great tv, but come on....NEW FACES are better than the one's we've seen before for a reality tv show. It gets boring because we know their game play and it's not fair to some people who auditioned (like myself) and didn't get selected...hahaha granted didn't get past the casting call, but hey I can dream right!?!

Glee Project, I throughly enjoyed how Ryan Murphy pulled an Oprah moment, "You get a role and you  get a role, EVERYBODY (the final four) gets a role on GLEEEEEEEE!" hahahaha But I did enjoy the outcome. Wasn't too much of a fan of Lindsay. Alex was just as Ryan Murphy said, "love child of Kurt and Mercedes." Then the actual winners Damian (the Irish dude) and Samuel (the Christian Rocker) won. Which I'm happy for both winners and the two runner ups since they all got episode arcs for Glee. Who knows maybe all four will be permanent cast members.

The Challenge Rivals, if only they brought back Road Rules, I'd totally do the show. The Challege: Rivals was meh. Enjoyed the highs and lows. I'm over cliques, but it makes for great tv. Not surprised by the winners, would have liked to have seen a rookie duo win, but sadly that didn't happen.

Project Runway, I watch it because of Heidi Klum...enough said


Scripted shows

Oddly enough all my scripted shows have been on USA Network.
Really enjoy Royal Pains, White Collar, Covert Affairs and the new series Suits. USA has done a good job with their programming. I really want to get caught up on Burn Notice but just haven't had the time...hahahaha

Shows I've rewatched this summer Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Yu-Gi-Oh! (all three generations)


Yeah I think I have an addiction to watching TV...even though I've been also working two different jobs and studying for my GRE...

Is this what post-grad life is like!??!?