So its my best friend Courtney's Birthday this weekend and we went and picked up her boyfriend, Dennis and her other friend Garrek from East Lansing, which by the way I haven't been to since my Junior year of high school.

Anyways made the trip over and when we had past a certain city we completely lost our radio station we had been listening to and were torchered by country music stations. Luckily on the drive back we put on Pandora from Garrek's phone.

Then finally got back to Courtney's house in time for dinner. I then learned how to play Settlers and all four of us played. Its an interesting strategy game and we played two games. The first was a decent length of time but the last game took forever.

Finally after the last game, was getting dropped off home and to my surprise was locked out.I didn't bring my keys thinking I'd be fine getting back inside but no. not sure if my parents are trying to teach me something or they thought I would be staying the night over Courtney's house.

Anyways left a message on the parents cell phone as oppose to call the house and waking everyone up. Left a message and headed back to Courtney's.

But lesson learned bring house key with me next