As much as I love my current job, it's not enough to 1. sustain an adequate living; 2. pay off debt (i.e. credit card & college loans); 3. purchase a car or get an apartment

So I'm on the job hunt! Honestly besides auditioning for film/stage opportunities what else could I do with a BA in Theatre?!?! LOL Ok I can write plays, direct, be a guest artist etc but that isn't the point.

I just need a good paying job, whether it be in theatre or non-theatre.

I've currently awaiting on two higher education jobs I've applied for. With my over involvement at UNC I feel that Higher Ed is a place I could definitely do some work in for now. But they "desire" someone with a master, well if I get into that college/university, I will definitely consider going to school their...just sayin.

Then I have an opportunity to possibly work for a company I really have an interest in. However the interview is a group dynamic setting so I need to research and study on how to be a stand out but still be a team player. I am excited for the opportunity though.

We shall see how these three opportunities pan out.
But as I wait...
I shall continue searching for a job or even my dream job!