So realizing I missed day 21, I'm kinda sad, but you know what, nobody is perfect.  SUCCESS I DID BLOG day 21! However I am still keeping up with my resolutions.

Let's be honest resolutions are meant to be goals and it's ok to have "off" days.

So like me paying off debt, that is still slowly getting done and I know it's not going to get all paid off all in one day, unless I win the lottery or something.

Going to the gym has been slightly on haitus but I am wanting to go, but the fact I have been getting less hours at work I have no reason to travel close to my work. With gas prices at what they are, plus what my hours are at work, which pays my bills, I've got to be conscious of what I'm spending.

Yesterday I had my first rehearsal for Almost Maine and I'm really excited about my characters. I'm going to be doing a comedy this time around for plays. I've done a murder mystery and before that was an abstract absurdist type of play. So I'm glad I'm able to go from one genre to another.

Also I'm doing a musical and I can't wait to have rehearsal for that!