June is getting closer and closer which means...SUMMER! Can't wait for nice weather!

So my to do list for summer goes as follow:

  • Study for the NEW GRE
  • Work Out
  • Audition, Audition, Audition
  • Get job(s)
  • Blog more on markdrum.blogspot.com
  • Hang out with friends
  • ROAD TRIP!?!?
  • Find a job(s)
I've got some realistic and some fantasy goals...But I'm determined to try and do most if not all on this list.
Obviously doing GRE will be done, but studying....gotta work on that...haahaha

I recently have been reminiscing high school and how I did Cross Country Running. I miss that. So I'm going to try hard to start running again, but hopefully not get any stress fractures in the process. I would like to have the opportunity to audition for shows, films and commercials...but I'm going to have to also do a lot of reading of different plays, literature and watch different films for inspiration for different types of monologues.

Getting a job is still a priority....because I need to take the GRE and that isn't free nor is grad school unless I get a TA/GA position, which I'm hoping for. But also with no job = no money to do road trip or even hanging out with friends who may live a ways away from me. Plus I need to get my plane ticket to visit Greeley in Nov.

However I have made progress on this list. As mentioned before I've been applying for jobs and playing the waiting game...Still do that. Waiting...but I'm also applying for other jobs. I've even just submitted for a job that's in another state. So we'll see how that goes...I am ever so thankful for my residents this past semester as well as the department of Housing & Residential Education at the University of Northern Colorado for giving me a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Today I purchased a GRE study guide book as well as a No Fear Shakespeare and No Fear Canterbury Tales.

It's funny I've had conversations with a couple of my friends about how I'm not a fan of reading...but to clarify I'm not a fan of reading required things...like the GRE however I want to get into Grad School and a good one at that so I will need to do my best to work on studying and reading for that. Now literature for me will be difficult, but luckily I took notes from my previous classes on some books I should look into. So I'll be looking to those for some inspiration for books.

All in all, staying positive and living, learning and loving life!