I got rehired at my old job and I couldn't have been more thankful! I really appreciate the company and enjoy working for them.

Getting retrained was interesting but has been a very humbling experience. I personally see myself as a newbie again, even though I've worked for the company for almost three years before I left to be a full fledged RA and gave my car back to my parents. It seems so long ago since I worked there, but I personally think it's like riding a bike.

Again the retraining was good and I learned a lot, but was pleasantly surprised that I knew most of what was in the training. So hopefully I'll be able to get some hours, but like I said I feel like a newbie and need to earn my keep as you would say. Plus I'm a seasonal employee right now and hopefully I'll be able to stay longer. But we shall see in time.

All in all, my first day back has been a very humbling experience.
Looking forward to my first day actually working on the floor.
Plus I'm hoping for another job will call through.

Speaking of which I also applied for two "grown up" jobs. I sent my resume and cover letter and I'm playing the waiting game for those. I really hope to hear from them. Even if I get a "thank you for applying but can't offer you the position," I'll still be glad to have at least tried. Plus it's all a learning experience.

I'm also trying to get an opportunity to actually do something with my major. A good friend of mine's parent knows someone with their own production company and they'll be doing a film in New Orleans and recommended me to them. So I may be going to New Orleans this summer. I know whatever happens, happens for a reason. Either way I'm ready to go on this journey!