So I'm writing this today in the midst of the upcoming Student Senate elections.

This isn't to praise specific candidates or tear certain ones down, but the important thing is being an informed voter.

I know I've got my own opinions, but it's important that anyone voting at the University of Northern Colorado know their own opinions. So as a suggestion below are some tips I have.

My tips when voting this Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for Student Senate.

  1. Know who is running - It's one thing to know if your friend is running but do you know who they're running against? Also are there any positions unopposed? 
  2. Know what position the person(s) are running for - Are you informed on what the position is? Is the person(s) running know what position they're running in? 
  3. Know what the person(s)' goals are - Do their goals line up with your own goals? Do you feel their goals are what's best for students and the university?
  4. Know the good and bad about the person - As much as we want to only look at the good or bad, but there is always the other. Don't just judge them on what they've said or done. Have you taken the time to ask them why they did or said what they did? If so, were you able to do it in a cordial way? Are you just against them because of that and not because of what the person is running for? 
  5. Trust your gut - If you honestly don't feel confident with the person(s) running, you can always write someone else in. You can even put yourself on the ballot. Just know if you want to win you'll need a majority vote.
All in all, don't just go and vote for who people tell you to vote for. Vote for people you'd feel confident in seeing in our Student Senate. 

Again these are my opinions and you don't have to listen to them, but please be an informed voter, because as our saying goes...


I know I have a voice...but do you?